Daily Dose of Design: The CoverGirl VoxBox

Thursday, January 7, 2016

The CoverGirl VoxBox

 photo CoverGirl VoxBox Bow_zpszr3q3gvc.jpg

I was sooo happy when I found out that I was chosen to receive the CoverGirl VoxBox from Influenster! This is my second VoxBox in the past few months and it's like a gift that comes in the mail to look forward to each and every time. (My first VoxBox review can be read here!)

CoverGirl has always been one of my absolute favorite drugstore-brand makeup brands and I got to be one of the first to try two of their newest products. Trying new makeup is always fun and I happened to need a new mascara to try - and I think I found a new favorite!

 photo Whats Inside the CoverGirl VoxBox_zps9tplyqgc.jpg

CoverGirl Plumpify Blast Pro Mascara:

 photo CoverGirl Plumpify Lash Pro_zps33dptwrl.jpg

This mascara is by far my favorite CoverGirl mascara I've ever tried and it's definitely one of my top favorite mascaras to use. I've been using it for about a week and a half and as someone who has naturally non-voluminous lashes, the main thing I look for in mascara is volume and to give my lashes length. A lot of mascaras also tend to clump up once you put it on and this one really hasn't! I think it may have something to do with the way the brush was constructed:

 photo CoverGirl Plumpify Brush_zpskfxefph3.jpg

The brush is SO perfect - so much so that once I finish this tube, I'm highly considering keeping it and cleaning it so I can use it all the time! I don't think this is a mascara I would have tried on my own if I were shopping in Target, but I'm glad I was able to try it because it really does work. Most mascaras claim they'll give you 50x the volume and lift and don't always work so I was so happily surprised when this one did. Keeping my lashes curled without losing their "oomph" is something I struggle with too. I've tried an endless amount of products and different eyelash curlers to fix this and even though I can't always find the perfect fix (any advice is appreciated!) having a mascara that gives me so much volume makes that not as important to keep my lashes looking good all day.

 photo Inside the CoverGirl VoxBox_zpsqysrexyz.jpg

Colorlicious Oh Sugar! Nourishing Lip Balm:

 photo Oh Sugar Lipstick_zpsxswbpqyj.jpg

 photo Oh Sugar Lipstick in Taffy_zps0aghppzb.jpg

I got the Oh Sugar! lipstick in Taffy and it's the most perfect color for winter! The best part about this lipstick is that it has a built in vitamin infusion making it feel great on your lips and lets them breathe too even in the coldest weather! I wore this shade on New Years Eve and it looked so pretty on. I even compared it to Please Me by MAC and it's so super similar that there's barely any difference!

 photo Sparkle and Shine with CoverGirl_zps5bjpepor.jpg

 photo The NEW CoverGirl Products_zpsgyl832st.jpg

 photo The CoverGirl VoxBox_zpsltndam5a.jpg

 photo CoverGirl Mascara  Lipstick_zpseprvk8l8.jpg

I was so excited to receive this box and to have tried products that are now ones that I'll be using for a long time!

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  1. That lip color looks divine! I may have to invest! :)

  2. I received this voxbox as well, but I think I like your lip color better than mine -- I received more of a nude color. I guess that just gives me an excuse to buy another one!

  3. Oh wow, look at all the good stuff that was in there. I am loving that lip color.

  4. I will definitely try that mascara. Anything that adds volume or length is a must try!

    Amanda | trulyyoursa.com

  5. I love covergirl, but I didn't know they had a subscription box. That's really awesome. The lipstick looks great and it does look like it has moisturizing effects too. Really cool!

  6. I need a reliable mascara, so I may just have to try this one! And I agree, that lipstick color looks great! Great post

  7. Ooh I love that lip color.
    Also I'm going to keep that mascara in mind for the next time I need a new one.

    xoxo, Jenny

  8. I need to try that mascara! I have very fine lashes so I am always looking for some plumping!

  9. Wow, love your beauty stuff from Cover Girl, I want to try your lipstick it looks so chic.

  10. I love getting voxboxes! This one looks amazing. I love the mascara!

  11. Oooo! That is something I would like to try. Thanks 4 sharing!

    -Floetic Soul

  12. Those products sound lovely, and you did an AWESOME job photographing them. :) We don't have CoverGirl here, but I might have to get my hands on some of that lip color when we are in the States this summer!! xo

  13. What a great box. I love Cover Girl. I want to try that lipstick.

  14. Wow. I love the lip color and that mascara is something I definitely need! The Cover Girl Vox box is awesome!

  15. How fun! That box looks awesome :) I would love to try some of that stuff out!:)

  16. That wand looks really cool and unique! The lip color is gorgeous!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  17. This is a great VoxBox. I want to try both of these!

  18. That mascara looks so interesting! I have been using Covergirl mascara forever and I love it, haha. I haven't been super impressed with their lip colors though!

  19. That is a great vox box. I love Cover Girl. :)

  20. Seems like a spot on box with very useful items in it!

  21. I love that type of brush in the mascara, the brush makes all the difference. I also love Cover Girl!

  22. I totally love Covergirl! It's my favorite brand of makeup. I'd love to get this voxbox!

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