Daily Dose of Design: Foolproof Two Ingredient Peppermint Fudge

Monday, December 10, 2018

Foolproof Two Ingredient Peppermint Fudge

I absolutely LOVE baking during the holidays - what I don't love is a lot of prep time, a lot of directions or a lot of steps. I also prefer no-bake but I'll take what I can get, lol! I'm always looking for the best recipes I can make to impress guests when I have friends and family over, and recipes to take to parties and get-togethers over the holidays that won't take a day plus a huge mess in my kitchen to make. Let's face it - none of us have too much spare time every day, this time of year especially, and when there's an amazing holiday dessert recipe like this two ingredient fudge, it needs to be shared!

Chocolate is my favorite thing (isn't it everyone's though?!) basically ever and I always try and limit how much I have it, but sometimes you just have to enjoy yourself and the holidays are the perfect time to do just that! This incredibly delicious, SUPER simple two ingredient fudge takes all of 5 minutes to prep and just an hour or two (minimum) to set. Years ago, I tried making fudge on my own (AKA without my moms help when I knew nothing about anything to do with cooking or baking, lol!) and it was a total disaster. Messy kitchen, parchment paper everywhere and worst of all it didn't set or come out right. There's so many ways to make fudge but since I'm clearly all about simplicity with recipes, this recipe has been one of my go-tos for just about every occasion.

You could argue that there's a lot of really delicious flavor combinations that go well with chocolate, but can we all just agree that chocolate and peppermint is the best combo that reminds you of the holiday season?! It's THE best and this chocolate peppermint fudge is a recipe you better make double of because everyone will LOVE this. It's a fan favorite and really, you can't go wrong with something so incredibly simple.

The two ingredients used for this fudge: chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk. And let me just say, I LOVE condensed milk. I'm not a fan of regular milk so I always joke that it's typical of me to only like the sweetened condensed kind, hah! It's also what is used in the infamous Magic Cookie Bars and I'm sort of convinced it really is magic, not milk. ;)

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Take a can of sweetened condensed milk and add it to a microwave safe bowl with 2 1/2 cups of chocolate chips. You can also use dark chocolate chips or even white chocolate - that's what I love most about this recipe - how versatile it is and how many ways there are to change it up! Microwave on HIGH for 2 minutes; but keep an eye on it and stir it every 30 seconds or so. Every microwave is different, but I tend to end up having mine in the microwave for a total of 1 minute 45 seconds, because I find it's fully mixed after that. Either way, it's VERY important to mix it every 30 seconds or so because chocolate is SO gross when it burns.

... trust me. HAHA.

Once it's microwaved and mixed, you'll be able to tell that it has the constancy of fudge, pour it into a square baking dish with parchment paper layered underneath it. Now here's the fun part - adding in the peppermint! I use candy canes and I have the coolest trick that if you don't already know, you will love. Cut the candy canes into 1/2" pieces and put them into a garlic press to EASILY smash it up in pieces for the fudge. It takes seconds and is foolproof!

Let it set and cool in the fridge for a minimum of 90 minutes; I always let mine set overnight, but if you're in a rush (been there, done that!) you can technically be good to go in just under 2 hours!

What's your go-to holiday dessert recipe? Let me know if you try this two ingredient fudge - promise you'll love it! :)


  1. This fudge looks delicious! If I try to make it I'm sure I would get carried away and eat the whole batch in one go lol

  2. This looks so yummy! I'm personally not a huge peppermint fan, but my son LOVES it and I know he'd love these!

  3. I love easy recipes! This sounds delicious!

  4. This looks so yummy and sounds easy to make. I can't wait to try it, thanks for the recipe!


  5. Oh my gosh! Those look heavenly! And they're perfect as holiday gifts too!

  6. This looks SO delish and I love how easy it is to make! So festive and a great gift idea for the holidays!


  7. I am not a peppermint fan but these look SO good. And the presentation is on point.

    ❥ tanvii.com

  8. Two ingredients works for me, haha! And chocolate and peppermint are so perfect together for the holidays.

  9. OMG these sound so yummy and easy to make! Perfect treat for the holidays!

    xx Mollie

  10. Oh goodness, I need these now! Love me some fudge!!

  11. I use this recipe to make fudge every year, but I've never thought to add peppermint. I think that will be a nice variation.

  12. As my baby cousin will say 'yum yum'! This looks so good

  13. This looks like such a yummy treat! Definitely need to make this some time!

    cute & little

  14. fudge can be difficult to make, it really does depend on what the weather is doing. this looks AMAZING

  15. I'm SO excited you shared this! We're baking this weekend so this is going on the list!

  16. I've never made fudge before but this looks so scrumptious!

  17. Your set up is so festive and cute! I've always love peppermint and chocolate combo.

    xx Tatyanna

  18. Oh my yum! Sign me up!

    xo Laura Leigh

  19. This looks so good! I have a holiday brunch this weekend and want to bring a dish. I think it’ll be this one!

  20. Holy smokes, this fudge looks good. I usually make homemade peppermint bark but I would love to switch it up with fudge this holiday season.

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