Daily Dose of Design: How to Feel and Look Your Best for Spring Break

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

How to Feel and Look Your Best for Spring Break

Thank you to adidas for sponsoring today's post! As always, all thoughts and opinions are solely my own.

Warm weather, brighter sunshine and spring break are the true first signs that summer is getting so close! Even if the winter was rough and you don't feel all that ready to go bathing suit shopping, it's never too late to make even the smallest changes that will help you to feel better instantly. The days are getting longer, sun is getting warmer and it's time to get ready for the best time of the year! If you're heading on a spring break trip, here's some tips on how you can look and feel your very best to prep for your vacation!

Clean out your fridge and go food shopping
Get rid of anything tempting that you know is so bad for you - no need having that temptation around when you're trying to be good! Instead, fill your fridge with healthier options - if you have a major sweet tooth (like I do!), get a variety of fruit and keep it in containers so you can quickly and easily enjoy it. Instead of chips or the salty things that are easy to reach for, look for healthier options - veggie sticks, pretzels, etc. I'm a firm believer in having "everything in moderation", so you'll always find some sort of chocolate in my kitchen but there's a difference between having a lot of something and every day vs. the opposite.

Get into a healthy exercise routine
I think the most important thing you could do when it comes to exercising is finding a workout that you really enjoy. It's so much easier to get yourself to workout if you enjoy it, so do some trial and error to figure out what works best for you. For me, daily morning runs are my go-to and I'll mix in some cardio every few days. Work your way up to where you want to be, increasing the amount of time you workout for - or the amount of reps you do of any given workout - each day until you reach your goal. Then set a new goal and repeat!

I also think it's so important to have workout gear that you love and feel good in - and it's no secret that I LOVE all things adidas for workouts. Their sneakers are the comfiest and workout clothing is so flattering and feels good to wear. These Cloudfoam Pure Sneakers are my newest loves and actually feel like you're walking on a cloud, lol! I run in them almost daily and think the blush pink version is next on my list. This gray adidas baseball cap is also great for workouts on warmer, sunnier days (even take it with you on your beach trip!) because it's so lightweight and breathable and is meant to keep sweat off of your forehead - it really works! One more of my favorites by adidas to get a good workout in with is this Trefoil Tee; it comes in SO many colors and is the comfiest! I wear these for more than just working out in, they're great for everything and have the perfect, relaxed fit.

Plan your outfits for every day before your trip
Seems kind of silly/generic/obvious, but I always plan out outfits for everything we'll be doing on a trip so that I know I love every outfit I bring.

Buy swimwear online
...to have your own try-on session in the comfort of your own home. I MUCH prefer looking in my own mirror and trying things on in my own home and then returning whichever pieces I don't like, than trying a million things on in a dressing room - where it's usually overwhelmingly hot, loud and has bad lighting! This of course makes more sense if you're shopping at store that offers free shipping and returns (Nordstrom, Amazon, Bloomingdale's, Macy's - to name a few!).

Exfoliate, moisturize, repeat
You should always, of course, be taking care of your skin year round but if you've lacked some TLC over the colder months, it's time to exfoliate weekly and begin to moisturize DAILY!

What would you add to this list? Happy spring break!!


  1. I'm awful about exfoliating my skin. What do you use? :)

  2. Exfoliating is high on my list right now. Love those shoes. 💖💖😍

  3. Cleaning out the fridge and keeping fruit already cut and ready to go is a great tip. I also agree that I prefer to bathing suit shop online because trying on a bathing suit under the harsh lights of a department store makes everyone feel bad!

  4. Getting into a routine is necessary. It helps make the changes easier and more fluid.

  5. I definitely agree with the getting into a routine, especially now that I am about to have my third baby. It's an absolute must!

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