Daily Dose of Design: Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Beauty Guru Who Has Everything

Friday, December 15, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Beauty Guru Who Has Everything

So, who else is still Christmas shopping? Don't worry if you're nodding your head 'yes', because same here! I don't know what it'll take for me to get done earlier, but we do technically still have ample shopping time. And likely that shopping we all have left is for those who are hardest to shop for! This gift guide is filled with gifts that are great for the beauty guru in your life who already has everything makeup/skincare/beauty related, and are things even their jaws will drop at opening up!

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1. White Chocolate Eye Shadow Palette: this palette is fairly new and it's such a fun take on the classic Chocolate Bar palette we all know and love! My favorite part is the names of each shade - it's so fun and the colors are stunning. You can't go wrong with eye shadow, no matter how many palettes they may have!

2. Custom Enhancer Drops Vault: this is such a cool gift idea - this set comes with every shade of the enhancer drops of this collection and they're meant to highlight but you can get a really customized look that fits your skin tone perfectly with the set of each and every shade. I tried a sample and I think I may need to gift this to myself (LOL) because they are stunning!

3. Dyson Hair Dryer: definitely a splurge item, but such a cool buy that's well worth the money. It's a great gift and in my eyes, one of those things that you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself so it'll be very well received too. I don't own one, but I always hear SUCH incredible things about how well it works.

4. LED Vanity Mirror: every girl needs a light up mirror for her vanity, but this one is perfect because it's 1. a great size 2. the prettiest rose gold (just a bonus! ;) and 3. easy to travel with! The lighting when you're traveling and doing makeup in hotels or where ever you may be staying isn't always the best, and neither are the set up of mirrors. This is compact enough to pack and still does an awesome job.

5. Vanity Travel Case: if the beauty enthusiast on your list travels with a LOT of makeup, this case is for her! It's basically a portable vanity - equip with a mirror, lights and tons of storage. Oh and glittery gold too. ;)

6. Lanolips Gift Set: if you haven't tried this brand of lip/skin balm yet, grab a set for you AND a friend because it is THAT good! It works wonders on dry skin, and we all know how much a quick fix for dry skin is needed this time of year.

7. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: I'll admit, this is expensive for a moisturizer, but for a beauty lover it really is magic in a bottle. It works incredibly, and this whole line would make a great gift!

8. PMD Personal Microderm Tool: you've likely seen me talking about this tool a LOT lately around here, and for good reason! It is such a must have skincare tool - you can read all about what I think and see my results here - I used it for 6 weeks before sharing my results and my skin has shown a huge difference that I'm SO happy with. It's a great gift! You can also get 20% off of it for a limited time with code PRIMP20 - but you have to shop soon!

9. Glam Glow Glitter Mud Mask: because who wouldn't want to use a face mask that's made of mostly glitter?! It's super soothing too!

10. Diptyque Candle Gift Set: I'm not sure which I love more - these candles or the beautiful, marbleized box they come in! Ha! These candles will always be one of my very favorite gifts to give because they smell incredble, last a LONG time and the scent fills any room before you even light it. They're stunning and anyone will love these.

11. Acrylic Glamboard: this fits across your bathroom sink, which I just love because if you have a small space to get ready in, your products don't have to take up the entire counter! It fits a ton of products and easily fits on and off of the sink. It's easy to store when not in use too!

12. Electronic Makeup Brush Cleaner: talk about magic - this electronic makeup brush cleaner cleans your brushes for you with literally no effort from you! If you aren't a good multi-tasker, well girlfriend now you are. You can put up to 12 brushes in at a time to be cleaned, and this genius tool is guaranteed to be something the beauty lover on your list doesn't already have and will also LOVE to receive.

13. Watermelon Glow Sleep Mask: all of the Korean beauty products have taken the beauty-world by storm over the past year, and for good reason - they are SO good. This sleep mask is soothing and leaves your skin glowing and feeling refreshed and healthy.

14. Silk Sleep Eye Mask: I'm convinced that every girl needs a silk eye mask and pillow case! It's so great to sleep and travel with and it's so comfortable to wear!



  1. I have been eyeing that LED mirror and it just so happens that my old one broke, so I may have to ask for it! So cute!

  2. I would love to receive that mirror! It's so pretty and won't look as dirty as a white one would!

  3. These are all such great gift ideas! I just recently picked up my first Glam Glow product and I am dying to try more. I might just have to pick up the mask for myself!

  4. That electronic brush cleaner is SO cool. Definitely an awesome gift.

  5. That mirror looks amazing! I'd love so many of these gifts!!!

    xoxo A

  6. The LED mirror is something that I would love to have! Great guide!

  7. Someone just gave me an eye mask and I can't wait to use it!

  8. omg i need the makeup brush cleaner! I never knew I was supposed to clean those until like a year ago haha!

  9. I've heard so many great things about Glamglow masks! And #2 has been on my wishlist for a while now

  10. Omg! These are really great ideas! I love them all!

  11. YUP I'll take one of each please...haha! That mask has been on my list forever!!

  12. I have been wanting an LED mirror forever!

  13. These are all great gift ideas for sure! I would love that mirror, but I would take anything!

  14. Ahhh love every single thing you posted. Kinda wanting to get that eye shadow palette now. Ha!

  15. What a great post and list! That LED mirror is on my wishlist!

  16. That hair dryer has been on my list!! Great picks!

  17. OH MAN glamglow though... I've been wanting to try it for years but it's so $$$$. Might have to splurge on myself.
    Tori || Victori Media

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