Daily Dose of Design: Currently Craving: October Picks Under $50

Friday, November 2, 2018

Currently Craving: October Picks Under $50

Cue the Christmas music, give me all of the holiday shopping ads, and fill my DVR with cheesy Hallmark movies because it's November and I cannot contain my excitement!! I saw the funniest post on Facebook (shared it on my Facebook page, see it here!) about the change come November 1st and seriously relate to it all too well! I did a LOT of shopping in October - there's been too many great finds lately to resist! To narrow it down and pick my favorites of the month for October's edition of Currently Craving, I picked the best under $50 so that everyone has an excuse to do some shopping! ;) Here's the best finds you need to get your hands on this season:

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1. Pearl Embellished Sweater: for as long as I can remember, I've always loved pearls. I used to wear my moms pearls when I'd play dress up as a little girl, and my first pair of "nice" earrings were pearl studs. They're just so classy and pretty, and now that they're taking over the embellishment world when it comes to our clothes, I am SO HERE FOR IT. Haha seriously though, they're too pretty and they make sweaters like this one just a bit more dressy and stand out from the rest. This also comes in cream and light pink and I might just need them both too! It runs a bit short, but fits TTS - if you have a longer torso I'd size up one!

2. Winter Candy Apple Candle: November is here and so is Winter Candy Apple!! My absolute favorite Bath and Body Works scent EVER! A little fun fact - I stock up on Winter Candy Apple everything, every single year. I'm always so worried they won't bring it back! I burn this candle nonstop once the clock strikes midnight on November 1st. In fact I have one burning as I write this. ;) If you have yet to try this scent out, get shopping. It's the best ever!!

3. Drunk Elephant Sunshine Serum: this has been a complete life saver since summer has ended! I had tried out a sample when it first came out and really liked it, but since it was summer time I didn't see a real need for it. During the last Sephora sale a few months ago, I figured I'd try and and I'm SO glad I did. It's literally a beautiful, glowing, bronze-y, sunshine filled glow-in-a-tube. You just mix it with your favorite serum or moisturizer (I mix a pump of it with my all time favorite moisturizer, the Clinique Moisture Surge, every morning!) and rub it all over your face, and BOOM. Instant bronzed glow. It's pure magic and looks so natural! A little bit goes a long way, and you can customize how dark you want to make it by the amount you use. It has no real scent and it's super lightweight, goes on sooo smoothly and looks gorgeous! It's quickly become the only face makeup I use on a daily basis (I never use much as it is) and will be coming on every trip with me I take for forever. ;)

4. Cozy Dotted Socks: you can never buy yourself too many pairs of cozy socks for the cold winter months! Old Navy, Gap and Target are my go-tos for the best cozy socks each year. I love using them as stocking stuffers also!

5. ABH 'Sultry' Palette: soo does anyone know how to stop yourself from buying new eye shadow palettes, when it's the very last thing you need?? I haven't figured it out yet but I'll let you know if I do! Hah - it's becoming kind of crazy how many palettes I buy - especially when I don't even wear eye shadow every day - but if there's a couple of really stunning, show-stopping shades, I can NOT resist. Ever. Can't hold back. Take a closer look at this palette, but most especially Rose Quartz and Teak. Probably the prettiest colors ever and so perfect for holiday looks! Just treat yourself and hide the receipt! HA.

6. CeraVe Daily Moisturizer: last year I did a huge roundup of the best dry skin products that I've tried, and even shared the ones that I didn't find all that great. My skin is very sensitive and naturally on the dry side, so during the dry and cold winter, I suffer BIG time. I escape the cold and visit friends and family down south as much as possible because my hands crack, my lips get dry as could be and it becomes unbearable! I feel like I've tried everything under the sun and while I'll find something that helps, nothing has helped long-term like I need it to.

I decided this year that I needed to get on top of it before it gets too cold because I just can't deal with that pain and dryness again this year! I was watching TV one night and a CeraVe commercial came on - it's one of those brands I had heard of, but never really thought twice about - ya know? The following day I was strolling through Target (shocker) and found an entire section of this stuff in one of the beauty aisles. I decided to try it, and long(er) story short, IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE. If you have dry skin, you'll understand the dramatics. I've been using it on my hands 3-4 times a day and it's been cold here in New York, especially at night, and my hands have never been so soft. Once I realized that it was working, I started using it on the redness I often get on my cheeks when it's cold and 8 days in, I definitely am seeing it start to help. I'm shocked and amazed and most of all SO HAPPY! I'm going to add it into my Dry Skin Must Haves post and you can bet you'll be hearing me talk about this again and again this winter. Total game changer, so if you're looking for something to help your skin I would highly suggest trying this out.

7. Sherpa Pullover: it seems like everywhere you look lately, you see a sherpa pullover/blanket/jacket. I mean you really can't complain because who doesn't love sherpa, right?! I cannot wait to get this in in the mail - I live for a good, cozy neutral that I can wear to lounge in or wear to run errands, go shopping, etc. The cream color is beyond gorgeous too!

