Daily Dose of Design: Dressing Cute in Freezing Temperatures

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dressing Cute in Freezing Temperatures

I don't know about you guys (let me know in the comments though!) but in New York, it has been absolutely FRIGID. I'm talking negative actual temps, real feels in the negative teens and wind chills close to -30 some nights! The wind is crazy, we've had a ton of snow (especially compared to how little we had last year) and even a "bomb cyclone" just last week. As I plan where to go next to escape this weather - because this girl just can NOT deal any more - I've been looking for cozy pieces to add to my closet that are still cute, can be worn many ways and are things that'll get a lot of use. If you live somewhere where the temperature is MUCH lower than your age, you'll appreciate these finds!

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All of these pieces make me want to bundle up! This cozy hoodie (#1) comes in a TON of colors and it's great to layer with - I have it in the plum color and I wore it throughout the fall and now that it's frigid, I've been layering it with a cozy plaid shirt underneath (like this one, it's only $15!) and a cozy vest on top. 
If you're looking for the warmest sweatshirt in the entire world, #5 - THIS sweatshirt - is it!!! I can't even begin to describe how soft it is; you'll want it in both shades of gray. Is there such thing as too much gray? If so, my closet isn't aware! And speaking of gray -- this wool coat is a MUST have. It's so warm and great for cold weather but also looks super cute on. It's very similar to everyone's favorite J.Crew City Coat but since that one's close to sold out, #11 is the next best (and VERY similar) thing!

This baseball cap (#6) is sherpa and SO soft. I love it because it's cute and great for a bad hair day but also will keep you so warm! And speaking of warm, hot pink arm warmers (#7)??! They're 40% off right now too! 
Also check out these SOREL boots; they keep your feet so warm and dry and they're great for the winter in any weather condition! They retail at most stores for $179, but buy them here for a little cheaper (and tons of color choices)!

When it comes to the cold, it's all about doing what you can to stay warm but there's no reason you can't stay warm while looking cute and classy! Colorful accessories are my favorite things to buy for the winter months to spice up a neutral/monotone outfit and absolutely anything I can layer with - oversized sweatshirts, chunky knit sweaters and warm shoes.

Stores with the best cozy, cold weather finds:

G A P:

A M E R I C A N  E A G L E:

M A D E W E L L:

J. C R E W:

L O F T:

N O R D S T R O M:

O L D  N A V Y:

How are you staying warm this winter? Is it frigid where you live?!


  1. It has been so windy recently in Oklahoma and that has caused the temperature to drop almost 20 degrees some days!! I've been so bored with my outfits that today I wore a skirt and tights to switch it up... and I flashed like 15 people on my way into the office. Fail. These are all such cute items for winter dressing!!


  2. Arm warmers...I think this is the first time I've heard of them, they are so cute though.

  3. It's been in the 40s/50s here in Dallas so I've been able to wear some sweaters and light coats but I'm so envious of people with the cute winter clothes and boots!


  4. Even though it's not -30, it's still been below freezing here in Alabama, so I've been getting a taste of real winter and I don't like it! I've been staying cozy in sweatpants and making sure I've got toasty slippers too!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern and Style

  5. A good coat is essential when it's cold out even though I live in TX so it's not super cold here haha.

  6. We had a week straight of negative temps in Vermont! Today it was 30 and it felt like spring... isn't that sad?! You have some great picks here!

    xoxo A

  7. I really want some boots like that, but I always end up talking myself out of them! They're so cute!

  8. I got that same J Crew coat for Christmas and I love it! I have it in camel!

  9. looks like you got some good stuff for making the freezing temps looking and feel bearable <3 love the items you put together!!!

  10. I'm really loving these pieces! It's been SO cold in PA--it was -2 the other day, BUT the weather is crazy and it's going to be 40 tomorrow! PTL! But, it's definitely been a struggle to dress cute this winter, because it's been SO cold. I've definitely been embracing cozy sweaters and booties!

  11. That's such a darling coat! I wish you had photos of you wearing it.

  12. I'm loving all the cozy sweaters, and I adore the grey coat!! Here in Phoenix, it's been unusually warm, so my time wearing sweaters and coats has really been shortened! I know, I know.... :)

  13. Ahh, American Eagle is definitely my favorite store and I love that Patagonia pullover is exactly what I want!

  14. The grey coat is so elegant! I really like many of the options you linked in the article xx

  15. It takes a lot for me to get outside and take photos in cold weather. Lately I have just been wearing comfy clothes for photo shoots.

    Amanda || www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  16. Great tips! I love your coat - I have the same one but in camel!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  17. I've had my eye on that J.Crew coat for MONTHS. Might need to take the plunge...!

  18. So many cute finds! It's hard to dress cute in the winter with all the layers!

  19. J.Crew has some SUPER adorable things on sale right now! I love all the colors that coat comes in too!
    <3 Theresa Ann

  20. Super cute picks! I am loving the pretty pink pom hat-- too adorable!

  21. I always end up looking like a big blob when I dress for cold weather because I just want to be warm! These are all so many cute picks!