Daily Dose of Design: Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

I hope you've all had an amazing weekend and Easter for those who celebrate it! This weekend has been awesome for me - yesterday was basically a prep day for today (cleaning, cooking, baking) and it was so worth it! My older two siblings and nieces and nephews were here for the day and my mom cooked. We went to church in the morning and hung out around the house all day and ate WAY too much! The weather was beautiful - still a little too cool for my liking but I'll take what I can get after this past winter! Spring has begun to sprung!
Here's some pictures I took throughout the day that I wanted to share with you all!
P.S. scroll down for full details on my outfit and accessories!!

 photo 6ed154be-0131-4fe6-984f-19305d96b267_zpshnjnjcw1.jpg

 photo 3cbfa48a-eccf-4370-9348-dac52ee92250_zpsolzzhdjd.jpg

 photo b0f613d8-8b13-468c-bf3b-52567b1ed3f6_zpsffivltji.jpg

 photo a83b8e2b-60a3-4c39-a640-952509ccd51e_zpsnrac70oq.jpg

 photo e1b0065c-72e6-40e1-99b3-77f1aa07d1f0_zpstgbhod7s.jpg

 photo 6bb8b316-8a25-47b1-baf4-a3d4c4b55718_zpsed4azx5c.jpg

 photo bb84d263-5651-4579-82f6-a0d111459144_zpsutj7hdjg.jpg

 photo 1cded04b-24ff-4e1e-96c5-e320aece2184_zpsxnkii1ih.jpg

 photo 61c9b0f2-49c0-4b70-91e7-22721f745632_zpscbhcu9eu.jpg

 photo aca358a9-8c15-4b24-a74a-057ea90c42e7_zpsa4fv7gq7.jpg

 photo 8a26a19e-e97a-41b5-bf6c-22e7bd1d8174_zpskvq9n3sl.jpg

 photo 8d468210-63cf-4be5-adfd-73c21c678f71_zpsehv2wn1l.jpg

 photo 16754060-c136-4698-a2db-0875daab3fbb_zps9s6iujpo.jpg




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  5. Happy Easter! May this joyous occasion bring you and your loved ones an abundance of hope, happiness, and renewal. As we celebrate new beginnings, may the spirit of Easter fill your hearts with warmth and your days with brightness.