Daily Dose of Design: 10 Cute & Comfy Outfits to Wear on Your Next Flight

Friday, April 27, 2018

10 Cute & Comfy Outfits to Wear on Your Next Flight

I love being comfortable as much as the next girl, especially on a travel day, but who says you can't look cute while on the go?! With how big athleisure wear has become it's easier than ever to find cute, versatile pieces to add to your closet that'll keep you looking and feeling your best even on the plane. Here's 10 cute looks to re-create based on what kind of trip you'll be taking:

For the Red Eye Flight: 


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Navy Tee / Memory Foam Travel Pillow / Laneige Sleep Mask / Cozy Floral Socks / ADIDAS Sneakers / Gray Joggers

If you're going to be on a plane for a red eye, does anyone really cares what you look like?! LOL. A simple, comfy outfit that you can easily get on and off the plane with is all that really matters! The best part about this look if we're being honest is this water sleeping mask. This brand is incredible if you need an extra, added boost of hydration. I like that this mask is thin and feels refreshing the whole time it's on - we all know the crazy things being on an airplane does to our skin!

Cozy Ombré Cardigan / Silk Sleep Mask / Light Blue Sneakers / Fleece Jogger Pants

When you're taking a red eye flight, but still look THIS cute! ;) Win, win! This cardigan is the most versatile, cozy and really pretty piece you'll buy. I have it in the gray/blue and I wear it SO much and that's exactly how I'm justifying buying it again in a different color! It's great to wear year round - cold weather, a cool summer night and especially for traveling.

For the Quick, Domestic Flight: 


Striped Tee / Cozy Pink Cardigan / Gray VANS / Black Kate Spade Tote / Invisibobble Hair Tie / Distressed Jeans

For a shorter flight I always like to wear something I'd be comfortable wearing for the day if I'm in a rush or will be busy from the moment I land! This is a basic but perfect go-to look (always is for me!) and when you feel how soft this sweater is you'll fall in love! A simple striped tee and big tote bag (LOVE this one - it's a classic) filled with everything you need for your flight and you're good to go.
P.S. size up in these jeans!

White Nike Sneakers / Distressed Jeans / Tie Dye Pullover / Gray NYY Baseball Cap / White Michele Watch / Oversized White Tote

Definitely my favorite look of 1. the spring 2. this post and 3. for a flight!! I L O V E this crew neck pullover - it also comes in the prettiest purple (see here!) and looks so pretty with pops of white. My new favorite find of the week - maybe month - is this Michele watch, which is 50% off!!! SUCH a great deal under $200 and it's the prettiest, "sportier" watch you'll own. It's a great buy for you or for a gift! Or both!

For the International Flight: 


Hydrating Facial Cream / Ombré High Waisted Leggings / Blue Drawstring Pullover / Blue Light Glasses / Gold Birkenstock Sandals / 'Up in the Air' Passport Cover

I know international flights require the same cozy-ness as a red eye would, but not every international flight is necessarily a red eye (especially coming back to the US from Europe!) and you can still look cute while cozying up. ;) these blue light shielding glasses to wear when you're doing lots of computer work. We all stare at the screens for a longgg time each day and to prevent the headaches and blurred vision that comes with that, these glasses are the best $26 you'll spend! There's a lot of different styles to choose from and if you'll be working on your next flight (or use your computer a lot in general), get them! Total game changer and they're actually pretty cute too!

Plain White Tee / Floral Hair Wrap / Stainless Steel Water Bottle / Greece Sandals / Olive Green Taper Leg Pants

This is a great, comfy but oh-so-cute look for a travel day, but also one you can wear all spring long and ix and match pieces with! I buy this tee on repeat - it's $5 (yes, $5!) and comes in a ton of colors - you can't beat a great quality $5 tee!

Funnel Neck Pullover / Blush Sneakers / Striped Backpack / Ankle-Zip Leggings

I think we'd all agree that the most important thing here is the fact that these sneakers are $19 and SO cute and comfy! They come in a bunch of other colors too! Whether it's cold or you just like to be comfy on a long flight (obvi!), this pullover is a great buy - it's worth every penny and is probably the coziest pullover you'll buy that can also double as a coat. It comes in a really pretty shade of blue also! And if you're looking for a great backpack to travel with, I highly recommend this nylon bag. It also comes in plain black and it fits everything you could need in your personal item when flying - nothing better than freeing your arms in a busy airport!

For the Cold-to-Warm/Warm-to-Cold Flight: 


Invisibobble Hair Tie / Distressed Jeans / Striped Snapneck Sweatshirt / Pink Lace Bralette / White Lace Inlet Tee / Blush Collapsible Back Loafers / 'Essentials' Bag

When you're traveling to a warm weather location and it still isn't the warmest where you're traveling from, it's all about the layers! A simple tee (with a cute bralette because it's $14 and great for all chest sizes - seriously!) and a sweatshirt you can wear before taking off and tie around your waist once you land is all you need! I love the idea of wearing loafers-turned-mules like this pretty blush pink pair to go from cold to warm weather too - they come in black and pink and are under $30!

Denim Jacket / White Mesh Hoodie / Yellow Strappy Tank / Sunnies / Navy Slingback Espadrilles / Jeans

These pieces are all super versatile and great to have and wear for an entire trip or just at home as it starts to warm up! You'll wear this yellow tank a ton - it'd be super simple to dress up - and this crochet/mesh hoodie is another cool summer night must have. I'm loving the denim on denim look with the pops of color here!

Aquaphor / Light Wash Jeans / Open-Back Striped Tee / Blush Pink Military Jacket / White Converse / White Linen Scarf

If you're headed home from somewhere warm or are taking a trip to somewhere cooler, keep with the layers theme and just keep adding them on instead of losing them as the flight goes on, hah! This blush jacket is the perfect layering piece for spring and for trips (LOVE all the pockets). And one of my favorite spring staples is this twist on a simple tee - wait until you see how cute the open back detailing is!

Some more travel friendly pieces to add to your wardrobe:



  1. This is great.. I certainly need a plan for our upcomign travels.. I am going to have to peruse your website or more ideas :)

  2. I LOVE all the ideas. They are all cute and comfy. Something you can wear right off the plane and look stylish.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  3. These outfits look so comfortable! I love cardigans for traveling!


  4. I usually wear something like the outfit you featured for quick domestic flight! I like to be comfortable but still look cute as well! :)

    xoxo A

  5. Great outfit line-up!!! I just love all of them. It is so important to have comfy clothes on long flights. The longest flight I've even been on was to China, and we had a five hour delay on the tarmac (it was horrible). Comfy clothes certainly come in handy! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Cute picks! They all look super comfy. The black joggers and tie dye pullover are especially calling to me!

  7. YES to all of this!! I'm so impressed by all of the cute comfy outfits you put together, love it!!!

  8. Get out of here with these cute outfits! I want to wear them all and not just when I fly! Thanks for the links!

  9. Love your suggestions, I think it's super important to wear comfortable clothes while traveling. Layers are great too so you can take something off if too hot but then won't be cold either. Thanks for the ideas!

  10. The longest flight I've even been on was to China, and we had a five hour delay on the tarmac. Comfy clothes certainly come in handy. isagenix diet singapore providing best cleansing services.

  11. I just got back from vacation and when I was traveling I had forgotten my travel pillow- it really is a must!!

  12. All these picks are so cute and comfy! I always wear sweats when flying!

    Carly | www.thecarlycollective.com

  13. All such cute outfits! Love that tie dye sweatshirt

  14. These are all such cute outfits! I am definitely a leggings and a sweater kind of girl!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  15. Your in-flight fashion picks are on point! Great finds! I need to add a few of these to my wardrobe! xo Rach | http://www.rkcsouthern.com

  16. I'm in love with all of these outfits!!! I had been eyeing that tie dye pullover from AE and you might have pushed me to pull the trigger on it... it looks so cute!

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

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