Daily Dose of Design: Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $20

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $20

Secret Santa Gift Exchanges with your group of friends are the funnest but can also be really hard to shop for! Even though you probably know what everyone in your group likes and most likely all have similar interests, price limits that you put on your gift exchange really can make it hard to find your idea of the perfect gift. It can be tricky too since it has to be something that anyone in the group will like! Luckily for you, I rounded up my favorite gifts to give under $20 that are great for all of your girlfriends and make the most perfect Secret Santa gifts!

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1. Sparkling Rosé & Champagne Gummi Bears: these taste just like a rosé filled gummi bear and there is probably nothing better!!

2. On-the-Go Jewelry Cleaner: something so different and that no one else would expect to receive, especially in Secret Santa! It's such a fun idea and easy way to clean your jewelry and since it's in pen-form, it's great to travel with or keep in your bag for a quick/easy cleaning.

3. Plaid Blanket Scarf: if you're not sure what to get for a Secret Santa exchange, you can't go wrong with a big and cozy scarf like this one! It comes in so many colors and is just $15 - one of my favorites and one of the specific styles I always gift.

4. Cozy Slide Slippers: these are soo soft! They're $14 and after buying them for myself and realizing how much I loved them, I ordered 3 more for gifts! They aren't necessarily too practical for winter months if you/who you're gifting them to live somewhere cold, but I LOVE slide slippers like these during the warmer months for around the house!

5. Crystal Hoop Earrings: if you gift these at a Secret Santa exchange, you'll definitely be asked if you stayed within the $$ limit, ha! They're SO pretty and just $12.99!

6. 'Winter' Candle: so the 3-wick candles from Bath & Body Works retail for $24.50 but if you're familiar with the store, you know there's ALWAYS a sale going on. Whether it's 20% off your purchase, $10 off $30, 3-wicks on sale for $12.95... Do I have a BBW problem considering I know all of their most commonly used promotions?? Lol!! Anyway, point is, 99% of the time you can get this on sale and for under $20 AND it's a perfect gift for anyone. Loving this 'Winter' scent - it's so clean and one everyone will love.

7. Coco Chanel Coffee Table Book: I couldn't believe this was under $20 but it is! It's a great gift if your group of friends you're exchanging gifts with love style and love decorating their homes with fun pieces like this coffee table book.

8. Lobe Wonder Earring Support: these would also make a REALLY great stocking stuffer gift! They're so helpful if you have sensitive ears or just really love earrings that happen to be super big and heavy. You simply put one of these on the back of your ear when wearing earrings and it helps support the earring so that it isn't pulling down on your ears - so smart!

9.Eye Shadow Palette: prettiest eye shadow palette that I've ever seen under $20! It's filled with beautiful neutrals and pops of color - what more could you want?! Highly recommend ordering one for yourself too because once this comes in you will not want to gift it! ;)

10. Knit Pompom Beanie: pair this cozy hat with a pair of socks, scarf or candle and you're good to go in the gifting department!

11. Mini Fan: this sits perfectly on your desk or vanity and comes in so many colors! Great for keeping cool while styling your hair, doing your makeup or on a hot day at your desk.

12. Binge Watching Beauty Kit: never have I seen a cuter little gift box than this one! It has all of the "essentials" for a night of binge watching - including fuzzy socks, snack clips, coasters, a decision coin, hair ties and more. The cutest EVER!

13. 2019 Planner: perfect time to get a head start on next year!

14. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle: if you struggle to drink enough water during the day, this is a MUST have. Luckily water is all I'll drink, but it's still fun to switch it up and add in your favorite fruits. This is one of my favorite Secret Santa gifts to give!

15. Printed Socks: these are just $5! Get a bunch of your favorite printed pairs and put them together with a bath bomb, sugar scrub or your favorite scarf for the perfect Secret Santa gift.

16. 'How YOU Doin?' Tumbler: if your friends are major Friends' fans, this is the ultimate Secret Santa - or stocking stuffer - gift! It even has some iconic 'Friends' logos on it - a lobster, coffee cup, the door frame and more.

17. Sheet Mask: these Sephora Collection face masks are my absolute favorite! They're so affordable and there's a ton of different options to choose from. Get 5-6 and you have a great gift!

18. Desktop Cell Phone/Tablet Stand: it's the little things... This desktop stand is 1. rose gold and beautiful and 2. keeps your phone propped up when sitting at your desk so you can easily charge and see your screen at the same time. Perfect for a binge-watch while you work... ;)!

19. Tory Burch Perfume Ornament: the best part about this is that it comes in a beautiful ornament styled box so it's ready to be gifted! It has a mini/travel sized version of the classic Tory Burch perfume and is one of my favorite ideas this season!

20. Password Log Book: there's a hundred different online password-keeper websites, but what good are they if you can't remember the password you made to access all of your other passwords?! I can't be the only one! This journal is meant to store passwords and is just the cutest!



  1. hello,
    you really give us very good ideas for gift in affordable range

  2. this is such a great gift guide roundup! we do secret santa with my family so i love having ideas like this in different price ranges. thanks for sharing, girlie

    oh, she’s lovely

  3. This list is SO helpful! I have a white elephant party Saturday and our budget is $20. Sending this to my coworkers as we speak!

  4. I have several White Elephant parties coming up, and I always struggle with gift ideas. This is such a fun and cheap list! Thanks!

  5. I sometimes get overwhelmed to think about secret santa gifts! I love the idea of an eyeshadow platette!

    xoxo A

  6. Some great gift ideas here! It can feel like a lot thinking about gift giving. This definitely helps!


    Jenn, from www.bestjenn.com

  7. All such cute ideas. I'm thinking of snagging that mini fan for myself. It'll be perfect to have on my vanity.

  8. You had me at Rose gummy bears! This list is perfect!

  9. I love that candle! Thay had a black friday sale at Bath and Body Works where it was buy 3 get three free. It was a good time to stock up.

  10. Hubby needs to gift me #7 and #18 like asap! Super cute! These are perfect ideas!

  11. The slippers I've seen at Target and they have a variety of colors. So fluffy and soft.

  12. I would be so happy to get any of these things as a Secret Santa gift. I'm especially obsessed with the "How You Doin?" glass. I'm a HUGE Friends fan.

  13. These are really awesome gift guides! I am so bad at picking gifts. I usually go for pjs lol.

  14. The phone stand is such a great idea. I have that exact one and LOVE it!

  15. Love these! Such great ideas! Scarves and socks are always a must for me!

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