8. Pink Plaid Blanket Scarf: similar to hoarding eye shadow palettes, I 100% hoard blanket scarves. I can't resist, can't help it and have no plans of changing it! ;) This is such a cute version - the pink is light enough to match almost everything and it's super cozy!

9. Origins GinZing Moisturizer: let me start by saying that this stuff smells like a tall glass of fresh orange juice, and in the BEST way possible. I've been using it every morning when I first wake up in combination with this cleanser and this eye cream, and it wakes me up and makes me look so much more awake too! It's a gel moisturizer so it's super light, and basically refreshes your skin. It's amazing! I bought it during the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty sale in a "starter" kit and have stocked up on a travel sized tube and a jar of it already. Love, love, love!

10. Velvet Hair Ties: my good friend Jennifer from Busy Being Jennifer also owns an awesome, handmade Etsy shop called The Knottarie. She has THE cutest handmade things - especially for gift giving season! She just started making these gorgeous velvet hair ties and as someone who loves to wear her hair in a bun, I've been using these nonstop! I was so excited when she decided to start making these this year and when she showed me all of the colors that she was getting in to make them I knew they'd be a hit! They're made of what is hands down the softest velvet I've ever, ever felt and they're a perfect size to wear as a hair tie, hair wrap or even as a wrap around headband. The colors I have shown are the Blush and Hunter Green and I will 100% be wearing both this holiday season! They'd be a really fun stocking stuffer for anyone on your list and you can pick between 10 amazing colors! You will fall in love with these!

11. Striped Bouclé Sweater: naturally after I put together a roundup of the best striped sweaters for fall at every price point (under $50, $100 and $200 - shop them all here!), one of the cutest colorful sweaters EVER is released! I love this combo and I can picture it being just as pretty dressed up as it would be as a casual, daily look with jeans.

12. Double Diamond Crystal Earrings: you know a pair of delicate earrings like these are goo when they look SO real and you get a ton of compliments on them after wearing them once! I always go to the Nadri jewelry brand when I'm looking for some new, nice jewelry that doesn't break the bank. They have such beautiful pieces that look SO real (stone wise) and everything is so affordable!

13. Glitter Block Heel Sandals: no words do how much I love these heels justice! NONE! They're the perfect height, beyond comfortable, only $34 (on sale for $28 right now so hurry!) and oh yeah, glittery. ;) I just love how they look and I seriously still can't believe how comfy they are on! They fit really nicely and look so high-end, yet are so affordable! I'll be wearing these a TON this season and you can bet I'll be wearing them on NYE (and maybe around my house too, just because. I kid, but I would in a heartbeat! Ha)!



  1. Oh my gosh why does this get me so so excited for Christmastime? this post seriously ignited some serious holiday vibes!

  2. I’m loving 7 and 13 🙌🏻 I already have my tree up and am ready to start the holiday festivities!!

  3. Loving those glitter block heels! I just did a roundup of all of my favorite leopard/cheetah print must-haves on my blog. Feel free to check it out. Sadly, some of my favorites already sold out and I was doing "no spend October" and didn't get to purchase! Ahhh http://topazandsapphire.com/cheetah-print-fall-wardrobe-roundup/

  4. These are so cute! I especially love the bows, the shoes, and the sweater! I may have to check some of these items out once I'm out of my "no spend!" These are super cute and I love what you chose! Thanks for sharing!

  5. THOSE shoes are so fun! I love those sweaters, too!

  6. Loving all of the glitter, especially the shoes! And fuzzy socks are a must as the weather starts to change! Loving your picks!


  7. So many great picks, I love that sweater so cute! I can never say no to strips.

  8. I've been wanting to try some Drunk Elephant products but have been hesitant because of the price, but you may have convinced me here! Love those little hair ties too@

  9. Now you have me wan ting to try the Drunk Elephant stuff I've heard so much about!

  10. Those velvet hair ties are adorable! Perfect for Christmas.

  11. I'm getting these heals! Obsessed!

  12. Your monthly picks are always my favorite! I love that pullover!

  13. Yay! It's time for that holiday sparkle! Great picks.

  14. I am so ready for winter and comfy oversized sweaters. I especially like the striped one.

  15. OMG the sandals with the glitter block heel......LOVE! Super cute!

  16. CeraVe is seriously the BEST!!!! I won't use any other face wash or moisturizer.

  17. I love Winter Candy Apple! I STOCK up on all things Winter Candy Apple! And those glitter heels are fabulous.

  18. Those heels are AMAZING! Perfect for so many different holiday outfits!

  19. I love the ginseng line from Origins! The exfoliator is probably one of the only ones I actually can use :) xo, Suzanne

  20. Omg I want that sweater so bad!!


  21. I love those glitter heels! I can't believe they are so affordable. *Adds to cart*

    -xo, Azanique | www.lotsofsass.com

  22. And this is why it's so difficult for me to shop for others this time of year.. because I want to buy everything for myself! Especially that pearl-embellished sweater, so cute!

  23. I love all of your picks!! That pearl sweater is so gorgeous and I kind of want it for myself!!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes


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