Daily Dose of Design: 10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Digital Life

Monday, April 8, 2019

10 Ways to Spring Clean Your Digital Life

Thank you CleanMyMac X for sponsoring this post. Ranked as the “App of the month” on Product Hunt, CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one package to awesomize your Mac and make it run just like it did on day one. #CleanMyMacX

Are you in full spring cleaning mode? This year I'm trying to de-clutter more than anything else, but it's so important to remember to get every aspect of your life in order - that goes beyond just cleaning your shoe shelves! Something that I think often gets overlooked is cleaning your digital footprint. I'm guilty of accumulating way too many things and living a rather cluttered digital life, but any time I take a few to stop and de-clutter, I always feel so much better! Here's some of the things I do to take charge of my digital life and every tool and tip you need to do the same.

1. Delete old, unneeded files and images: this is a huge one and something I try to do at least once a month. No matter what kind of storage your laptop or desktop has, the less you have the quicker it'll operate. I usually take an hour or so to just delete things I don't need like screenshots, for example. They add up quick!

2. Condense and organize file folders: just like in your closet, everything should have a place! Organize files and pictures into corresponding folders, and condense them as much as possible. As an example, I organize the pictures I keep saved on my laptop by year, and within that folder by month. It just makes life easier when you're looking for something specific.

3. Install CleanMyMac X: if you're a Mac user, this is an absolute essential tool to clean your digital life. I first got the software on my laptop that I use to work on daily and travel with the most, and loved the way it worked so much that I purchased a license for my secondary computer as well! Both computers are working like new and I've had both for a few years now - I have this software to thank for making a 3 year old laptop as good as new. The CleanMyMac X software basically cleans every part of your computer that you can't physically see, but that is taking up space and slowing your machine down. It cleans unneeded files like outdated caches, broken downloads, old logs, etc. and figure out which applications are taking up unnecessary gigabytes (in places like the mail/photos apps and iTunes).

When you purchase a new Mac of any kind, I HIGHLY recommend this being the first thing you install! It's a must have for Mac users and will help to maintain your computer for longer than normal.

Get the trial version (automatic download) HERE!

On it's first scan, CleanMyMac X removed 2.61 GB of junk from my laptop. Almost 3 gigs of NOTHING! I was so amazed and absolutely love the deep dive the log gives you after a scan - you can see where the junk was removed from, what was taking up space and any and every cleanup the scan did.

The scan also tells you if there's any potential threats (viruses) that your computer is susceptible to and how much the speed of your machine has been increased by due to removing unwanted and unneeded files. I also love how sleek the software is!

4. Clean up your inbox: are you one of those people who has to open every single message and reach 0 by the end of each day? Or do you not care and let it accumulate? I am the latter. Guilty as charged. I often get asked how it doesn't stress me out to have so many unopened messages but I just cannot be phased! I'm trying to get better at being on top of it though and that starts at unsubscribing to things and stores you don't need. I can't even tell you how many subscriptions I have that are completely useless... Not proud of it but I'm working on it! ;)

5. Import photos/videos to the cloud: this is something I need to get better about... I always wait way too long to update my iCloud and every time I say I'll be better about it... That's yet to happen but I'm rooting for myself. ;) iCloud is the BEST tool for me because I have so many Apple devices and it makes it so easy to access everything in one place. It's also organized by date which my organized, Virgo self truly appreciates. You can have a free (limited space) plan, or pick between a couple of other plans. I had been paying $2/month but just upgraded to 1TB of space and in my opinion, $9/month is worth keeping everything safe and sound.

6. Clean out your favorites folders: I always, always save things to my favorites - products I want to buy, tutorials, articles I love/want to read later, etc. I find that by the time I go to clean things out, I've accumulated things I don't know why I saved or that I just don't need anymore and they take up so much space! It's also nice to be able to see the things you've saved easier without a ton of things listed.

7. Update your passwords: this should be an obvious one, but take the time to update all of your passwords and store them somewhere safe! I use LastPass, Password Vault and also keep a note in my phone (probably not the safest... but it is convenient) with my most-used passwords. Update everything and consider incorporating two-factor authentication where it's available - you can never be too safe.

8. Delete any apps you don't use: I constantly download apps on the whim, try new things, and sometimes I really have no clue how or when I downloaded an app, hah! Either way, now's the perfect time to clear up your storage and delete any apps you aren't using. Go into your storage section on your phone and see how much space every app is using - that's a good way to begin to gauge what you don't mind deleting or what you don't need.

9. Do an additional backup: no matter where you have all of your files, images, etc. saved to, it's always a good idea to be extra careful and have things in multiple places. I have everything on my iCloud account, and on an external drive. Be sure you're backing things up periodically if they don't automatically refresh!

10. Refresh your browser(s): this may be something you already do often - or have to to get things to work right - but clear your browser cache and cookies. Things will run quicker, smoother and help with your security. Something I've learned is that if you're searching for any sort of flight, deal or something on sale, your results will differ if your browsing history isn't playing a factor. It's always good to have a fresh browsing start, and this is something you should do more than just during a deep spring clean.

What do you do to de-clutter your digital life? And just checking in, how's de-cluttering the REST of your life going?! ;)
Click here to automatically download a free trial and try CleanMyMac X to get a head start on getting your digital life in order! (Please note: clicking the link will automatically begin a download of the software! I promise, it's worth it!)


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