Daily Dose of Design: March 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Weekend Getaway Essentials: Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

 photo My Weekend Getaway Essentials_zps8vpzsvsd.jpg
Brought to you by Dove and #TryDry

Every day we're creeping closer and closer to spring and it's making me so excited for warm weather and fun outfits! Taking weekend getaways and fun trips is the best feeling especially during these busy months. There are so many things to worry about when you're packing for a vacation and hoping to have everything fall into place for a smooth trip to your destination and an even better time once you arrive. I've been dying to take a trip somewhere to get a change of scenery and hopefully some gorgeous weather - my packing list is never short, but it's definitely become less stressful and much easier knowing I have my Dove Dry Spray with me!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tips to Master the Layering Necklaces Trend

 photo Tips to Layer your necklaces with Annika Bella_zpsdyuzo2cz.jpg

One of my absolute favorite trends right now are layering necklaces. I love the way they look; they can be dressed up or down and are so versatile! There are so many possibilities and I recently saw a look with a big statement necklace and two much more dainty necklaces with it and it looked SO pretty. Layering your necklaces can even mean wearing a few of your favorites together - there's endless possibilities. I also love that you can wear them together, separately or with others, mix and matching can be so fun and with pretty necklaces, why not?! This is kind of like an effortless trend because you can easily throw on three or four of your favorite necklaces and be good to go, maybe that's why I love it so much ; )

I am so lucky to have found Annika Bella Jewelry - if you want some of the most beautiful layering necklaces among a TON of other gorgeous jewelry, Annika Bella is for you! Dana has the most beautiful handmade jewelry and she is so creative in her work. You would never guess that these pieces are handmade; she has hands down the most amazing Etsy shop I've ever shopped on! 

Monday, March 28, 2016

Creating Voluminous Hair with TRESemmé

 photo The TRESemme Reverse Hair Care Line_zpsjholuvmp.jpg
This post is sponsored by TRESemmé, a product of Unilever, as a part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

I’m so excited to be partnering with TRESemmé to share the latest line of innovative, time saving and revolutionary products that create the latest trend of the reverse wash and care hair process. I wash my hair daily and as most of us are used to, we wash, condition, dry and style. TRESemmé has worked to change the way that we take care of our hair and since I began using these products, I can’t believe what a difference they’ve made in the weight and shine of my hair.

Friday, March 25, 2016

DIY: Pastel Mason Jars for Easter

 photo Easter Mason Jar DIY_zpsmljmpyma.jpg

Seasonal decorating is a ton of fun but if you're busy and have a hard time to find time to decorate, then this is for you! I love decorating for spring and more specifically, Easter. I've been trying to come up with a fun, quick and simple DIY project for Easter decor that is great to make last minute as a center piece, favor, candle holder, vase, the list goes on and on. These vases are fun to make because there's so many different patterns and colors to choose from and they can even double as all year decor in certain rooms of your home.

Making your own decor can be really fun, but also very time consuming. In case you're still looking for a fun DIY for this weekend, here are the cutest mason jars that take SO little time to make! There's so many varieties of patterns you can create too:

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Currently Craving: March Favorites

 photo Currently Craving - My March Picks_zpstcag9bdd.jpg

Somehow, it's the end of another month and time to share my favorite products of the month again! Seriously, where is time flying by to?! I feel like I was just writing about my February favorites yesterday and now March has come and (almost) gone. This month has involved a LOT of products I've tried and have loved and ones I'm still dying to try too - I think it's mostly because spring has finally sprung and it's calling for some serious wardrobe and closet updates! I love trying new things for new seasons, so there's a lot of things I'm loving right now.

There are so many new trends for the warmer months and most brands are releasing new things - whether it be clothing, accessories or makeup, there are a ton of new products that are swoon worthy and must-tries and must-haves! Here are some things I'm loving and currently craving from this past month:

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Creating a Daily Skincare Routine with Paula's Choice

 photo Paulas Choice Skincare Products_zps8lwp5wjo.jpg
As you may have heard me say before, I've been looking for some great new skincare products in the past couple of months to keep my skin healthy and looking fresh. Especially with the warmer months ahead of us and the time of year that so many of us like to spend out in the sun, keeping your skin healthy, clear and beautiful is so important. I'm so, so happy to have found the Paula's Choice line of skincare products and I was even more excited to have learned that they have so many different products for different types of skin; that made me positive that I would absolutely love this brand.

