Daily Dose of Design: Decorating a space with vibrant and bold colors!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Decorating a space with vibrant and bold colors!

Happy Tuesday and more importantly - happy JUNE!! It's been a couple super rainy days in New York so I've been stuck inside! But I've been shopping to find the last finishing touches to my bedroom makeover and I realized how awesome it is to have a vibrant touch to any room! No matter what color scheme or look you're going for, I think having some pieces that really pop in a room make it inviting and bring a space together. Going vibrant, bright and bold for a room is important to be done right, especially if you're going bold with your paint choice!

 photo vibrant decor_zpsochqvcml.jpg
Gold decorative bowl// Kate Spade candle// Gold coral decor// Floral wall art// Sunburst mirror// Golden kiss wall art// Pink ikat pillow// Black/white striped accent chair// Turquoise sofa// Gold scale pillow// Gold striped pillow// Gold floor lamp// Pink/gold ottoman// Pink/gold lamp// Gold side tables

BLack, gold, pink and turquoise is one of my absolute favorite color combinations! Taking vibrant colors like these and mixing them with a more subtle color (like black) goes together like PB&J in my opinion!!

Here's some ways to decorate a room while adding some bold choices:

1. Stick to a scheme: While I've seen rooms that have a broad color scheme and look GORGEOUS, I prefer rooms that have a set scheme with a small handful of matching colors.
2. Going bold on your walls: If you have a vibrant/bold color on your walls, I bet it looks awesome! If you aren't as comfortable doing a whole room with one bright color, try doing an accent wall! It makes the room pop perfectly, just not as risky as a whole room. If you go bold on the wall(s), try more subtle accents and decor.
3. Light up a room using the floor: If you're starting from scratch, consider going graphic with your flooring! I love a herringbone patterned floor like this one especially for a bathroom. It gives depth and pattern - without making too much of a "bright" statement! Or for a bedroom or living room, try a brightly patterned area rug like this one!
4. Vibrant patterns in a small way: I think a great way to somewhat-subtly make a statement is to DIY a bookshelf to look similar to this! Making a statement while keeping it understated all at the same time!
5. Go bold with bedding: If you're looking to make a statement in your bedroom, a great way to do so is getting a brightly patterned bed set within your color scheme! Chevron, ikat, stripes and paisley prints are all great ways to go.
6. All in the textiles: As you can see above in my current dream living room, I'm all about the wall art and patterned pillows!! Having a bright (or even neutral) colored sofa, mixed with a patterned accent chair and some gorgeous textured and patterned throw pillows makes me SO happy! Bright wall art also can make a room pop - especially a floral design that matches your color scheme to a T! But for real - how gorgeous do those details look together?!
7. Last but not least, lamps: While it's important to have lamps for ample lighting in any given room, these are also some of the most important decorative items too! Try a patterned lamp shade for some real POP! I especially love a bold colored shade like this one.

I love vibrant colors and patterns, especially lately. Here's some of my favorite vibrant products to dress and fill up any room!

Area rugs:
Wall Art:
Throw pillows:




  1. I LOVE your designs! They are so fun and I'm obsessed with black, white and gold! I love the pops of pink too! I'd love to incorporate more pink in my home but I don't think my husband would like that! :)

    1. Thank you so much!! Haha! I'm not married yet so enjoying the pink as much as possible! ; )

  2. ah what I would give to let you design my house...lol Love it all!!

    1. That is too sweet!!! If you need advice on anything I'd love to help!! : )

  3. I definitely want to do the gold + pink +mint colors in my bedroom. I love those colors.

  4. Great post!!!!! Gold and Mint are so popular right now!! I am in the process of redecorating with those colors :)

  5. Love the bold stripe on the chair and the turquoise sofa with the gold accent pieces. Really makes a statement.

  6. love it!!! the style and all

  7. I love the glitter gold lips print! I LOVE bold colours, but I am definitely more comfortable with an accent wall :) Great tips! Thanks for joining the Link-It To Me Link Up Party, hope you will party with me again next week :)

  8. You have a exquisite taste, love the throw pillows, I'll make sure to use youy when I need redecorating!

  9. What a clever design. Thanks for sharing it at the #AnythingGoes Link Party.

  10. the designs are great and I love the colours. Thanks for sharing these tips with us at #AnythingGoes link up.

  11. I have lots of pops of pink at my place so I love your ideas! I also love that pink chair.

    Best wishes,
    Natasha in Oz

  12. Great post love all the different colours. Wish I was good a matching colours :)