Daily Dose of Design: 35 Summer Bucket List Ideas

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

35 Summer Bucket List Ideas

We're in the heat of the summer and it's the best time of the year! Making lists is in my nature and I know that applies for a lot of us, so why not make a summer bucket list?! It's a great way to hold yourself accountable to get out and DO things, and it's also a great feeling to cross things off the list. Here's some of the things on my bucket list this year; clearly I make lofty goals for myself! ;) Make this summer the best one yet, check out what you'd add to your list:

1. Make homemade ice cream

2. Go to a concert

3. Learn something new you've been dying to learn

4. Take a road trip

5. Take a social media break

6. Try a new style trend

7. Have a beach bonfire

8. Spend a day at the beach; sunrise to sunset (but keep your skin healthy!)

9. Organize your closet and donate items

10. Take a European road trip

11. Invest in a product you've been eyeing/saving for

12. Spend as much time outside as possible in a day

13. Attend a summer matinee (dying to see Anastasia!)

14. Teach yourself calligraphy

15. Film an awesome GoPro video (my sister is a pro!)

16. Take a solo trip

17. Try all 10 of the best dessert joints in NYC

18. Walk the High Line in NYC

19. Complete an entire adult coloring book (LOVE this one)

20. Craft a new recipe from scratch

21. Do something that scares you

22. Stargaze

23. Pay it forward at a drive-thru

24. Learn a new language

25. Get a new hair style

26. DIY something you never thought you'd be able to

27. Re-vamp a room in your home

28. Take a helicopter ride over your city

29. Read 10 books

30. Get a new piercing

31. Go to a baseball game (or plenty if you love it as much as I do!)

32. Have an all-day bake off with your friends (and end it with some wine!)

33. Get professional photos taken

34. Make a photo book

35. Plan a full day of activities without planning what you'll do - let it flow!

What's on your summer bucket list? What would you add to this list? Here's to an amazing summer season!


  1. We have a few concerts planned and my girl friends and I are taking a road trip to Florida at the end of the month!

  2. I love lists- especially BUCKET lists. Even more so if they show me cool, new things to do during the summer. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Great list! The only thing I have planned is to complete my summer reading list! I may just take some of your suggestions.

    The Felicia Renee | a minimalist lifestyle & beauty blog

  4. These are great things to go on a bucket list! I went to 3 gigs in June though, so I'm having a quieter month this month :D I want to visit more new places.

  5. I hope you get to do all of these, if not most! I see a few things on here, that I'd love to do as well.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  6. Love this! Have been to plenty of concerts already this summer, but definitely want to learn how to make ice cream this summer!

  7. I love Summer bucket list ideas! I'd love to have an all day bake a thon! Sounds so fun!

  8. Love all of these! I vowed to spend as much time as I can at my pool this year


  9. Great list! This summer, I went on a trip to Hawaii (I'd never been) and spent an entire day at the beach!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  10. Love these ideas! Taking a social media break is at the top of my list to do this summer! It's hard not to be connected all the time, but I know I need to step away for a little while.

    Carrie | https://carrieeliseandkho.com/

  11. This is a great summer bucket list! I hope to make homemade ice cream next week while camping. Another great thing to add to the bucket list would be to go to a water park. :) I am going to one next week.

    Amanda || www.fortheloveofglitter.com

  12. New food and traveling to new places are the goals of our summer! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. omg, stargazing!! i totally forgot about that!! i gotta look into it!

  14. awe i love the high line in Nyc! i may do that if i have time in a couple of weeks!

  15. These are great ideas...love the traveling solo! Not enough people do it!

  16. How fun is this? Summer is always my favorite time to make a bucket list.

  17. Love this list! So many great summer ideas :)

    Kristen | www.sophisticatedgal.com

  18. Great list and awesome ideas! I always make one of those for my kids summer vacation, but this year I did it for myself as well. You can check it out on my blog http://mindoverlatte.com. Cheers!

  19. Love this list!! My family and I made homemade ice cream last weekend! I have done some cleaning out of my closets to donate items. I'm hoping to make some concerts as well before Summer is over.

  20. Get a new piercing...hmmmm you may have inspired me haha

  21. Mine looks a little different with 4 kids (haha!!) but #35 is one of our favorites over here, too! xo

  22. There are so many things on this list I want to do! Like get a new piercing, make homemade ice cream, and get professional photos taken!! Love this!

  23. These are such great ideas!! I love going to the drive-in and going to food festivals!

  24. I love this list. So simple yet so fun. 😆

  25. A social media break is SUCH a great thing to do over the summer

  26. Such fun ideas! I need to get crackin' on my HP coloring book haha.

  27. Oh I love all of these!! I was trying to pick some favourites but so many of them are great ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

  28. A lot of these are on my summer bucket list too. I need to get going on them!

  29. I'm all for the European road trip any time of the year! :) We've been busy this summer on road trips and pool visits, and it's been fun, but there's always time to add more before school takes in!

  30. SO many good ideas...I feel rejuvenated to try some new things now!

    Coming Up Roses

  31. Love all of these! Good luck on your bucket list!

  32. these are all such cute ideas! I'd love to try making my own ice cream for sure x

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