If you're not looking to spend a fortune on skincare products but want a quality line of skincare that literally will cater to your skin type, Paula's Choice is SO for you. I was so excited when Paula's Choice offered me a skin consultation so I could explain exactly what I was looking for and get the exact products that would help my skin. In the past few weeks that I've been using these products, I've seen a difference in my skin and I've even noticed that my face makeup looks so much more natural which is a serious bonus!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Entertaining Must Haves

 photo Spring Planning_zps6wo1davj.jpg

Happy Spring! It may not totally feel like it in New York yet, but the warmer, sunnier, daylight filled days are upon us. I'm so excited for the warmer weather and outdoor living and entertaining is the best part. Getting fresh new decor, furniture and even having a new set up for your outdoor space can make it feel like a whole new spot and who doesn't love shopping for new home accessories?!

With Easter now being less than a week away, I'm in full decor mode and so excited to have a spring refresh inside and out. This is my favorite time of year to start planning all sorts of fun parties and get-togethers and I've been on the hunt for the best new items for this spring to do just that:

Friday, March 18, 2016

Easter Outfit Inspiration

 photo Easter Inspo_zpspdtkdnf7.jpg

One of my absolute favorite holidays is Easter. Between the meaning of the holiday, the excitement of seeing family and dressing up, it's such a fun Sunday! Ever since I was little it's been a huge deal in my family and picking out my Easter outfit was always and still is my favorite part. It's also pretty much the unofficial start of Spring if you ask me - the first time we can wear cute, warm weather clothes - even if it isn't that warm out! I'm hoping for a beautiful day this year though.

Here are some outfit inspiration ideas for your Easter outfit shopping this weekend! I haven't even started thinking about what I want to wear, but putting these together has definitely helped! Whether you're getting dressed up or staying more casual, looking springy and cute is always so fun!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NARS Velvet Matte Skin Tint Review

 photo Beauty products_zpszy5kmejs.jpg

Finding makeup that you really love can be hard - especially face makeup. I have never been able to find a concealer/foundation that I loved or that matched my skin perfectly and I have tried SO many especially lately. There's a ton of drug store branded foundations that work well (especially the Maybelline matte mousse!) but nothing has given me the coverage I was looking for or the natural look I like to have even when wearing makeup.

Last month, I heard that NARS was releasing a brand new skin tint/foundation and I didn't really think twice of it until it sold out in my mall's Sephora twice in two weeks! Every time I walked into the store, people were going crazy over it; I read a bunch of reviews and they were all so positive and I was dying to try it. I went back into Sephora a few days later and asked about it and I got a sample to try before buying it because lets be honest, $44 for a face tint isn't cheap!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Cheesy Chicken and Broccoli Stromboli

 photo Serving the stromboli with salad_zps4wtndoln.jpg

To put it simply, I love stromboli! There's so many different ways to make it and although it isn't always the healthiest food choice, it's definitely a comfort food and seriously what is there not to love?! I recently tried making a few different versions that were a bit healthier so that I didn't feel as bad about eating them and this one is by far my favorite! This is also one of those recipes that you can make using the things you have left in your refrigerator and/or pantry which is great for those days before food shopping if ya know what I mean! ; ) It's also so, so, so easy to make and a really great appetizer idea for parties as a finger food; it can be pretty messy because of the cheese but when something is this good, that really doesn't matter!

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring Scarves: The Easiest Accessory Trend

 photo Spring Scarves Trend_zpsnqlejyxk.jpg

If there's one trend that never gets old and can be so versatile, it's scarves! Blanket scarves, skinny scarves, gauze scarves; there are so many styles and ways to wear them that they work for basically every month of the year in every kind of weather. My scarf collection is constantly growing; I have two of these scarf organizers hanging in my closet that keeps my scarf collection organized and I'm pretty sure I could find one there to match every single outfit combo in the world. I love accessorizing with them in the spring and using a cozy blanket scarf to keep me warm in the winter and still look cute.

Since spring is upon us, it's usually still too cool to wear sandals and tank tops but perfect for capris and a short sleeved tee or a thin, long sleeved shirt. My perfect spring outfit is a tshirt, crop jeans, espadrilles and a pretty scarf! It's amazing that such a simple piece like a scarf can change the whole look of an outfit and can be styled in so many different ways, but I think that's exactly why they're becoming more and more popular. There were a ton of gorgeous scarves and wraps on the runways of NYFW this season too.

