Daily Dose of Design: Wellness Wednesday: Simple Tips to Get Motivated and Moving to Make Positive Changes

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wellness Wednesday: Simple Tips to Get Motivated and Moving to Make Positive Changes

Happy Wednesday! Halfway to the weekend... but the goal is to stop saying that and enjoy the moment - who else agrees?! I've always said that as a "way to get through the rest of the week", but I'm really trying to change my mindset. Mentally but also physically; I want to feel better in more ways than one and I want to get motivated to be a better version of me. And more than some of that #NewYearNewMe B.S., it's more of a lifestyle change.

So, cue Wellness Wednesdays! I'm motivated to have more energy and feel better physically and mentally - the overall goal is to live a healthier, more positive life and I truly believe getting fit is a HUGE step in that process! Every once in a while (and on a Wednesday, obvi... ;) I'll share another edition of Wellness Wednesday and each will be filled with a different kind of motivational-inspo. (If there's any specific topics you want me to include, let me know!!) I've been at this for a few weeks now, so I thought sharing the tips that have helped me to stay motivated to get up, get moving and motivated to workout and make a change would be the perfect place to start. Here's some really simple things you can do to make that change - and trust me, it feels GOOD!

Focus on what you want to change

Instead of just saying "I want to workout today!" and do it on a whim, figure out what you want to see a change in and focus on it. If you want killer abs, focus on them. If you want toned arms, focus on that. Don't overwhelm yourself and just say you want to change how you look or feel, and instead break it down so you're less overwhelmed AND devoting more time to one specific area. If I know I want to see results, I'm more likely to want to focus on it.

Fix your sleep schedule, ASAP

Guys, this is like the simplest thing you can do yet it's been SO EYE OPENING! If you're one of those people who is in bed ready to sleep before midnight, I want to be just like you when I grow up. Ha! Seriously, I've been on the absolute worst sleep schedule for way too many years now... Even in high school and college, I was going to bed way too late but I could never break the habit. Now, working from home, it can be SO hard to not want to stay in bed until 11:00 AM with my laptop - but Lord knows if I did that, I'd never ever ever get up. I started forcing myself to shut my computer and even get off of my phone earlier, and in return it's made me much more motivated to get a LOT more done during the day. It's actually so nice having less to do at night even though I am more of a night person!

I've been asleep or at least in bed ready to sleep before midnight Monday-Thursday (most weeknights that is... there's exceptions of course!) and it's what's made the most difference for me - and in return, I get up way earlier and feel SO much more motivated and ready to go. Most mornings I don't even feel the need to snooze the alarm! Granted, I have my days (who doesn't?!) and weekends DEFINITELY don't count, ha! ;) But overall, it's helped my workouts the most. It's been a huge, helpful change and I can't believe I didn't force myself to get on a better schedule sooner.

Make a get-pumped-up playlist

I think most of us can agree that the ONE thing that gets you pumped up to workout is a GREAT playlist! I swear by workout songs I can get moving to and that I love and get wrapped up in. The longer the playlist, the more likely you'll forget that you're actually working out and you'll do more than planned. It happens to me a lot and I'm really not mad about it! ;)

This playlist has been one of my go-to's lately! I also use Apple Music a lot and their pre-made playlists are SPOT on! It's $9.99 a month, but if you're a student/still have your student email address you can sign up for $4.99/month.

Figure out what kind of workouts work best for you

Some people are instructor-oriented, some people like doing it totally on their own. Some of us prefer being in a gym and some would rather be at-home. I highly recommend trying a class at the gym, they are so helpful especially if you don't know where to start! You can get great tips, find out what you're doing right/need to improve on and there's so many to choose from that it's pretty unlikely there isn't ONE out there you won't like! If you have the tools at home, it can be really nice to workout whenever you see fit but on the other hand it can be much more motivating to be surrounded by people with similar goals.

It's completely a personal preference, so when you know what works best you'll be excited to workout. Yup, excited... I said it!

