Daily Dose of Design: Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Stocking Stuffers + Simple Tips to Shop

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Stocking Stuffers + Simple Tips to Shop

I know, I know - stocking stuffers are an after-thought to most of us. But they really are so much fun to buy and pick out for each person on your list! And there's so many options out there, just about anything works; so even if it IS an after-thought you can still pick out really great things without too much planning or thinking. I think stockings have become increasingly popular and there's so many varieties and things you can do with them - you could even make an entire gift for a friend from a stocking by adding a bunch of things she'll love inside! Here's some fun finds if you're still on the hunt for fun finds for family and friends AND simple but useful tips to consider when buying:

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1. LanoLips Hand Cream: I recently discovered this brand and I am beyond obsessed with it! They have different scents for both your hands and lips and it works extremely well on dry skin. It doesn't leave your hands oily or anything either which is my favorite part - I can wear it throughout the day and not worry about my keyboard getting greasy! There's all different sizes so you can easily gift this in a stocking.

2. The Little Book of Mindful Travel: this is such a cute little book! It has tons of inspirational travel quotes and all sorts of little mantras to read whether you're on a road trip or taking a long trip. It's small/hand sized which is why I love it as a stocking stuffer!

3. Face Mask Set: these Sephora masks work so well - they come in all different scents and are so soothing! This gift set is an awesome gift but it'd also be great to have and split up between different stockings, especially if you're doing a stocking gift grab with friends (which is SO fun, BTW!).

4. Bath Bomb: nothing is quite as relaxing as a bath with a beautiful scented bath bomb, so get some of these and give them out as gifts! They're great to have around in case you need any sort of last minute gift also!

5. PopSocket: my friends and I were just talking about how life changing these are... Seriously, how did I ever hold my phone before I had this?! It's under $10 and comes in a ton of colors and patterns.

6. Gemstone Earrings: this is one of my very favorite pairs of statement earrings! I love the gemstones and they're surprisingly very light weight. I talk a lot about how sensitive my ears are, and these don't even bother them which is refreshing, ha!

7. Clinique Ornament Gift: I bought a couple of these on Black Friday for gifts because they come packaged in a little ornament looking set and it's the cutest little thing! It's $12 and comes with a travel sized perfume and body butter (which smells amazing!). I'm excited to put this in a couple of stockings!

8. Fuzzy Socks: pretty self explanatory and such a must have for just about everyone!

9. Headphone/Charging Adapter: this is great if you have a phone that no longer has the headphone jack - I don't know about you, but 9/10 times I don't know where the headphones meant for my iPhone 7+ and I end up out of luck. This adapter allows you to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time and it's just an added bonus that it's gold. ;)

10. Passport Holder: this was one of the things I included in my Currently Craving's from November, and I am so in love with it! I can't wait for my next trip so I can use it because it's just so pretty! It'd be a great addition to a stocking and there's a luggage tag that matches also.

11. Velvet Bow Hair Tie: I will be wearing this pretty little bow in my hair to so many holiday parties coming up this week! I love it and it makes for a simple hairstyle all winter long. You can't go wrong with velvet!

12. Essie Gel Polish Set: this gel polish set is great for in-between manicures and gives you a quick and easy gel polish look at home. I always love to add some pretty polishes in stockings!

Get this adorable (and oh SO beautiful) passport cover here!

Simple tips to shop for stocking stuffers:

1. Shop for travel-sized beauty products; they're less expensive, great to carry around in your handbag (or actually travel with!) and I know that if I'm not sure about a product, I buy the travel sized version first to test it out. It's a great way to discover new must-haves and they're the perfect sizes to add into stockings!

2. Set a budget and don't go overboard. Stocking stuffers are just little extra surprises so there's no reason to go overboard - you can add candy, snacks and any other little things that remind you of who you're shopping for. If you're doing any sort of stocking gift exchange for your friend(s), you can do the same thing - fill it with a bunch of little, less expensive things that you know they'll love.

3. Collect samples from your orders throughout the year. When you order from Sephora, Ulta, Macy's (to name a few), you usually get to pick 3-4 samples of skincare products or perfume samples and after a while you could basically start your own warehouse, am I right?! LOL. Collect them throughout the year and you can add one or two into each stocking that you stuff. It's a fun little gift and they are the best for stockings!

The St. Tropez Self Tan Face Sheet Mask is another one of my favorites for stockings this year - I started using these in June and haven't stopped since! They give you such a natural glow and since it's a sheet mask, you don't have to worry about applying too much or too little. They're under $10 too!

What are you adding into the stockings you're gifting this year?


  1. I'd love to get some beauty products in my stocking this year.

  2. If my hubby could just fill my stocking with all of the above I'd be a happy camper!

  3. Love the passport holder. So bright and funky!!

  4. My daughter loves the bath bombs! I'm holding out for a popsocket this year.

  5. Okay SUCH a good idea to hold onto your samples! I always buy travel size items but never thought to use samples too.

  6. Those face masks are amazing! Such a good choice for a stocking stuffer :) Also - I absolutely love the Essie gel polishes.

    So many good picks!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  7. I'm loving #6 and #8. Fuzzy socks are LIFE! :D

  8. Ok but those Sephora face masks are AMAZING. Literally. I have them on hand always.

  9. That passport holder is so cute! I wish I would've saw that before I bought other luggage tags.

    Amanda || www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  10. Such perfect gift ideas! I actually need everything on this list!

  11. My daughter loves the bath bombs! I'm holding out for a popsocket this year.

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