Here are some of my favorites for spring:

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Amuse Bouche Lipsticks

 photo My BITE Beauty Lipsticks_zpsb79wdadx.jpg

This is possibly one of my favorite VoxBox's I've ever received! I'm obsessed with trying new shades of lipsticks, glosses and stains so this was a really exciting mail day. I had never heard of Amuse Bouche by BITE before this VoxBox and now I'm absolutely in love and will be for a long time too. There are 34 amazing shades and I wish I received them all, but three of the prettiest will do! ; )

Monday, March 7, 2016

Spring Break Essentials

 photo My Spring Break Essentials_zpssfhdtlrl.jpg

Happy Monday and more importantly, happy SPRING BREAK!! I am so excited that the best week is finally here and it's super sunny today to kick off the week before I even get into the warmth! This is the best time of year and such a perfect time to get away on a vacation or even a staycation - the main goal is having some much needed R&R and that is nooo problem for me ; ) I'm a terrible packer mostly because I'm so indecisive so I end up taking with me way more than I need but with some of these things, over packing is so necessary!

Here are my Spring Break Essentials:

Thursday, March 3, 2016

My First Rocksbox: Review and Coupon Code

 photo Rocksbox Box_zps3cjvo2sd.jpg

For a long time, I've been completely obsessed with the idea of subscription boxes but never have looked into loving one enough to trying them. I knew this would change as more and more started to become available - especially since there's so many now - but this happened sooner than expected when I received my very first Rocksbox Box last week!

First of all, if you're feeling skeptical toward subscription boxes like I was, let me be the first to tell you that they are SO worth it!! I don't know about you, but an exciting mail day is such a good day! ; ) Jewelry is by far my favorite accessory so a subscription box like Rocksbox with designer jewelry in it is like a dream come true!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

7 Ways to be a Successful Multi Niche Blogger

 photo Sized 2_zpshy8go61o.jpg

When I began my blog, from the start I thought that Daily Dose of Design would be strictly a design blog - I would share design tips, decor palettes, the whole nine yards for every. single. post. That idea went out the door REALLY quickly and I decided I would write fashion and design posts.. This worked for a while and then I got kind of bored - I wanted to write about more and as stupid as it sounds, I didn't know that I could! (cut me some slack, I had been a blogger for three months tops!)

I hear a LOT from other bloggers - in Facebook support groups mainly - that you should stick to one niche or not branch out into too many different topics on one blog. Granted, a majority of bloggers agree with what I'm saying on this but there are a ton of people who don't. To each their own; your blog is your blog for a reason. If you want to blog solely about fashion, blog solely about fashion. But if you want to blog about travel, food and life experiences, you can do that too and you shouldn't let anyone tell you otherwise! Now, I totally see what people are saying when they say that it's important to sort of stick to a topic and I agree, but that's only to a certain extent. I consider myself a fashion/beauty and lifestyle blogger but in that "lifestyle" category there's so many subcategories: design, travel, food and actual lifestyle based posts.

My point here is to run your blog how you want to run your blog and don't let others make you think that its wrong. There's really no wrong way to blog (unless of course you're stealing content or something stupid like that, ya know, the obvious things) and as long as you work hard at what you do, there's room for success for all blog niches. I've learned a lot when it comes to blogging about multiple topics and I think there's some really important things you can do to make sure that being a multi-niche blogger is a success for you.

How I manage being a multi-niche blogger:

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Currently Craving: February Favorites

 photo February prodcts Im Currently Craving_zpsudrenfdm.jpg

Happy March!! I am so excited that we're officially in a "spring" month! We've been really, really lucky in New York this winter when it comes to the weather; we've only had three or so "real" snow falls and it's melted so quickly and it's been so gorgeous out - even as I look out my window now, 51 degrees on March 1st is unheard of! I'm so excited to be out of the winter months and I'm so looking forward to the warmer, sunnier weather and the amazing accessories, beauty products and clothes that come with it. I know I said in my January Currently Craving post that this series would be the last Friday in every month but this passed weekend was beyond hectic so I'm a few days late ; )

Here are my February favorites: