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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Welcome to Daily Dose of Design!

If you're reading this - I want to tell you how much I appreciate you reading a post from a brand new blogger! For those who haven't read my "about" page yet, my name is Adriana. I'm 20 years old and I live in New York. I became interested in wanting to start a blog many years ago - which is when I started my tumblr. That grew and is still extremely fun (which is also why I taught myself HTML) but it isn't exactly what I've been wanting lately. So when I saw some people I've followed for a while creating their own "real" blogs, I wanted to as well! One blogger particularly helped me SO much with creating this blog - from giving me ideas and tips to even helping me dust off my days of HTML and regaining the momentum I needed to begin! Caroline owns Rainboots and Retail which is by far one of the classiest, most beautiful fashion blogs (and blog in general) I've ever seen! You guys should definitely check her blog out and send her some love, she's super sweet!

Rainboots & Retail
I'm so excited to be starting this blog and I hope that it truly turns out to be your "daily dose" of design tips, ideas and just a fun read! I'll be posting a variety of design posts; clothing, interior, etc., DIY projects I do, monthly product favorites, personal things that go on and more! So to start...I hope everyone in the Northeast is staying safe in this blizzard! (Juno I think they're calling it?) I live about 30 minutes north of NYC and thankfully didn't get the projected 24 inches we were supposed to, but 18 inches is more than enough for me! It's freezing and I can see nothing but white blowing around out my window right now which is making me want to fast forward to warmth ASAP! If you're somewhere here too, I hope you're staying safe and warm...and if you live somewhere warm, I'm EXTREMELY jealous and please send some warmth and sunshine this way! XOXO Adriana

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