Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Photoshop Tutorial: Making a Horizontal Image Vertical

 photo Photoshop tutorial - horizonal and vertical images_zpsxhvk3eey.jpg

When I began learning to use Photoshop, I had NO guidance. Everything I know is self taught, and I think it's been as easy as it is because Adobe's programs (Creative Cloud) are so fun for me to learn. There are SO many things you can do with Photoshop - more than anyone could ever solely know. I know Photoshop comes with a learning curve; since I didn't have much help other than some YouTube videos when I learned to use it, I love sharing my knowledge and helping make such a fun program easier in any way possible!

Whether you're a photographer, blogger or just enjoy taking pictures - this tutorial is for you! I think it's probably safe to say that we've all been in a situation wishing that the "perfect picture" you took was just a liitttle more perfect. In this case, vertical. This happens to me all the time. In so many situations, vertical pictures are so much more eye pleasing. They're pretty in frames, desirable for photographers and for bloggers, they're ideal for Pinterest. Here's a quick, easy and painless process to creating (most) horizontal images into vertical images:

First, the most important thing to know is that this tutorial only works if the image you're trying to turn vertical has a top or bottom half that's solid colored and not too busy. In the picture I chose for this process, you'll see what I mean:

 photo Step 1 - Open image_zps9vnl8tzl.png

Basically to make an image longer (vertical), the easiest way is to stretch the canvas. Open up the image you want to work on and make sure the top or bottom has a clear, simple top portion. If you're going to be printing or framing these, first go to image - image size - and select the "fit to" drop down box. You can choose different printing sizes, like a 4x6, 5x7, etc. Next, change the canvas size. Go to image - canvas size - and make sure the unit of measure is on inches. Here, you want to increase the height by a few inches (pictured on the left below). It may take some trial and error, but I usually increase my image's height by 3-4 inches. Keep this box opened.

Pictured on the right (below), click on the arrow pointing downward in the "anchor" section. This will make the canvas only stretch upward, versus giving you extra space to work with on the top and bottom of the image. Once this is done, click "ok".

 photo Step 2 - change canvas size_zpsczkmeosa.png

Once you've changed your canvas size, your image will look like it does here; with a white space on the top:

 photo Step 3 - view added space_zpsldx4taf1.png

Now you can begin to decide which space you want to clone to add to the extra space you've created. This is why I mentioned earlier that an image with a simple, not-too-busy top portion will work best. On the tool bar, click on the rectangular marquee tool (second from the top). Drag the tool over the space you want to clone. For my image, I chose as much plain blue sky I could; I stopped at the top of the clouds so that it wouldn't duplicate those.

 photo Step 4 - select space to clone_zpsnly9qvs1.png

Once you've selected a spot to clone, click on edit - transform - scale. This essentially opens up the tool for you to use to drag the selected portion upward.

 photo Step 5 - free transform_zpsvnopj8rp.png

Drag the scaled selection up to the top of the white canvas space. In my image's case, it dragged the sky up enough to make it look like I took the image vertically:

 photo Step 6 - drag upward to top_zpspzqiux5o.png

Once you're happy with the way your image looks, press the check mark to save your scaling. Boom! All done -and you now have a vertical image. ; )
 photo Step 7 - voila all done_zpsftvqqwew.png

 photo Final Product - Positano_zpsobkftulf.jpg

I can't believe it took me as long as it did to figure this out, but now that I know how simple and quick of a process it is - I have a feeling I'll be printing and framing pictures left and right! The image I used is from the Amalfi Coast and I love it because of the view and the gorgeous sky, but it drove me crazy that I didn't get a vertical shot also. I can see this working wonders for photographers too - it can be hard to get the perfect shot, and now it isn't always a lost opportunity if you did!

I know a lot of images won't be this easy to change, but that's next on my list to figure out! Happy editing!



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