Daily Dose of Design: Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Sister Who Steals Your Things

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Sister Who Steals Your Things

Raise your hand if you have a sister who steals ALL of your things! *raises hand* We may love to hate when our sisters use our makeup, wear our clothes and go out in our shoes but at the end of the day, there's really nothing better than being able to share with your sisters! My younger sister and I share just about everything and we're super close - she went to college this year, but I still have her asking me to overnight her certain tops/shoes/jewelry of mine for her to borrow! ;) If you have a sister and don't exactly know what to get her, these ideas will help but also remind you of just about everything she takes from your closet when she comes to visit:

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1. Gray Sweater: for the sister who always goes through your closet when you're not home, get her a bunch of new sweaters! I love this one because the strappy back makes it more than just a simple sweater. It's super soft too!

2. Sigma Ultimate Beauty Set: I love this set because it's under $25, and it has the best products that Sigma makes inside - including the brush cleaning mat that I know you've seen before! It really does work so well and this set is perfect for your sister.

3. Gold Kate Spade Watch: I can't count how many times I've noticed one of my watches was missing because my sister wore it that day! ;) This simple, dainty gold watch will match just about anything and it's under $200.

4. Ray-Bans: another popular taken-by-my-sister item... We tend to share our sunglasses a lot, but almost always reach for the same pair LOL. I love this style with just a hint of blue!

5. YSL Beauty Set: this set comes with one of the prettiest YSL perfumes (Mon Paris), the prettiest pink lip color and mascara. It's a great gift and it may just mean your sister won't steal your perfume for a while, key word being "maybe"! ;)

6. Statement Earrings Gift Set: this set has a pair of statement earrings in just about every color you'd ever need!

7. Hair Straightening/Curling Kit: my younger sister went off to college this year, and we've always shared hair tools - this set is under $200 and comes with a straightener and different barrels for curls - SUCH a great buy and something practical she'll use every day.

8. Cozy Robe: every girl needs a cozy robe to do her hair and makeup in, am I right?! I love this cozy (and oh so warm) robe and it's a great gift option.

9. Extended iPhone Cord: not only is this iPhone cord over 6 feet long (bless), it also has this weighted knot to prevent it from falling off of a bedside table or any other surface. Genius! It works well too - no worrying about a non-Apple made charger.

10. Black Suede Heels: every girl needs a couple pairs of classic shoes - and even if she does she'll still likely go into her sister's closet and wear hers. ;) Sharing shoes is one of my favorite things to share though, you know the feeling if you and your sister(s) wear the same size! My sister and I are about a half size different, but we always make it work - nothing a heel or toe grip can't fix! Ha!

11. Matte Lip Gift Set: these matte shades are my very favorite, they last ALL day long without re-applying and these minis are perfect to add in your makeup bag.

12. Colorblock Shoulder Bag: I love this bag and this soft leather! It's neutral and matches just about everything, it's the perfect size and you can count this one as something YOU will steal from her closet. ;)

13. Rose Gold Striped Cosmetic Bag: this is only $7! I love this sized bag because it fits in just about any handbag and it still does fit a lot. You can even fill it with a few of her makeup favorites to gift!

14. Capri Blue Candle: this candle is seriously AMAZING!! It smells so good and one burn makes the entire room smell incredible.

15. Kate Spade Card Case: gifting these card cases is always on the top of my list - you can't go wrong; there's a ton of different colors/styles to choose from and they're so practical! I use one way more than I use my wallet simply because it's easier to handle/carry and fits better in small handbags. I gifted one to my sister last year, and I included a bunch of gift cards in all of the card slots - fun gift idea!

What's on your list for your sister this year?


  1. Haha what an amazing idea for a gift guide! My sister steals EVERYTHING from me.

  2. Yes! Raises hand twice! I am the middle sister and both of my sisters take everything from me. We don't live together anymore but whenever they come to my house they need to borrow everything and end up in my clothes! And whenever we have an event to go to, my closet seems to be their first option. I love your picks and I know my sisters would love them!

    xo Courtney Drew

  3. All great suggestions! I LOVE Kate Spade. I don't have a sister but I might have to treat some friends to these items... and maybe myself ;)

  4. My sisters are always stealing my makeup, so giving them some brushes and lipstick would definitely be right up their alleys!

    Xo, Chelsie @ Hey There, Chelsie

  5. Ooh love that earring set and the YSL set. Such a perfect guide.

  6. This is a fun post! While I don't have a sister, I do have a cousin these things would be perfect for.

  7. I LOVE those statement earrings and YSL beauty set!! Definitely adding them to my list this year :)

  8. Haha this is so true! While I am currently abroad my sister is probably pretty happy to use half of my stuff without me catching her!

    Love the ideas,

    XO Karoline

  9. My sister doesn't really steal things from me, but she is so hard to shop for! This is so helpful.


  10. These are great! My sister always stole my things growing up even though we aren't even remotely the same size. She is WAY shorter and tinier than me. LOL.

  11. Love your selection of gifts meant for sibling stealers! I would say shoes and makeup are high on the list for going missing when sisters are around!!

  12. The title cracked me up! My sisters always take my things and claim they never saw them haha. This guide definitely looks like the things they are always taking from me :)

  13. My sister loves clothes and she always is stealing my jackets. So I think I'm going to get her one.

  14. SO many great gifts!! Love the Bauble Bar gift set and the cozy robe!!

  15. My sister lives 1000 miles away so we don't steal each others stuff, but I do like a lot of the things on this list and she would too!

  16. Cozy robes for the win! I would want to steal her present from me ;)

  17. Haha these are such good gifts! I would love the hair curler and I have the Ray Bans and candle. Two favorites for sure!

  18. All of your picks are soo cute! I especially love the fuzzy robe, so soft and cozy!

    xo, Chloe // https://funinthecloset.com/reviving-clothing/

  19. I love the concept of this post! haha Fortunately as an only child, I never had to worry about my stuff getting jacked, but these are such cute gifts!
    Tori || Victori Media

  20. Ha! Love this post! I don't have a sister but I do have some friends who like to borrow things!

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