Daily Dose of Design: Save vs. Splurge: Favorite Accessories

Monday, January 22, 2018

Save vs. Splurge: Favorite Accessories

How do you decide when to save on purchases, and when to splurge? I'm a firm believer in treating yourself to nice things every now and then, and I of course love a splurge as much as the next girl - but there's something so satisfying about seeing a similar alternative at a fraction of the price! Especially for trendier buys... I find it hard to justify spending a ton of money on something that may go in and out of style!

On the other hand, a good, versatile and timeless product is worth every penny if you ask me! Either way, we need some cute accessories to distract from this freezing weather 9/10 of us all have been experiencing lately, right?! Here's 14 must-have accessories right now that you can splurge or save a bit with, because these are pretty spot on and I'm very excited about them! ;)

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Gray Shoulder Bag ($39.90) vs. Gray Chloe Shoulder Bag ($1,650)
Colorblock Plaid Scarf ($14.32) vs. Colorblock Plaid Scarf ($58)
Tortoise Sunglasses ($32.25) vs. Tortoise Celine Sunglasses ($500)
Pearl Embellished Booties ($59.99) vs. Pearl Embellished Booties ($345)
Turquoise Pendant Necklace ($75) vs. Turquoise/Opal Pendant Necklace ($4,500)
Gucci Look-alike Belt ($14.99) vs. Gucci Leather Belt ($350)
Blush Statement Earrings ($34) vs. Blush Statement Earrings ($80)
Gucci Loafer Look-alikes ($24.99) vs. Black Gucci Loafers ($995)
Blush Velvet Baseball Cap ($27) vs. Blush Suede Baseball Cap ($150)
Rockstud Flats ($109) vs. Valentino Rockstud Flats ($745)
Blush Tory Burch Shoulder Bag ($495) vs. Blush Chanel Boy Bag ($4,595)
Black Cat Eye Sunnies ($69) vs. Black Tom Ford Cat Eye Sunnies ($445)
Black Leather Tech Gloves ($46) vs. Black Leather Tech Gloves ($130)
Turquoise Ring ($36) vs. Turquoise Ring ($2,180)

This Chloe bag has always been a favorite of mine, and there have been similar styles before but this $39 dupe is TOO good! It comes in this gray, a cognac shade and black.
The same goes for this $14 Gucci belt dupe. Now, I know there's been the conversation before about the fine line between copying and producing a good dupe... But I do think this would be a good option if you 1. want to have a trendy item, but can't afford the real thing yet or 2. want to see if you like it before dishing out $350 on a belt. I love the real deal Gucci belts; they're adorable and personally, I think they're worth every penny. But this save option is $14 and can be a great option!

One store you can always count on lately for designer dupes is Target - they have the most incredible "save" options lately! Especially when it comes to bags and shoes - even jewelry. Oh, and I can't go without talking about this turquoise pendant necklace, which is $75 and nearly identical to a $4,500 (!!) version!

I know how trendy pearl embellishments are lately, and I'm here to tell you that I am SO on board with that. ALLLL of the heart eyes for anything with pearls! I was talking on Twitter last week (@adrianaaaaxo) about the word "pearlized" and how it's a thing now. I mean hello 2018, ha! These pearl heeled black booties are on major sale for $59.99 (down from just under $200!) and are pretty much the closest version to this pair; also on sale, but still $345.

What do you think of these dupes? Do you splurge or save on accessories? Stay warm, friends - I'm hoping these warmer (yes, 30s and 40s is warmer when it's been in the negatives! ;) temperatures stick around!


  1. This is awesome!! I was just talking about doing a splurge vs. steal post! I love all of these! I'm a frugal shopper for sure so I would rather buy something that looks like an expensive item! lol Great post!!

  2. These picks are so good! The boots with the pearl embellishments are so cute!


  3. It's so funny because I always prefer the save items over the splurge ones! Great post!

  4. I usually splurge on things like purses, shoes, and clothing pieces I'll have for years, like coats! Trendy items like dresses and tops I buy from cheaper retailers. These are great dupes!

    xoxo A

  5. These items all look so similar! I love finding a good dupe!

  6. I don't buy too many accessories and like to keep it minimal. So I would prefer buying quality/original products even if they are a little pricey because I know I won't buy those things often and they will last me long. However, it totally depends on what product we are talking about. For instance, I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a belt. I love that Gucci belt but it's not something I would spend $$$ for. So I did buy the dupe and it was so well made and such good quality! I'm totally loving it!

    Parul | http://girlinchief.com

  7. All of these are spot on dupes!! I love these saves vs splurge posts!!

  8. That Chloe dupe is so spot on! You list a lot of other great options too!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  9. Great picks! I'm such a frugal shopper, but I will invest in pieces I know I'll use for a long time.

  10. The blush velvet baseball cap!! <3 OMG

  11. I love the splurge items, but you've found some great dupes!! ❤️

  12. I seriously thought you posted the same items twice lol.

  13. these items are all so cute and must haves! i'm all about style on a budget :) xo, sharon

  14. Love these picks! I want them all my friend.

  15. I actually love a lot of the save items more! Need that blush Tory bag. So pretty.

  16. love this shopping guide! That quilted pink bag is so cute!

  17. Wow, they look almost identical and they are have price! I never understood why designer clothes are SO expensive. I always go for the cheaper version. They are only clothes after-all.

  18. These are really amazing dupes girl!! Definitely agree with you on not splurging as much on trendier pieces but splurging on classic, timeless pieces!

    cute & little

  19. I LOVElovelove me some dupes - these are FANTASTIC

  20. the shoes (black ones and beige ones) and hat are literally perfect dupes! Such great finds!

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  22. Oooh I am loving all these affordable alternatives here girl!! Especially the Gucci fluffy slides because I can't bring myself to get myself another pair!

    H xx

  23. Eek! These are my favorite kinds of posts. I seriously love shopping for dupes and finding affordable options that are still super cute. You did a great job finding nearly identical accessories!

  24. Oh my gosh there are so many great dupes in this post!! I think these are probably my favorite types of posts to read too because I love the designer look, but my wallet doesn't, ha!

    The Classic Brunette

  25. Love this post! So many amazing dupes and I'm all about saving some money!

  26. I am such a bargain hunter, so posts like these are my fave! You found some amazing alternatives to save money. I like some of the dupes more than I like the originals.

  27. I absolutely agree with this. First of all, I think these dupes are amazing!! But I 100% agree that if you ARE going to splurge, you have to make it something timeless and classic. I totally splurged on a Gucci bag while I was in Italy, but I figured it would be not only an awesome souvenir but something I would wear all the time. I was totally right! Great post!

  28. Love how you set this up. And I even like some of the "saves" better than the splurge. The blush beaded earrings are so cute!

  29. Wow babe! The pink beaded earrings are waaaay better on the steal. Good post :)

  30. You did such a good job at finding dupes for all the pricey items! Some of your finds are nearly identical! I need that pink ball cap in my life!

  31. I love posts like these because I'm such a bad shopper haha. these are crucial for me to find cheaper timeless pieces!

  32. Love this post! I have been looking for a cheaper version of the Gucci belt so thank you :)