Daily Dose of Design: April 2018

Monday, April 30, 2018

Currently Craving: April's Bright, Colorful Finds

You know what they say... April showers bring May flowers and lots of vibrant, colorful spring buys! ;) Here's to hoping May does bring lots of flowers because this girl (and I can bet most of you) are sooo ready for the warm weather! It's getting nicer day by day in New York and being able to open all of my windows each morning has been so refreshing (and definitely motivating me enough to clean and declutter a LOT!). I found that almost anything I reached for this month, especially for the past week or two, has been nothing but colorful and bright so I thought it was fitting for this month's Currently Craving to be filled with the funnest finds for spring that involve lots of bright shades! Here's 12 things I've loved this month that you won't regret adding to cart today:

Friday, April 27, 2018

10 Cute & Comfy Outfits to Wear on Your Next Flight

I love being comfortable as much as the next girl, especially on a travel day, but who says you can't look cute while on the go?! With how big athleisure wear has become it's easier than ever to find cute, versatile pieces to add to your closet that'll keep you looking and feeling your best even on the plane. Here's 10 cute looks to re-create based on what kind of trip you'll be taking:

Monday, April 23, 2018

12 Spring Beauty Buys You Need to Try

I know I'm a few days late to the Sephora Spring Bonus Sale, but it's still going on (through the end of today!) and is the perfect time to get all of your spring beauty needs! With each new season comes new skincare concerns, lip shades and holy grail favorites to try out and getting 10-15% off makes it a little sweeter and easier on your wallet! Either way, you'll want these goodies for spring - and your skin will thank you. Here's my 12 favorite buys for this spring:

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How to Spring Clean Your Life in a Week

What exactly is it about spring that makes us want to organize and declutter everything we own? I don't really know the answer to that, but I don't hate it! This spring has started out really weird weather wise and I know the majority of the country can agree with that (and if you can't then I'm not quite sure exactly how to express how jealous I am!) and bad weather = weird funks and moods. Since we can't control the weather or do much other than pray for some warmth (make that STAT...) the one thing we can do is work on is clean out our lives in more ways than just organizing your closet. Here's what to take a closer look at and consider giving a good "spring cleaning" to this season:

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

15 Any-Time Gift Ideas to Have On Hand

Whether you were invited to a last minute party, have an unexpected guest come over or just simply run out of time and forget about a birthday/holiday/event, it's likely you've had at least one of those "uh oh" moments realizing you don't have a gift. We've all been there! These 15 gift ideas are great "any-time" gifts, and some are even the perfect things to buy ahead of time and have just in case. You never know! ;)

Monday, April 2, 2018

Currently Craving: March's Pretty Periwinkles & Shades of Gold

Happy... April!! I had to think about that one for a second! I hope your Easter/Passover weekends (if you celebrate!) were filled with family, celebrating God and warm spring weather - it finally was warm here! Today not so much - I do NOT want to talk about what's on the ground right now (hint: it's white) and the fact that the Yankees Home Opener was switched to tomorrow, but the sun is supposed to come out later so hopefully it melts quickly! I have way too many cute spring things to be wearing to deal with this snow in April LOL! When putting together March's Currently Craving list, I found myself adding all things periwinkle and gold - so here's lots of spring inspiration for you to get just a little more excited for the spring: