Daily Dose of Design: 7 Ways to Beat the Mid-Winter Blues

Monday, January 28, 2019

7 Ways to Beat the Mid-Winter Blues

Cheers to the 974 day month also known as January ALMOST being over. Just a few more days - finally! This month always feels never ending and it's on a whole new level if you live somewhere cold! The good news is the sun is starting to set past 5 PM again and spring is in sight. We're getting closer and if you're needing a few ways to get through the rest of the never-ending season of winter, I can't recommend these ideas enough!

1. Plan a trip

If you can plan a getaway while it's still cold, that's the way to go! Every February I escape to Florida for the majority of the month and visit family and friends just because I've usually reached my limit of winter by then. ;) Even if it's a weekend at the beach, being under the sun will remind you that warm weather does in fact still exist! If work or school has you bound right now, plan a trip for over the summer or whenever you're able to travel. Having flight reservations to look forward to is always a motivator!

2. Buy fresh flowers

Keeping bright, colorful, fresh flowers in your house is a must if you ask me! I always have a bouquet or two throughout my house because I crave the scent and how beautiful they make my home feel.

3. Get organized

I think all of us have some form of "get organized" written on our New Year's goals/resolutions lists, but don't stop now just because January is almost over! Or in my case, no time like the present to get started, lol! I've spent the last week going through my closet and hanging bins upon bins of laundry up (embarrassing, yes, but hey it's done now! ;) and figuring out what I wanted to donate and what I needed to wear more or get rid of. It's funny how once you get started and on a roll you don't want to stop - now that my closet is done I've moved onto linen closets, the cabinets under my bathroom sink (a scary one...) and everything else I can think of. Consider it super early spring cleaning?? Whatever works!

4. Shop for spring

This is my favorite because I love to shop and I cannot get enough of the bright colors and patterns that come along with the warmer weather!! There's beginning to be tons of great spring finds and I can't help but buy a few things here and there, and to be a little more practical - look for things that you can wear to transition from winter to spring in, that way you get more use out of what you buy sooner! Here's some bright colored finds that you can wear now and that'll transition into spring sooner rather than later!

5. Get outside and moving

Last week the high temperature for most of the week was below freezing. It felt good if it got above 20 degrees... But no matter how cold it is, get outside every day even if you're taking a 10 minute walk. A breath of fresh air does you sooo much good and so does Vitamin D! It sounds cliché but it couldn't be more true - it's even better if the sun is shining! The more you move the better you'll feel - I doubted that for a long time but haven't stopped since I figured out just how true it was. Moving and exercising can fix so many things you're feeling!

6. Change up your routine

Most especially on weekdays, I've come up with a routine and schedule that I always stick to and that I've found works well for me. It's not always ideal to change a routine, especially if it's working for you, but as hard as it is for me to admit as someone who hates change, change really can be good. When the weather is less than ideal during these long winter months, make a change to it - even if it's something small. Try working out in the morning instead of at the end of the day, get up an hour earlier or anything else you can think to change. Having the same routine day after day can get so monotonous *especially* when it's cold and crappy out.

7. Make a calendar of upcoming events

This may sound silly to some, but I saved the best for last because this is truly what's helped me the most this winter and in past years also... I have a large desk-top, paper calendar that I keep on my desk and write down important notes/deadlines and dates I don't want to forget on it, but I also write (in a different colored pen so it stands out!) upcoming events that I'm excited about. Whether it's a trip, dinner with a friend, a night out, special event - it can literally be anything you're excited about - write it down. Having things on the horizon that you're excited about give you something to look forward to and past the dreary winter months with. The more, the better - and think a few months in advance so that the events you're thinking about are ones that take place in the spring/summer! It can be anything, no matter how small or big it is - if it's important to you, it's big enough.

Truth is - if you're struggling with dealing with winter, you're not the only one. It's a real thing, and affects SO many of us. Doing whatever you can to get through it only makes it go quicker! ;) This goes for anyone and everyone - even if you live in a warmer climate. Before we know it we'll be complaining of heat, lol!


  1. Yes!!! Planning a trip is one of my number 1 ways to beat those winter blues! Great list!

  2. These are such helpful tips. I always forget to get outside and move, because it's so cold. But it's so important to get that Vitamin D, especially in the winter.

  3. I have been organizing and decluttering like crazy this month! It's really helped me feel motivated and not so blue during this winter month!

  4. These are all perfect tips for helping beat the winter blues!

  5. We used a day trapped in the house to go through clothes and finally tackle the dreaded sock basket. I feel like we have made so much progress.

  6. The 'get organisez' tip works best for me.

    It's super cold where I live, so there's not too much to do outside. Also there's something about organising and decluttering that makes me feel SO productive and motivated!

  7. Buying fresh flowers is a great idea!! Keep it happy and colorful during the dull winter.

  8. Though we don't get a winter like most here in TX, we have been getting so much rain. I am over it! Buying fresh flowers is always a great way to boost your mood! I also love looking at my calendar to see what upcoming events I have. Love all these tips!

  9. These are all great tips! The weather has been unbearable here (I'm talking -40's) so I can't make it outside, so I have been planning ahead with blog content and shopping online.

  10. Yes, I love all of these ideas for winter! My hubby and I have gone away a couple times in January and ti's always a nice getaway! And fresh flowers definitely help to brighten up the gloomy winter!

  11. Girl I'm totally felling the SAD this year haha. I NEED to organize my closet and dresser, but I keep putting it off haha.

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  14. I love all these tips for beating mid winter blues. Great ideas! I agree that getting outside and moving is key for raising spirits. Cheers!

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