Daily Dose of Design: Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Unique Gifts for the Hostess

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: 20 Unique Gifts for the Hostess

Let the holiday gift giving begin! I'm kicking this years Holiday Gift Guides off with a popular one - Gifts for the Hostess. I figured it was a perfect time to share this since we're still a few days before Thanksgiving, and if my 10+ ideas of what to bring to Thanksgiving weren't unique enough - then try one of these gifts! For all of the holiday parties, events and get-togethers we have this season with friends and family, don't go empty handed and don't bring something typical either. These gift options are different, colorful, chic and most importantly ones that they'll love! Also ones that you'll be tempted to by two of and keep one for yourself. ;) Get shopping and happy gift giving!

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1. Gold Monogram Cocktail Shaker: a classic gift option but such a beautiful and practical one! I love that it's monogrammed - pair it with a set of cocktail glasses and you're good to go gift wise.

2. Lalicious Body Melt: this is more of a luxurious "self care" gift to give a host - it's an extremely nourishing and moisturizing melt that's made with coconut oil so you can bet it's incredible! I've gifted this a few times now and every time I buy it, I want one for myself, lol!

3. Acrylic & Agate Jewelry Box: everything about this pretty trinket box makes it an awesome gift! Anyone would love to receive this and although it's one of the pricier picks on this list, it's really a decor piece that can be used for anything and looks beyond amazing in any room of anyone's home.

4. Coravin Wine Preservation System: if you have yet to see one of these and you love to enjoy a glass of wine, you will LOVE. THIS. It allows you to pour a glass of wine without pulling the cork out, therefore keeping the wine from oxidation and keeping it fresh and aging naturally without air hitting it. This is especially great if you have a special bottle that you want to last a long time! It's a must have for anyone who loves to have a glass of wine at night and it has to be my favorite hostess gift idea!

5. Marble Coaster Set: these aren't your typical marble coasters, they're cool coasters. (catch the Mean Girls reference? ;) But really they're SO beyond beautiful and have a gorgeous gold edging. They come in a pack of four and are super affordable, but they're on sale for even less right now! Only $23!

6. Frasier Fir Candle: my most gifted item when it comes to housewarming, gifting a hostess, a birthday - basically ANYTHING is a candle. I love candles, everyone I know and give gifts to loves candles - who doesn't love candles?!? This is a perfect holiday gift giving candle because it smells JUST like a Christmas tree. Out of all of the balsam scented candles out there, nothing compares to this one. It's just a bonus that the packaging is so freakin' pretty!

7. Gold Salad Serving Spoon Set: this is another common gift idea but think about it - couldn't you always use a new set of serving spoons? And nothing is more beautiful than a polished gold set like this one.

8. Chocolate Covered Apple Set: when I saw this last week I instantly got so hungry haha! They look incredible - this comes in a pack of 9 apples and there's a mix of chocolate/toffee covered apples, topped with chocolate chips and pecans. There's a couple of different options and you really can't go wrong with any of them! It's such an outside-the-box hostess gift idea and they'll look really pretty (duh, it's food!) displayed at your host's house if they decide to share, which, fair warning: they shouldn't. Save them for after the party! ;)

9. Cable Knit Throw Blanket: there's no cozier and warmer blanket than one made of cable knit! It's incredibly thick and warm and comes in three different color combos.

10. Patterned Tassel Throw Blanket: and if you're looking for a less expensive but equally cozy blanket option to gift, this is it! It's just under $30 and aside from being so beautiful, it's also really cozy and warm.

11. Serving Tray: you can never go wrong with gifting a serving tray, especially to someone who loves to entertain! Dress it up by bringing a dessert or charcuterie-style board atop it as an extra little gift.

12. Fondue Set: personally, this is probably the gift I'd be most excited about receiving as a host! Typical because it has to do with fondue, but could you disagree?! Lol!

13. Fabric Freshener Spray: this is something I'd probably choose to gift along with a throw blanket or some kind of "home" themed gift. Also, it's really an awesome clothing spray so get one for yourself! It gives your clothes a refresh and it has such a clean and beautiful scent.

14. Amazon Echo Dot: I love my Echo Dot and it helps me so much throughout the day - it does so many things that I still need to learn about, because it's already so useful to me! It makes lists, answers questions - basically it's Siri but in your home! A great gift for just about anyone!

15. 2019 Notebook: this notebook is filled with monthly calendars, spots for notes and important dates/appointments and a fun and somewhat different gift option for a host. It's one of those things that you keep in your kitchen and write important things down on, ya know? ;)

16. 'Cravings' Cookbook: it can be used as a coffee table styled book and to get recipes from because they are all SO freakin' good!

17. Wine Chiller: another completely genius host gift!! This vacuum insulated stainless steel wine chiller is the perfect way to keep a bottle chilled while it's being served AND you can pour while the bottle is still inside the chiller. I love it and think it's just so smart - something that a recipient like a hostess may not think of getting themselves but would love to have.

18. 'Escape' Coffee Table Book: if you haven't discovered Gray Malin yet, you need to check his work out. He has the most colorful, minimal and beautiful prints and pieces of art that I want to fill my entire home with! This book is filled with the most stunning images of beaches and luxurious locations - it's my favorite coffee table book to date!

19. Gold Embellished Cocktail Pitcher: this is another gift that could easily be a two-in-one; fill it with a delicious, homemade sangria to enjoy at the party/have the pitcher for the hostess to keep after that. It's monogrammed and has a gold detailing that gives me all the heart eyes! It has these matching glasses that you could also gift and you can get those here, or buy both as a set here.

20. Faux Fur Slippers: these are $20 and everyone needs these ASAP. There's 5 color choices and they might just be the most comfortable and plush slippers EVER. Get these, you will love them - oh and get one for the hostess too - nothing better to slip your feet into after hosting a party!



  1. I love that cable knit blanket!! Cozy gifts are my go to you really cant go wrong!

  2. Oh my goodness I want all of these cute things!

  3. So many great gifts!!! I was just looking at that wine preserver this weekend! It seems like such an awesome product. I am loving that jewelry box as well!!

  4. That marble tray is gorgeous!! There's so many great gift ideas on this list that I know some of my family and friends would love.

  5. I would absolutely love any (or all) of these gifts!!!

  6. These are such cute ideas! I keep hearing good things about the Dot!

  7. I love these posts cos I'm always looking for new ideas, so thank you x

  8. Love the monogram glassware - so, so pretty! Blankets are always a must!

  9. Those coasters are so cute! Thank you for sharing :)

    -xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

  10. I've been eyeing all of Chrissy Teigen's cookbooks!

  11. I think I will have a party and hope someone gets me some of these gifts. I love the Fondue Set too! We always fondue for New Year's Eve. We always have a great time. Those slippers are adorable too!

  12. I love the cocktail shaker! Always wanted to make cocktails at home.
    Also the wine chiller sounds so interesting!

  13. These are all such great gift ideas - especially a cocktail shaker! I love the monogram!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  14. You can be my guest anytime! Fabulous round up of gift ideas any hostess would love to receive.

  15. I love those sparkly things. Definitely in time for this holiday season! xx

  16. Love all of these! Especially those chunky cable-knit blankets. So cute!!

  17. These are fantastic ideas, and I love that they aren't the standard ones I always see. Like, hello, I want that fondue set! haha

  18. I've never even heard of that wine preservation system! I'm adding that to my own wishlist now!

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