Daily Dose of Design: Currently Craving: Affordable Must Haves for Summer and Beyond

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Currently Craving: Affordable Must Haves for Summer and Beyond

Happy AUGUST! Yes, it's August... But you won't find any rushing of summer around here! I'm enjoying every moment and L O V E this warm, outdoors weather. July has seemed to have been taken over by the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I know, but for good reason - it's (still!) an awesome sale this year! There's tons of great finds both for summer and fall at great prices, but looking somewhat beyond that sale - there's been lots of fun finds! Some of this months picks are from the sale and have been my favorite purchases, but most aren't. Here's the latest favorite dupes to shop, shades of pink to swoon over and more:

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1. Pink Suede Crossbody: I keep telling myself I don't need ANY more new bags for a while... and then Rebecca Minkoff releases this beauty in THREE gorgeous colors! This dusty pink is my favorite, but check out the olive green version with the gold hardware - I'm in love!

2. Oliver Gal Canvas Wall Art: there's dozens of Oliver Gal pieces included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and this is one of the prettiest if you ask me! The prints he makes are almost like a fun twist on classy things and I love them. I find a lot of Oliver Gal prints at Home Goods, but this newer collection is giving me all the heart eyes! I love that this print gives pops of color - and there's 3 sizes to choose from.

3. Blue Gingham Slide Sandals: I shared these fun slides on Instagram and they were as huge of a hit for you as they were for me when I found them! A couple of months ago I spotted these blue gingham sandals from Free People, but they're $130 and I thought that was a LOT to spend on simple sandals like these, so I held off but kept an eye on them... Then I found this $25 (!!!) pair on Amazon and my jaw dropped. They're super similar, much more reasonably priced and to my surprise, they're easy to wear and comfortable too. They keep re-stocking a bunch of sizes, so grab them while you can. ;)

4. Blush Druzy Tassel Earrings ℅: if you haven't already noticed, blush/dusty rose/mauve are THE it-shades for fall! We're seeing this color everywhere (I'm not complaining!) and when I saw these earrings on BaubleBar's website I did a happy dance! There's a few other colors these come in too and I think I'll be getting a second color, because they're so gorgeous and dainty and aren't the least bit heavy, so it's all the "statement" you need without bothering your ears.

5. Magnetic lash Extensions: I have yet to try these, but they seem to be popping up more and more lately!! You've likely heard me talk once or twice (or three or four...) times about the trouble I have with my lashes staying curled/looking good with mascara, but since I wear contacts I've been super hesitant about trying real last extensions. I've also always heard that they ruin your real lashes, and it just hasn't been worth it - for me personally - in my eyes. These lash extensions aren't glue on... they're magnets!! The two sides clip together using a small magnet, and they don't ruin your lashes, are re-usable and you don't have to worry about gluing them on, etc. I'm extremely excited to try these, and I'll make sure to share what I think once I do!

6. Phone Stand: this will be the best $8 you ever, ever spend. Whether you work from home, at a desk in an office all day, or just are on your phone a lot in general, you need this in your life. It's definitely something that our early 2000 selves would look at and be like, really? LOL but it's completely necessary now! It's a stand that helps to prop your phone or tablet up on; since I work from home I always have my phone laying next to my computer or on my lap. Now I can prop it up and don't have to move it to use it or see a notification, and can multi-task by watching videos, etc. It's almost like a lazy-girl hack! ;) BUT, I've also used it to prop my iPad up on in the kitchen when I'm reading a recipe which has been a huge help! There's a ton of colors and it's literally under $8. Grab 10.

7. Blush Ruffle Sleeve Tee: start getting used to this color, because it's here to stay! Who could be mad about that though? It's such a pretty, classy color and it's great for transitioning season-to-season with. Give me this shade of pink and ruffle sleeves and... I'll probably wear it every day. ;) There's a few other colors to choose from also!

8. Distressed Crop Jeans: I know these look sort of gray online, but I ordered them because I LOVE Old Navy's boyfriend jean line and these did not disappoint! They're a light, distressed wash but definitely not gray. I recommend sizing down in the boyfriend jeans because they run a little big! So affordable and seriously great quality for the price.

9. Blush/Marble 17 Month Planner: another Nordstrom Anniversary Sale find! Now is the time to grab yourself a planner for next year - they aren't always cheap, so I love taking advantage of a great sale for a necessity like this.

10. Stud Earrings: I bought these during Early Access of the Nordstrom Sale and oh my goodness... I am in LOVE! I haven't taken them off since I bought them! I got the rose gold and they're sold out right now, but they've been re-stocking (so keep checking if you're set on rose gold!) and the gold and silver are seriously just as pretty. They're even prettier in person than they are online and they look completely real, yet are under $30! I'll be getting a lot of use out of these and I think they'd make for a great gift as well, so stock up while they last.

11. Pineapple Floppy Hat: my favorite fruit on my favorite kind of hat? Don't mind if I do! ;) I have a floppy hat obsession and I know you do too. ;)

12. Pearl Embellished Slide Sandals: FIND. OF. THE. MONTH. If these look familiar to you, it's because they're a $25 DUPE for these $70 pair of Steve Madden slides! They're literally IDENTICAL and they come in the black shade too! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw these... Grab them FAST!



  1. I love both of those shoes you picked! The gingham detail is so cute. And I looooove Old Navy jeans! I also just got a pair from Aeropostale (seriously) for $20 and they fit so well!


  2. I'm also loving tassel earrings right now! And that artwork is so cute.

    xoxo A

  3. Those pearl slides are so pretty! Love that they come in camel!
    xo Jessica

  4. I'm loving those slides! They're SO cute!

    Carrie | https://carrieeliseandkho.com/

  5. I love that ruffle top and those slides!!

    Amanda || www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  6. I was looking at the Oliver Gal prints in the sale and it made me wish I had a place in my house to put one! I'm loving so many of them.

  7. I have fallen in love with slides they are so comfy and perfect for summer.

  8. I love #2!!! Peonies are my absolute fav. I may need to find somewhere I can put this in my house

  9. That pink Rebecca Minkoff bag tho *heart eyes* - these are all cute!!

  10. It's all so cute! Need it all immediately.

  11. i love all of these!! I love the pineapple detail on the bat especially

  12. Ooh those stud earrings are so pretty! Finally one Nordstrom sale item I like that isn't sold out! lol

  13. I love all of these! But #2 has really caught my eye.

  14. I love these. My favorite has to be the pearl dupe sandals! So cute!

  15. Love your picks! Those sliders are so cute and that crossbody bag is such a pretty color!

  16. Love the pink top & Steve Madded slides -- adorbs! I was soooo hoping you would have already tried the magnetic eyelashes!! I've been reading about them!

  17. THAT BAG. Also those slides. I want it all!!!

    Comng Up Roses

  18. I LOVE THOSE SANDALS!!! Going to Target tonight so I might snag them ;)

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

  19. YES! I totally snagged those pearl slides in black. They're SO comfortable--I'm going to wear them all the time until it gets cold.

    Molly | www.missmollymoon.com

  20. I'm obsessed with those slides! I seriously can't decide which color I want though!!

  21. I've been wanting those pearl sandals badly! I need to order them ASAP!