Daily Dose of Design: July 2018

Monday, July 30, 2018

7 Pre-Travel Hacks to Make Your Next Trip Easier

Planning a vacation is allll fun and games until it comes time to fine-tune the trip details and pack. UGH. There's seriously few things I dread more when it comes to traveling because there's so many variables, things that could change and be out of your control - unpacking may be the only thing I dislike more. ;) Here's some of my favorite, most used pre-travel "hacks" that'll help make everything roll as smoothly as possible.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home Decor that Will Add Subtle Pops of Color to Your Space

Whether you've loved the Anniversary Sale this year so far or not, have you checked out the home selections?! This has to be my favorite this year. There's so many pretty decor finds and fun pieces to add to your home, inside and out! These finds will add pops of color to a room without being "too much" and there's also a giveaway below sponsored by Lili Alessandra for your chance to win $400 to Nordstrom! Here's my picks - #4 is TOO good! ;)

Friday, July 20, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access Picks Under $50 + Under $200

The Early Access portion of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is over, and now everyone can shop with any payment option! If you don't have a Nordstrom card and have been waiting, get shopping. ;) This is the time that things start to sell even quicker because there's a ton more people shopping so don't wait if you've been eyeing something! I thought it'd be fun to put together the top picks both under $50 and under $200 so if you don't know exactly what you want to buy or aren't sure what's worth the price, these picks will give you some guidance to shop!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Amazon Prime Day Favorites

It's PRIME DAY! Basically, it's Christmas in July. ;) Prime Day is Amazon's day and a half event with thousands of awesome deals on a variety of products throughout the site! There's way too many things and pages to go through, so I rounded up the top picks that you need to shop before the deals end! Get shopping - these are too good to pass up!

Monday, July 16, 2018

The Best Summer Buys from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

With all of the excitement over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale happening and all of the fun, new seasonal looks that are being styled, I thought it'd be fun to highlight some of the best summer finds that are a part of the sale! I love seeing all of the trends and getting great deals on cooler weather outfits and accessories but the same goes for things we can use right now - all summer long and even throughout the year too. Summer is my absolute favorite and I'm going to celebrate it as much and for as long as possible. ;) Here's all of the best summery buys included in the sale:

Thursday, July 12, 2018

2018 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Early Access Favorites: What to Buy Before it Sells Out

It's that time again - today is the first day of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Early Access)! As if you hadn't heard... ;) I know this sale is talked about a ton, but it really is for good reason - there's incredible deals on so, so many things. Need vacation buys? No problem. Looking for some beauty steals? You got it. Want to stock up on designer buys for future months? There's TONS. I'm starting to sound a little like Ariel (haha get it? It's early, cut me some slack) but the point is it's worth shopping or at least checking it out to see if there's something you want to get! Hint: there will be.

Some years are better than others merchandise-wise, but from what I'm seeing this year so far there's a TON of really cute and fun picks. I'll be sharing more of my favorites, things I think you guys *need* to see/shop/may miss at first glance, re-stocks and a ton more during the course of the sale, but I always like to start off by sharing everything that catches my eye right away - AKA the things that are 99.9% likely to go the fastest! A lot of things get re-stocked through the course of the sale, but some things (specifically some designer/brand name items) won't. So act fast, get a cup of coffee and start shopping!
Here's what to add to cart and buy first so you don't miss out - and these buys are GOOD!

Monday, July 9, 2018

Striped Summer Favorites

What's summer style without stripes? Any time I see any sort of colorful, striped top or a pinstriped bathing suit it's hard to resist buying it! Stripes are fun to style all year round but there's something extra exciting about wearing them in the warm summer months. :) I rounded up a bunch of the best striped finds for summer at all different price points - from $11 to $100+, there's something here you're guaranteed to love!

Friday, July 6, 2018

How to Style an Outdoor Bar Cart

Thank you to Faustino Wines for sponsoring today's post. As always all opinions are solely my own!

With all of the outdoor entertaining and summer parties we have going on this season, up your decor and patio set up with an outdoor bar cart! I know how popular indoor bar carts are and how fun they are to style, so I thought it'd be just as fun to set one up on my patio.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

5 Outfits to Wear to Stay Cool During a Heat Wave

I'm pretty sure where ever you live, it's safe to say it's been SOOOO hot. Like, 95 with a 102 heat index and 100% humidity. It's been so hot that my pool water is about 88 degrees and barely refreshing! But I swear I am NOT complaining... I love summer and wouldn't trade it for the world! In fact, can it last longer? Hah! I love the warm weather, summer activities and events and spending time in the sun but on the days that it's this hot/humid, getting dressed and leaving your house (aka leaving the AC) can be pretty miserable... So if it's crazy hot where you are and you're struggling with what to wear when you go out so you don't feel like you're overheating within three seconds, here's some outfit inspo - these looks are sure to keep you as comfortable as possible even during these crazy heat waves!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Everything You Actually Need to Heal a Sunburn

Even when you do everything possible to prevent a sunburn and to protect your skin in the sun, there's still always that one time (for me it's always in the beginning of summer) that all the SPF in the world doesn't help... It happens, and although you should always be re-applying sunscreen in the sun, it isn't foolproof!
A couple of weeks ago I was floating around in my pool and it was a super hot day - I had applied sunscreen but didn't re-apply enough - especially with how hot it was out. By the time mid-evening rolled around my legs and shoulders were burning so badly and the aloe was helping, but not as much as I needed it to... My sister told me to try (what sounded like) the most insane way to help make it feel better and at first I told her she was nuts, but by the next morning... WOW. Here's everything you need to heal your sunburn ASAP: