Daily Dose of Design: Coffee Table Accessories: How to style your coffee table!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Coffee Table Accessories: How to style your coffee table!

Decorating your coffee table or even side table can often times bring such character to a room. There's nothing better than having a coffee table that's filled with pretty accessories and decor - rather than a dull empty space that's just used to hold drinks!

 photo 857c4a42-9e00-4242-9eb4-6675887b9cbd_zpsbdt5ermc.png
Jupiter Bowl// Metal lanterns// Vodka pop candle// Diamond paperweight// Tealight candles// Decorative silver boxes// Silver frame// Black table tray// Canister set// Silver sphere// Silver candle holder// Chanel coffee table books

I think it's super important to have a nicely styled coffee table - and using lots of different shaped decor can help you do so! There's four important elements that should be a part of every coffee table:
1. An odd shaped object: having something like a piece of decorative coral, a pretty spherical object like this one or a pretty glass knot like this one are all pieces that stand out on a coffee table!
2. Fresh flowers: I always have fresh flowers somewhere in my house. Not only do they make any room smell fresh and pretty but they give a pop of color too! During this time of year I love having pretty peonies or hydrangeas to display.
3. Something tall: hurricane vases and candle holders are gorgeous to display on a coffee table since they're tall - they also make a room sparkle if you light a candle in one of these vases! I just purchased this hurricane vase for my table!
4. Coffee table books: when I first discovered that home decor stores and websites actually sold books for decoration, I was beside myself! My favorite decor piece for any room is having a stack of fashion/design books with some pretty flowers on top of the stack. The prettier the books, the prettier the room looks! Some of my favorites are Chanel, Dior, The Iconic Interior, The Fashion Book and The Vera Wang of Weddings. There's tons of designers who have these kinds of books - and you can even go into Barnes and Noble or your local book store to find any book of your choice as well!

Similar to any other area of your home, it's important not to rush the process of decorating your coffee table to your liking. Find the pieces you love; books you'll read (to justify some of the pricetags), scented candles that you'll actually want to light and pieces you'll want to display to your friends and family. It's also important to know what style you have going for your space. For example, classy and feminine, splashes of color or neutral and nautical.

Here's some more of my favorite coffee table decorative pieces:

Some of my favorite coffee tables:

I hope if you're looking to style your coffee table, these ideas and accessories help you! You can also check out my Pinterest board of my favorite coffee tables!
Are there any accessories you've found and love to style your coffee table? I would love to hear about them!




  1. These picks are beautiful!! Loving the inspiration:) xx, Hayley www.dailydoseofdarling.com

  2. I love the flowers!

    Mademoiselle Coconath

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  3. Awesome selection! I adore the storage boxes...and the pop of pink flowers is perfect against the grey and silver tones!

    All the Cute
    Recent Post: Cropped Top & High-Waisted Denim Shorts (Earrings giveaway post, too!)

  4. You have good style. I want all of this in my living room! haha

    Her Heartland Soul

  5. Beautiful collection! I love the 'X-sided' coffee table, the silver bowl and sphere and the serving tray. You have great taste! Thanks for joining the Link-It To Me Link-Up Party this week, I hope to party with you again next week!

  6. What a great fun post! So useful, I am excited to implement this into my home!

    1. I'm so glad to hear that!! Let me know if you need any help deciding on a piece, etc! : )

  7. I'd like to hear what you'd put on an antique wood coffee table. Would you do something period-appropriate, or would you choose something more modern?

    1. I think I would do a mix of both! Maybe some antique bottles or an antique table clock with a stack of your favorite books underneath! Pair that with some pretty flowers and I think that would be a great way to tie in antique and modern!! : )

    2. Ooh, antique bottles...that's a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Love the decorative books and flowers idea! This is an awesome post :) Keep it up! Just love it!

    --Samantha (www.pearlsandpolkadots.net)

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