Daily Dose of Design: Apps that make the blogging life easier!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Apps that make the blogging life easier!

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For as long as I can remember, I've been a super organized person that writes everything down and has a plan for everything. My mom tells me it's OCD, but I like to think of it as a Virgo thing! I write everything down in a planner and ever since I started blogging, I've tried to be a super organized person - which has been super difficult because I have my thoughts written every where. When on the go, I would write an idea down in my notes app on my iPhone or when home I'd write things down in my notebook. I still use both time to time, but over the past few months of being a blogger I decided it was time I needed to be better organized. Trust me, you can never be too organized (especially when it comes to blogging) and I still have a super long way to go!
Becoming more organized has been possible thanks to the productivity section in the App Store! Here's some of the top apps I like to use every day to keep me organized and up to date with everything going on!

Latergram: There's lots of times that I take a bunch of pictures at once that I love and want to have posted, but in the hopes of having each seen, I never want to post them all at once. Thanks to Latergram, I can have every picture I wanted posted at a set time without forgetting to post them! You can schedule pictures to be posted along with their captions and then all you have to do is post! Super easy, super time saving and super helpful when you have a million other things you're thinking about!

The Simplified Planner: My absolute favorite planner app! I still prefer an actual planner that I can jot things down in, but having a planner on my phone that I can write things down in at any time is much more practical. Not only does it give you a calendar and note section, but it has a section that lets you keep track of your appointments/plans! It also gives an inspirational quote along with your day at-a-glance to start your day. I love this app - it's one of the few paid apps I have but it is worth every penny!

Dropbox: This is hands down one of my favorite apps I've ever had! I use this for everything - you can upload pictures, videos and documents and log into your Dropbox account anywhere to access them. This is helpful in more ways than just to help you blog; most e-mail services only allow you to attach images/videos up to 25 MB which is a huge problem for me when I'm trying to send myself videos to and from my computer. Especially after going to a concert - I love backing these up to Dropbox and being able to watch my videos whenever I want to without it taking up a lot of space on my phone! You get 2 GB worth of space free for every account and they're super reasonable if you want to go beyond that amount (shh, I have 3-4 accounts so I have 8 GB of free space before having to pay! ;) Dropbox makes it simple to send yourself photos for posts, etc. I would definitely recommend!

Swipes: This app is the best for creating a to-do list, especially if you're someone who can never remember to actually do the things on their to do list (me...)!! This is similar to the reminders app that comes with iPhone but I personally like Swipes better because you can set up multiple lists based on its category. For example, personal, business or blogging tasks.

Stylebook: This app is pretty new (to me anyway) and isn't free, but I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and it's one of those apps that I honestly WISH I thought to create myself! About a year ago I started taking pictures of accessories and certain pieces of clothing that I bought so that I could easily plan outfits on the go or on the run especially for special occassions. I also found doing this helpful when shopping and looking for (for example) a statement necklace that perfectly matched a top I had recently bought. Well with Stylebook, I no longer have to take up room in my camera roll and scroll endlessly to find the picture I'm looking for, because I can now import all of my clothing onto Stylebook and can do so much more - including making packing lists which is SO helpful!! Definitely recommend for any style/fashion bloggers also!

Are there any apps that you love and help you stay productive? I'm always looking for more ways to be organized!




  1. I definitely use Dropbox and Simplified Planner. Well I just got the Simplified Planner still haven't used it. I'll need to download "Latergram"

  2. I have heard about Stylebook from a few friends and I really should try it! I'm slowly becoming more of a style blogger so I bet it would be helpful!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  3. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips

  4. This was very helpful! I have never heard of any of these apps before so thank you for sharing!

  5. This is a great list! I use most of these already but I've never tried Latergram - it sounds really interesting!

  6. Latergram is exactly what I've been looking for, thanks!!

  7. I have not heard of any of thesee except dropbox. What do you use for editing your pictures?

  8. I have not heard of any of thesee except dropbox. What do you use for editing your pictures?