Daily Dose of Design: Gifts Under $100 to Finish Your Holiday Shopping

Monday, December 17, 2018

Gifts Under $100 to Finish Your Holiday Shopping

Thank you to Kohl's for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own.

I am *almost* officially finished with my shopping, minus a few finishing touches! This time of year especially, it's so easy to get caught up in giving gifts and finding things you know everyone on your list will love (which is fair!) and forget all about setting a budget. I'm completely guilty of this but I LOVE gifting. Luckily for all of us, Kohl's has such a great variety of gifts (seriously, there's something for everyone!) and I decided to see just how far $100 would go at Kohl's by purchasing as many gifts as I could for under $100. If you're still searching for some awesome gifts, here's all the inspiration you need to get it done! ;)

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I ran into Kohl's last week and checked so many things off of my shopping list! For just under $100 (I literally spent $99 on all of these gifts!) I got the coziest CuddleDuds throw blanket, a gold initial necklace, the most practical phone mount for the car, a cozy striped scarf and a portable phone charger.

These gifts are all such practical finds and are so great for just about everyone. I think the hardest part about shopping and picking everything out that I got, was not giving in and getting every one of these for myself too, lol!

Belkin Portable Charger: these portable chargers are MUST haves. They're great for seriously everybody and if you're someone who travels, get one for yourself too! They're practical and something that we don't all normally think about buying for ourselves, which really is what makes a great gift! This specific Belkin Pocket Power charger can charge your device up to 3 times on 1 charge and it's slim and pretty lightweight. My absolute favorite gift to give AND receive, all of the time! I was so excited to see that Kohl's had them - and especially Belkin because they're some of the best ones on the market - and most importantly for a really great price!

Magnetic Dual Mount Phone Holder: another seriously practical gift! I bought one of these from Kohl's for my dad for Christmas - he's the kind of person who is always on the go, constantly busy and whose brain is in 10 places at once (so THAT'S where I get it from, lol!). He's constantly working and answering phone calls and I know this is going to make his life easier while driving! The cool part about this phone holder is you can mount it on the window or use the secondary piece to mount it on the air vent. Originally $40, it's on sale for half off!

Gold 'A' Necklace: this dainty little initial necklace originally caught my eye because I love to layer necklaces and I thought this would be the perfect piece to add to any group of necklaces since it is so dainty. It adds a personalized little touch and everyone loves a gift like that. It's on sale for under $10, and I may or may not have gotten one for myself too. ;)

Pink & White Blanket Scarf: everyone loves a cozy gift, like a scarf, but these oversized and beautifully patterned/colored scarves are always a great option if you have to get creative with a gift for someone you may not know as well (like the significant other of a sibling, for example!) pairing a cozy scarf with a beautiful scented candle is a GREAT gift. This pink and white color combo is classic and it's sooo soft! It's on sale for $16, and right now you can use code USAVEMORE to get it for $13! P.S., it'll still come in time for Christmas!

Cuddl Duds Throw Blanket: I had to show major restraint walking through the blanket and home decor section while shopping at Kohl's - I have a serious obsession with throw blankets. Every time I walk into a store that has them, I can hardly resist buying a new one which has resulted into me devoting almost an ENTIRE closet in my house to throw blankets. Yeah, I'm addicted! ;) This is by far one of the softest throws I've ever laid my hands on - it's sooo cozy and there's an incredible variety of color options. I cannot get over what a large selection Kohl's has! This throw retails for $49 and is currently on sale for $29 - use code USAVEMORE to get it for $25!

And on the topic of gift giving and gift wrapping, I always mention around the holidays that I always look forward to picking out wrapping paper - it's the little things right?! ;) And I love wrapping gifts - I found all of my wrapping paper at Home Goods this year and I L O V E it. It matches my gold/pink tree perfectly! And like I said, it's the little things!

Who else is still doing last minute holiday-related things? I know we can all fall victim to stress this time of year, but it really is incredible what taking the time to enjoy such a special season can do for you. No more stressing and that includes about gift giving! Head to your local Kohl's (or order online while they still are guaranteeing Christmas delivery!) to shop and save - I'm still in awe that I got all of these gifts for just under $100 total! Such great deals on awesome gifts for everyone on your list.



  1. You found such cute items! Kohl's is gret for those last minute gifts.
    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Oo these are awesome gift ideas! Loving going to Kohls!


  3. It's hard to pick a favorite item here! That blanket scarf looks so soft and pretty and the iPhone holder is such a utilitarian gift idea. Adding Kohl's to my last-minute shopping stops this weekend.

  4. So many great gift ideas! I need that phone holder in my life!!


  5. Such fun gift ideas, I know I'd love to get a lot of those! I'm so happy I finished shopping a few weeks ago!

    xoxo A

  6. Kohl’s probably had the best sales this year! I loved their throw blankets.

  7. These are all such cute gift ideas! I am loving that initial necklace, so chic!

    cute & little

  8. I need to go to Kohl's more often!!! These are great choices for gifts and myself too :)

  9. These pictures came out so great A! I love Kohls, it really has amazing deals!

  10. I had no idea Kohls had such great gift items!! Love the initial necklace!!

    xoxo Sarah

  11. Kohls has some amazing great gift ideas! I was actually in there a few days ago and picked up some great stocking stuffers!

  12. Kohl's has so many great gift ideas! I also love their selection of ornaments too!

  13. Love the various items and how you paired everything together so well. Gifts under $100 are my favorite, let's be honest! xx

  14. Lovelovelove Cuddl Duds - that throw looks so cozy!!

  15. I looooove shopping at Kohl's, so many great deals! Love that you can get just about anything under one roof.

  16. What a great list for those who are looking for their last-minute gifts today!

  17. All of these gifts are definitely must-haves! I need a new car phone mounter for the new car. Since the other one doesn't fit my new phone lol

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