Daily Dose of Design: Packing Must Haves to Travel to Europe in the Summer With

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Packing Must Haves to Travel to Europe in the Summer With

Who loves to travel? And who loves the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? If you raised your hand two times, these travel picks are perfect for a trip to Europe (or anywhere, really!) this summer! I know I can't be the only one who struggles BIG time when packing - AKA throwing your entire closet into your suitcases, basically. Here's a great place to start, plus these are all on sale!

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Shoes and Accessories:

1. Sunglasses: this may seem like a given, but bringing a few pairs of sunglasses is essential! I always bring 1-2 nicer pairs, and 1-2 cheaper pairs - I sound like a broken record at this point, but I think we all know how I feel about sunglasses + trips! This pair is marble-ized (new word alert, LOL) and I love the shape, they're super similar to the square Gucci sunnies that are much more expensive.

2. Colorful Sandals: I always bring a few pairs of sandals - mostly neutral pairs so I can wear them with a lot, but a few fun pairs are always nice to have with you! Plus, it isn't every day that Tory Burch sandals are on sale - they come in blue too!

3. Crossbody Bag: the worst #travelfail is bringing a big tote bag while trying to be a total tourist! It falls off your shoulder, it's heavy; it's no fun. I love my tote bags, but I really love crossbodies for trips most especially! This comes in a few colors and they're all great for all year round use.

4. Backpack: the only thing that could compare to using a crossbody on a trip is a backpack! I love using a backpack as my bag because it fits all the essentials and it's mindless to carry. I love this one because it has shape, isn't bulky and looks so cute to wear - especially around Europe. ;)

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5. Comfortable Sneakers: if you're going to be walking a lot, which I can guarantee you will be in Europe, you NEED a good pair of walking shoes! I find the Converse Shoreline sneakers extremely comfortable and stylish, but these Nikes are AMAZING to walk all day in! Most are, but these are on sale and white/black so they match everything you could think of.

Beauty Must Haves:

6. Moisturizer: the Clinique Moisture Surge moisturizer is THE best, light/airy and hydrating moisturizer I've ever, ever used! It is on the pricey side, so grab this value pack (it comes with a travel sized version too!) and save some money. After a long plane ride, your skin practically screams for help and this is my go-to every day!

7. Rejuvenating Eye Mask: this is another must-have for during a long plane ride and for hotel stays; it isn't always possible to get the best night of sleep when acclimating to a new place/time zone. It helps you sleep, helps your skin and feels SO good on your eyes.

8. Makeup Towel: this is a LIFESAVER when traveling! The makeup eraser is re-usable, and it saves a ton of room when packing instead of having to carry a somewhat heavy pack of towelettes or a bottle of liquid makeup remover. It works wonders, weighs practically nothing and it's a travel lovers dream come true.

Clothes to Bring:

9. Embroidered Dress: I always take a couple of dresses on vacation - some more casual for daily wear (especially on the hottest days), some dressier for nights out and some that can be versatile and be dressed down or up. This dress has been extremely popular for a few months, and now that it's on sale it's a no-brainer! Dress it down with a pair of gladiator sandals and dress it up with a cute pair of nude heels and you have two outfits in one - winning the packing game. ;)

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10. Cozy Hoodie: this is another great piece to have for all year round! It's awesome in the fall/winter to wear around the house, great in the spring and to workout in, and great for cool summer nights. A lot of European summer nights tend to be cool - especially if you're in a higher elevation. When I'm in Southern Italy, our family lives in the mountains and it's ALWAYS breezy and cool so a light hoodie/denim jacket is super important to bring.

11. Everyday Tee: this adorable t-shirt is a fun take on a simple v-neck with the high neck band! It comes in a ton of colors, fits GREAT and is extremely affordable (especially with this sale price!). It's the perfect tee to tour a European city in, and it's another piece you can dress up for a night out.

12. Side Knot Tee: again, another simple tee that can be dressed up that's perfect for European travel! It comes in a bunch of colors - it fits TTS, but the white is a little see-through so grab a tank or bandeau for underneath.

13. OTS Dress: see #9 above! I love the OTS look; great for exploring and adventuring throughout the day.

14. Bathing Suit: I always bring a handful of bathing suits; since one pieces are so in style and SO cute these days, it's easy to pack a few of them and then a couple of bikini/tankinis to mix and match with. I love this cobalt blue!

15. Dressy Romper: when you're packing, think about how many dressed-up nights you have planned (or a rough estimate) and pack double. KIDDING! But that is how I tend to pack, anyone else?! Haha I'm working on it! ;) I love the sleeves of this romper - it'd be so cute for a night out!

Grab these pieces while you can - while they're perfect for summer travels, they're great for mostly everything else, too! ;)



  1. great tips girl and def something ill keep in mind when i head to Italy next summer! WOO!

  2. I've gone somewhere in Europe every summer since I was a little girl and I 10/10 agree with these!

  3. Love this! I've never traveled abroad but this was super helpful anyway.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  4. Haha it sounds like me and you pack the same way. I always tend to overpack, but I think making a list is super helpful! Love everything you picked!

  5. This is such a helpful post, I'm supposed to go back to Europe soon so I'm definitely bookmarking this!


  6. These are great picks! I don't have any traveling out of state on the calendar until next summer but I'll definitely have to keep these in mind :) -Vanessa from www.pursuesimplejoy.com

  7. We always go to Europe for the summer and I always forget something. I needed this list when I left earlier this summer!

  8. you always have the best roundups! i want everythingggg and i'm not going to europe haha

  9. These are great picks! And I agree on the cross body bag. Totes are great, but a cross body makes life so much easier!

  10. Love the embroidered dress and choker top! SO cute.

  11. Omg, that blue swimsuit is such a beautiful blue!!! Enjoy Europe! I hope to visit it again soon <3

  12. These are great tips!! I love that embroidered dress!!

  13. 1,3 and 11 are calling my name!! Love these picks!!

  14. I just got back from Europe! Would have been great to have some of these. I'm SO obsessed with that Kate Spade bag. ahhh, I wish I had money right now. haha

  15. One thing I *always* bring with me to Europe (and generally any trip) is a lightweight scarf!! It's so great for going into churches where you need to cover up a little more, museums where it might be a little chilly inside, or in general to spice up an outfit!


  16. I studied abroad in Europe in the summer two years ago and totally agree on a lot of these things!

    xoxo A

  17. I love this as I'm an overpacker. So organized!

  18. Love your picks! I actually backpacked around Europe a few years ago and made the mistake of not packing enough colder-weather clothes haha. London is pretty chilly even in the summer!

  19. Such great picks! I love packing cute dresses which can be worn casually or dressed up in the evening!

  20. Oh my goodness, I LOVE the backpack in #4 - it is so cute :)

  21. I've been thiiiiis close to pulling the trigger on those Tory Burch sandals...SO CUTE!!

    Coming Up Roses

  22. I want that face mask! I was just on a late night flight and realized I definitely need something like that because the guy in front of me was on his laptop and it was like a spotlight in my eyes.

  23. I love packing dresses! You don't think too much on your outfit. It's when easier when traveling.

  24. I need those Nike shoes! They look so comfy and perfect for walking all around town!

  25. I studied abroad in Europe in the summer two years ago and totally agree on a lot of these things!

    -- instagram video downloader --

  26. I love that romper and one piece bathing suit!

    xo // www.thematerialgirl.co

  27. I'm alllll about rejuvenating face masks, but never thought about one for my eyes & now it just sounds like ab absolute necessity to have in my skincare routine! x, nicole // www.nicoleeigh.com

  28. I love your picks! I debated on those Tory sandals!

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