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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Luxe Living Decor

As you may know if you've read previous blog posts, I'm in the middle of re-doing/designing my bedroom! I've been collecting things for my room for about two months now and I've finally started to put it together - which I'll be showing you guys in the next few posts! There are so many amazing home decor websites but lets be honest, decorating elegantly can be SO expensive! In the past month I've been to Home Goods every single weekend... I'm not sure whether I should be embracing this or embarrassed that my weekly trip to Home Goods is literally a little slice of Heaven for me! The best part is they always have different things because they get new shipments in during the middle of the week. For anyone who hasn't heard of or been to Home Goods (is that possible??) it's a chain retail store that sells things such as furniture and decor from top name brands at a much more reasonable price! In going so much and shopping online so much, I've noticed that they get a majority of their decor from my favorite website - ZGallerie! There are some things that are worth paying the price for when it comes to home decor but I strongly suggest checking stores like Home Goods first!!

Here's some of my current favorite home decor products that I want/bought/have something similar to!

 photo 261ecdfb-2154-45a6-bf9b-2ef975133004_zpse4c57026.png

1. Radiant Mirror: I've been dying to buy this mirror for weeks now and thinking about buying it since I haven't found a similar one anywhere else!
2. Table Lamp: I bought a very similar table sized lamp at Home Goods last week for my dresser! I love how the top looks like a chandelier; even being discounted on Joss and Main, it's still pretty pricey! So elegant and simple though :)
3. Decorative Canisters: these canisters are some of my favorite decorative pieces I've gotten! I actually found the exact same ones in Home Goods (but in silver instead of gold) and got the pair for $40!
4. Fashion Painting: this is one of the few items I've gotten for my room so far that I've had to splurge on! But let me tell you it is SO beautiful in person and so worth the price! The artist Oliver Gal creates pieces similar to these and they are pricey, but I've noticed so many of his pieces in Home Goods lately! This particular one isn't Oliver Gal, it's from ZGallerie and I am so excited to have it hanging on my wall!
5. Candle Holders: these candle holders are the cutest I've ever seen - and retail at an affordable price too! I'm putting these on one of my shelves next to a stack of decorative books and it looks so classy!
6. Sequin Patterned Pillow: while it's still expensive for a pillow, I love having one or two accent pillows that pop! I have a similar sequined pillow purchased from Target last month. I have so many old pillows that no longer match my color scheme so I went to the fabric store, picked some fabric colors and patterns I liked and covered the old pillows - now it looks like I spent hundreds on all new pillows!
7. Two Tiered Tray: yes, I know this is made for desserts but I am using one of these for something TOTALLY different! I saw someone on Pinterest using a tiered dessert tray like this to display perfume and I fell in love! It's super hard to find nice quality tiered trays that don't totally diminish your bank account - and I still haven't had any luck! Home Goods has tons of trays like these but I haven't yet found one I love... Might be another splurge item!
8. Decorative Bohemian Rug: I bought this exact rug from Joss and Main because it's a serious steal at $37! I love the pattern and the color is my favorite! Rugs are one thing that I've found to not be such a great deal at Home Goods; they usually only have super large ones that are way too big for the space I'm decorating. I also regularly check Target for rugs too because they have such cute ones!

Anyone have any good home decor websites? I'd love to hear from you guys! XOXO

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