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Friday, December 11, 2015

The Best Last Minute Study Hacks

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It's mid December and the Fall semester is coming to a close finally!! The only thing standing in our way are tests. Every semester, I always wait until the very last minute to start studying for finals. No matter how much I tell myself I should or will try and study harder, it never happens. I've always been this way and it's such a bad habit to get into, but over the years I've learned to deal with my procrastination and still be able to pass my tests.

Tips for last minute studying:

Get more sleep: if you're a procrastinator, it's likely that you're up pretty late trying to study the night before an exam. I can function without a lot of sleep, but the more rested you are, the better you'll do on exams.

Do what works for you: some people learn best from making flash cards (like me!) and some people learn and retain more from writing things over and over. Whatever your shtick is, do that. Wasting time on trying to study from something that you know isn't going to help will just make you more stressed.

Memorization strategies: sometimes certain topics just don't stick in your brain. If this is the case, trying to create a way to memorize the topic can help. Create acronyms for words you do know so that on the day of the exam, you can write the acronym down on the test paper and remember it.

Sign up for Luvo Learn: I wish more than anything that I had this study tool years ago rather than just finding it in my senior year of college. No matter what subject you're trying to cram to remember, Luvo Learn has it!

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If you waited until the last minute to study for finals, you'll no longer have to worry! Luvo Learn will have you covered - with study guides, video tutorials, professional notes, flash cards and tutors who know the subject ready to help, stressing out at 1:00 AM the night before a final will become a thing of the past.

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Luvo is a last minute study hack that will get you that passing grade you need!

Each semester, Luvo Learn puts together a great Finals Hack Pack for students. Each hack pack contains the best study guides from schools across the country and up to 10 answers to even the hardest of questions from experts and tutors straight from Luvo.
Sign up here and receive your last minute study pack today!

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It gets even better: if you're a pro in a certain subject and have already aced your final, you can upload your study guide(s) that you used to make some quick, extra cash! This is something I'll definitely be doing for a Finance course I just finished - the professor I had was amazing and after learning so much, I definitely want to be able to help other people ace the course too. Making extra money just by helping students by sharing my notes is amazing!

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You can search Luvo Learn by your school, by courses (like History 101) or by the subject (like Finance). I was able to purchase some study guides that were from a totally different school but still were extremely helpful.

If you're finishing up the semester or are in the midst of taking your finals, best of luck! And make sure you use Luvo Learn, trust me it's a life saver and how I wasn't stressed out this semester when I took my last final this past week!


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This is a sponsored post in partnership with Luvo Learn and Her Campus Media. All words and opinions however are my own.

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  1. I'm not in school anymore but I can attest that getting enough sleep will help with concentration for general life, as well! So key!

  2. Great tips!
    I am in grad school and taking 1-2 classes at a time so finals time isn't as stressful as it was as a full time student but most of these still definitely apply.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  3. I didn't knew this tool. it would be amazing if I had something like that in my country ehe xx

    Blog - Coco made me do this

  4. Would have been amazing for when I was still in school :) I'm a recent grad!

  5. Okay, where was Luvo Learn when I was in school?!

  6. Great tips! It all came down to sleep for me. There was no way I could function if I didn't get enough!

  7. I used to always use flash cards to study!
    ... and it's true, sometimes we discover the best tools towards the end :/

  8. Is it crazy that this makes me miss college? I am such a nerd, haha!

  9. Great tips! I'm so glad I'm past the school time of my life, it was such a stressful time for me! - JEANINE

  10. I'm a crammer, so I'm pretty much used to studying at the last minute, LOL. Some of these I normally do when I was in college.

  11. I have definitely used acronyms on many, many occasions for memorization. Anything I could think of to get it to stick!

  12. I used memorization strategies a lot as well. These pretty much got me through law school exams.

  13. Great post ARiana, I need to pass this onto my daughter Ashlin..fun pics too!

  14. I never knew about this. I wish was had this when i was schooling.

  15. I do not miss those days of finals. They were always so nerve wracking. My biggest tip that I tell my own daughter all the time is to write it down. I found rewriting my notes and condensing them make me learn the material so much better. Writing down does 10 times what just reading through does.

  16. Acronyms always worked for me when I was in college. These are great tips.

  17. Wow - I wish this was around when I was in school and studying. This sounds like a great program.

  18. Sounds like a cool program, that's good for you and for those who taking their school.

  19. My son is going through finals now. I think it's going to be a huge relief to him when he's done. :)

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