Daily Dose of Design: Currently Craving: July Favorites

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Currently Craving: July Favorites

Can summer slow down for a second?! Seriously, I'm enjoying this weather and the sunshine too much to worry about it going so fast! This month's Currently Craving is a bit shorter because with all of the NSALE craziness I hadn't shopped too much elsewhere. But there are some really great finds - for your home, the cutest jeans, a couple of dupes... You get the point! Here's my favorites from July:

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1. Nike Running Sneakers: these might just be the most beautiful colored sneaker I have ever, ever owned! They're a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and also come in navy and a dark green - they're $74 and beyond comfortable! I got my normal size and they fit perfectly - I've already worn them a ton both to run in and just for every day and they're the best!

2. Mini Bluetooth Speaker: I just ordered this mini Bluetooth speaker and can't wait to get it in! It's great for using by the pool, at the beach or keeping it at your bathroom vanity.

3. Chanel Surfboard Canvas: cutest wall hanging ever! I've been looking for something like this for so long and I finally found it!

4. Balmain Sunglasses: these are UNDER $100 right now! Normally almost $400 and they are too beautiful to pass up!

5. Jergens Moisturizing Self Tanner: out of the many self tanners I've tried in the past, this is the winner. It figures that it's a drugstore buy that's the best one! I love this stuff because you apply it in the shower and it's literally impossible to become streaky or look uneven. That's always my biggest worry with self tanners. I think this is best for maintaining your tan the longest - it's also great for evening out a real tan... I had major tan lines going on on my legs from being in the sun and this helped even it all out, lol!!

6. Kate Spade Crossbody: I included this in this month's Currently Craving because it's one of my favorite bags EVER. I got mine (it's super similar to this one - mine is a little more white) in June of 2016 and I use is non freakin' stop. I've brought it on multiple trips with me and use it for every-day more than any other bag I own! I love the shape and size and it's the cutest! It's on sale right now so you can bet I'm getting it in another color!

7. Girlfriend Jeans: I fell in love with these in the store a few weeks ago - best fit, so comfy and the prettiest denim wash EVER.

8. 8Striped Bikini Top: you may have seen this on my Instagram last week - I brought it on a quick trip with me and wore it SO MUCH. It's on sale for $12 (reg $15!) and has quickly become my most worn bikini top all summer! ;) You can mix and match it with so many colors and the bow-tie back is my favorite detail.

9. Palm Print Wall Paper: I've been itching to make a decor change and do something fun and new and I can't believe I'm saying this... But I think that includes wall paper. All of the prints and styles in wall paper's latest comeback are just too cute to pass up! I am in LOVE with this blue palm print pattern - wouldn't it be so pretty as an accent wall?! Decisions, decisions...

10. Gold Palm Hoop Earrings: pretty, dainty, gold lightweight hoops for summer - checks all the musts off! Get these ASAP!

11. Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly: if you've been around for a while, you know my LOVE for the Clinique Dramatically Different line. I swear by these skincare products! This hydrating jelly is fairly new and I'm so excited to try it out - it's a moisturizing jelly that's supposedly more lightweight than moisturizer, but does the same thing. I love that cooling feeling when you put moisturizer on so I'm so excited to try this.

12. Greece Slide Sandal Dupe: everyone's beloved Greece slide sandal in dupe-fashion. ;) Instead of being $70, these are $19 and look nearly identical! They also come in white and black.



  1. Love all the colors on that bikini top! Embarrassed to admit I totally didn't know those were called dupes. Thanks for teaching me something new! ;)

  2. You aren't kidding, those Nikes are perfection. I am too broke for all of the shoes I need in my life, but those babies are coming home with me!

  3. Oh my gosh, those Nikes are gorgeous! I love the dusy lavender color. I don't need any new sneakers right now but I almost wish I did!

  4. I love the colors of your new Nikes! I'm in the market for new sneakers and may need to check those out!


  5. Loving those nikes, slidders, and the blue denim! I can totally see myself wearing any of these!

    Lindsay. x

  6. Those sneakers are just too cute. I have yet to find boyfriend/girlfriend jeans that fit me right, but I do love the look!

  7. Those sneakers look so cute! I've been on the lookout for a pair of pale/pastel pink sneakers for a while now, and you may have found me the perfect pair! Thank you so much. Great post xxx

    Melina | melinaelisa.com

  8. I have the older version of that Kate Spade in a wine color and it really is the perfect bag!

  9. Yes girl- that Kate Spade bag is both cute and pratical- win win! Loving the bathing suit top you've highlighted as well!

    xoxo A

  10. I have seen these Nike's everywhere and I LOVE them! I'm with you, I want summer to slowwwww down!

  11. Ahh that Kate Spade bag is a dream!! I love the structured look and the color scheme!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  12. OMG gimme gimme that Chanel sign! It's so dang cute!

  13. Love those Balmain sunglasses! They're so cute!

  14. Those are a really great color for sneakers! I've had lots of different ones but a purple and green pair was my favorite.

  15. Good picks! I do really love the color of those sneakers. I'm a big fan of the Chanel surfboard picture and Kate Spade purses are always fabulous!

    1. Huge fan of the sneakers as well!!! So cute and ready for fall!

  16. I love these sneakers and the girlfriend denim is SO cute!

    cute & little

  17. I've been looking for a cute pair of sneakers, and now I found a pair! $74?!

  18. ahh i want it all!! I love the jergens natural glow! it works so great! And i was just thinking about wanting to redo my office and that wallpaper would be perfect!

  19. Love the earrings! The sneakers are super cute and a great color.

  20. wait that swim suit top looks like one i have xD and also, i kind of want those purple sneakers now xD maybe i just need new sneakers in general xD

  21. I love all of these picks! The Jergens lotion is my fave!

  22. I'm going to check out those Nikes- I was just saying I needed a new pair of sneakers and those are so cute!

  23. The Nordstrom sale was so good this year! I might have to grab those sneakers!


  24. I LOVE my Nike’s but omg that color! Gonna see if I can find them for myself too!

  25. I need a new pair of sneakers and those Nikes look perfect! Such a gorgeous color.

  26. OMG -- the color of those sneakers is to die for!! I'm also loving that Kate Spade bag!

  27. THOSE SHOES. Love that color! And those jeans look amazing. I need to see about snagging a pair.

  28. Loving the sneakers and the sandals, perfect for the summer, I love the Jergens tanning lotion it leaves the prettiest bronze and glowy look!

    ~xo Sheree

  29. Those Nike trainers look so cute! I would definitely not mind wearing those. Also I use the Clinique DDML but I had no idea they had a gelly version! I'll have to check it out.

  30. Love the nikes! I feel like that color is totally having a moment right now - we have a ton of accessories in that color where I work.

  31. I think those tennis shoes and the Kate Spade purses are my faves! But you’ve got so many great picks here!

  32. I absolutely need those Nikes! I love that color.

    -Michele Renee

  33. I LOVE your picks! Especially those sunglasses... what a steal! I have a pair of sandals similar to pick number 12, but they're black. I may have to swing by Target and pick up the cognac version.