Find an accountability partner

If you know someone will be checking in on you and your progress, it's about 1,110% more likely you'll actually get moving! I know we can't all have Teddi Mellencamp be our accountability coaches (where are my #RHOBH girls at?!) but finding your own version of a "Teddi" is exactly what you need. Be it a friend, family member or even a coach/teacher from your gym - you can work together to set and meet goals and it'll feel much more rewarding and motivate you to actually put the work in!

Use working out as a mental break

At first, it sounds crazy. I was there! Now it's therapeutic and it's the time of day that I can put my phone down and take a break - I can focus on me, my goals and where I want to be physically and mentally and take a HUGE step back. Now some #realtalk -- it will NOT feel this way at first, especially if you're as out of shape as I started out as LOL. But the more you do it and the longer you stick with it and add it into your routine, the more natural it'll feel. It takes a while, but once you're there it's a really freeing feeling. It's also a HUGE stress and anxiety reliever; 'huge' actually doesn't even begin to describe it!

Make sure it's convenient and not a hassle

If you feel like you have to mentally add an hour into your day to fit in a workout, it's going to feel like a chore and you won't learn to like it. Move things around, or find time in your day and already busy schedule - it's worth it, and you'll be less likely to ditch the workout even on the busiest of days.

Personally, I've found adding my workout time into the beginning part of my day most beneficial. I have negative zero (legit) motivation left come the evening! Whether you're the same or the exact opposite, just figure out what works in your routine. The point is, if it isn't convenient you're much less likely to pursue it.

I am SO excited about this series! If you're getting sh*t done this year too, I'd love to hear about it! We can motivate each other - there's always room for an extra little push! ;)


  1. I feel so much better when my sleep schedule is on point! You're so right about exercise being an anxiety reliever! I always have more anxiety when I'm not as active.

  2. Great advice! I need to get a playlist together because I always stop exercising to find another song. I'll probably have my kids set me up as I'm not too tech savvy. ;)

  3. yes yes yes!! I love these tips! I love my sleep so much and dk how people don't honor theirs haha!

  4. Totally agree with getting sleep and finding a great playlist!

  5. These are great tips! I'm really trying to incorporate exercise in my routine, right now I've found a little dead spot in the afternoons after class so I've been fitting it in there!

  6. sleeping schedule is always suuuper important for me!! and i'm so excited that school is starting so i can fix it asap haha

  7. SO with you on all of these, especially number one and the point about proper sleep!

  8. I sooooo needed to read your tips today! I really need to get moving and I just need a tiny nudge in the right direction! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Music is definitely by go-to for motivation! I have a playlist that keeps my pumped up and ready to take on the world!

  10. The bedtime thing: totally resonates. Man, why can't I go to bed before midnight. I have been trying for 2.5 months now and the longest I have done is 2 nights in a row. Last night, ahem morning, it was 4 am. If I do one thing this year: it will be to get the bedtime routine down!!

  11. I want to start doing better too and making my health and wellness a priority. I am terrible about falling asleep on the couch and not having a good bedtime routine!

  12. I'm still trying to figure out a sleep schedule. I think for me it's a fine line between getting to much and not enough. You are so right about good music when working out!

  13. I’ve been getting back into all of the above lately. I’ve got a workout that works for me and am SO PROUD of my pump up playlist - haha!

  14. I finally found a workout and workout times that work for me and it's revolutionary!

  15. Ahh I'm a morning person and I always have been but my boyfriend wasn't until fairly recently. Fixing your sleep schedule is such a huge factor to getting fit!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  16. I second the workout classes at the gym! Some of them can be so fun that you actually forget you are working out! Makes a huge difference.

  17. Getting the motivation to workout can be the absolute WORST. I love your tips-- they're inspiring me to get back into a workout routine. Cute sneaks BTW, now these would give me some motivation... at least to shop--- can shopping be my cardio??

  18. Love this post! I've definitely found that finding a workout routine that works for me is key. I got in shape for my wedding by doing Jillian Michaels workout DVDs. Those worked best for me since I have a busy schedule.

    Katie | www.millennialonthemove.com

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