Daily Dose of Design: Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Your Best Friends & Sisters Under $100

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Your Best Friends & Sisters Under $100

The gifts I buy for my best girlfriends and my sisters are always similar and go hand-in-hand so I thought it'd be perfect to combine the two for one, big gift guide with the BEST ideas for your best friends and sisters who 1. have everything, 2. steal your things all of the time and 3. love a little luxury. These are all finds under $100 - believe it or not - and a lot of them, you'd never guess it!

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1. Statement Earring Gift Set: what girl doesn't love a pretty pair of earrings?! This set comes with three beautiful drop-hoop styled earrings that have a druzy stone as the stud. It's incredible to me that a set of 3 like this is under $100 but it's only $58!

2. Gemstone Necklace: this necklace comes in a bunch of different colors but what's really cool about it is that each stone has a different meaning. You can choose which color you get your girlfriend or sister based on which stone's meaning makes the most sense for them! I love this idea and think it's such a nice added touch to a gift.

3. Travel Backpack: if they travel a lot, this is a no brainer! It has compartments inside for just about everything and even has a pocket on the back that makes it easy to slip it over your luggage when walking through the airport. But it's leather and really well made so it could easily be used as an everyday handbag too! It's a perfect size and comes in a variety of colors.

4. Chanel Coffee Table Book Set: a chic set of coffee table books for your best girls to accessorize their home with AND it's a pretty luxurious gift for under $100.

5. Foreo Luna Sonic Face Cleanser: my favorite part about the Foreo line of cleansers is that you don't have to ever replace the brush heads like you do with the Clarisonic machines - don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Clarisonic and use it daily, but this is face cleanser is a perfect alternative and is a little less expensive too.

6. Sugarfina Bubbly Bears: champagne, sugar coated gummy candies?! Um, yes please! This would be perfect to gift along with a cute set of wine glasses and a bottle of her favorite wine. Plus they're delicious! ;)

7. 'Blonde' Baseball Cap: my little sister is blonde and I just think the cute "blonde" and "brunette" (and "redhead"!) products are the cutest! You could even get one to match whoever you buy this for!

8. Adidas Sneakers: these come in so many colors and are such a great running shoe option that's under $100! I love the light pink too - great for everyday and year round wear.

9. Gold Rim Stemless Wine Glasses: this set is just so pretty and you won't believe the price! You can never go wrong with gifting a new set of wine glasses!

10. Barefoot Dreams Robe: just WAIT until you feel how soft this robe is! It's unbelievably cozy and every bit of a perfect gift.

11. Capri Blue Volcano Candle: I will forever suggest/recommend/gift/buy this candle! It's one of my all-time favorite scents and this royal/sapphire blue packaging is my favorite color (my birthstone!) so it's a personal favorite that everyone else will love too. Gifting candles is always an easy go-to that they'll love if you're out of ideas!

12. Passport Cover & Luggage Tag Set: these travel sets are always one of my favorite sets to gift. There's so many styles/patterns to choose from, plus they're practical AND something that everyone loves!

13. HERMÈS Perfume Set: every little bit of luxury in a $50 boxed set! These perfume bottles are small and travel-friendly, and since a little bit of these go a very long way, the bottle sizes aren't a problem in my opinion. It's a fun gift and something that'll be unexpected!

14. Tortoise Sunglasses: a really nice, quality pair of sunglasses will usually cost at least a little bit over $100 but this pair is under $60 and they are just too pretty!

15. Tory Burch Card Case: you will always find some sort of card case on a majority of my gift guides - I think they're the best thing ever for when you don't want to carry a full sized wallet or are using a small handbag, or not bringing a bag with you at all. I always love to gift these and add in a gift card or two as well to fill it up!

16. Cosmetic Case: this is another gift I always recommend and go to if I'm struggling for ideas! And similar to gifting a card case with gift cards inside, you could gift this cosmetic bag and fill it with some of her favorite products!

17. Drunk Elephant Skincare Set: if she's never tried any Drunk Elephant products, this gift set is the perfect way to get her hooked! These products are the real deal and slowly but surely I've been trying more and more of them and I cannot get enough! The bottle sizes in this entire set are TSA-friendly too, so again if she travels, these are good to go on the plane.

18. Sherpa Heated Blanket: I mean does this really need anything else said?! SO COZY and under $50. I can guarantee this will be a most-loved and most-used gift!



  1. Oh my gosh I love this gift guide! It’s so crazy because I want half of this stuff for me!

  2. LOVE those earrings and those shoes! I think it's always pretty easy to buy for besties because they have similar taste! :)

  3. I would so love a fuzzy robe and a heated blanket! Gotta stay cozy in the winter!

  4. I finished gift shopping by Black Friday for almost all my friends!! Just a couple more to buy for. Such a relief I'm almost done!

    xoxo A

  5. So many great ideas that you can't go wrong it! I love candles too.
    xoxo Carolyn @ www.mychicobsession.com

  6. I know a couple of people who would love that blue candle (including myself!)

  7. I love them all!! My favorites are 3, 13 and 15.


  8. The shoes look so nice, where can I buy it?

  9. Very helpful article, Thank you for sharing. I love you
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  10. great ideas - i've been searching for something to get for my sister in law!

  11. Love these ideas - esp. those pink flats in the top photo! So cute!

  12. You always have the best gift guides! I love the idea of getting my friends and family snacks from Sugarfina as stocking stuffers!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  13. OMG I love those shoes. They look so comfy and cute! I'm trying to find a pair of red shoes just like these to wear to a holiday party. I'll have to look and see if they come in different colors. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Can't go wrong with any of these, especially that backpack and Chanel perfume!

  15. The luggage tags and heated sherpa blankets are totally speaking to me! Super useful and glam gift ideas, love everything you recommended.

  16. You picked some great pieces! I love how you chose a mix of stocking stuffers and regular gifts to give as well! I love that cozy blanket and that passport and luggage tag combo!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  17. Awesome options. More for me though. Lol

  18. omg these volcano candles have been on my list for so long!! love your guide and it definitely gave me some great ideas

  19. These are some awesome ideas. I personally love volcano candles!

  20. These gifts are all so cute! I always love giving Sugarfina boxes as gifts and who doesn't love a volcano candle?


  21. I want so many of these things for myself! My sister and I like to travel together, so the passport cover and luggage tag would be such a good gift for her. And maybe for me too haha.

  22. Whoa I love that cute travel backpack! I might just grab it for me x


  23. Those wine glasses and that passport case (#12) are calling my name! Let me go send this over to my BFF LOL!

    xx Tatyanna

  24. Is it bad that every time I look at gift guides this good, that I'm actually making a list of things to pick up for myself?! Such great selections, and I'm sure would make any girl happy :D


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