Daily Dose of Design: Paint Colors: The do's and the don'ts

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Paint Colors: The do's and the don'ts

As if doing a bedroom makeover wasn't enough, I decided I wanted to redo my bathroom as well! I've been going back and forth on paint colors because the pink I have now just really needs to go, but I still want something fun! Trying to pick a color scheme inspired me to do a post all about paint colors!
Going into Home Depot is always overbearing and trying to look at their paint sample sections takes it to a whole new level. I get sucked in every time I walk into the store and always seem to find colors I am OBSESSED with - except for when I'm really there to buy paint! I think my number one tip in picking a paint color (especially for a bathroom like I am now) is to go light to make the room feel airy and fresh. But if you're going to go bold, make sure you have ample sunlight so the room doesn't feel dark! I've also found it easier to pick the bath accessories before the paint color, since it's easier to pick paint color than it is finding a shower curtain you love.

Here's my list of do's and don't for paint colors:

1. Do pick a natural paint color if you have detailed/patterned or busy room and wall decor
2. Do pick your color palette and furnishings before picking a paint color
3. Do get paint samples and try them on your walls; look at the walls at all points of the day so you can see the different shades it'll look as the sun hits the room
4. Do take the time to tape the edges of your walls - trust me it'll be worth it in the end!
5. Do keep your extra paint - trust me you will want it if you need to touch something up! Chances are you'll never be able to match the color exact again if you need to
6. Do consider an accent/patterned wall if you have the space!

1. Don't choose a paint color based on someone else's room - instead, try looking at multiple shades of the color you like
2. Don't go white; at least make it interesting and do a light gray if you want a light and super neutral color!
3. Don't paint your ceiling any color other than white in a bathroom - not good for lighting!
4. Don't paint a room in odd strokes - painting the whole room using one stroke (usually vertically) will allow the color to dry better and give you a nicer end product!

You can view some of my favorite bathrooms on my "dream bathrooms" Pinterest board!
Here's a sneak peak at the color scheme of my bathroom redo:

 photo f35eba99-6562-432e-9cb5-2311d0b000ff_zpsa1c2ec36.jpg

Happy Tuesday! XOXO


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