Daily Dose of Design: Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $20

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers Under $20

The very last thing to check off on your holiday checklist is likely filling stockings up! These ideas are all things that she'll love and the best part is they're affordable/all under $20. From cute necessities to fun extras she'll love, you can get everything checked off and finished with these finds!

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1. Coco Chanel Coffee Table Book: the cutest coffee table book to add to your collection!

2. Velvet Scrunchie: this is on sale for $2! Get a bunch and add them to every stocking you make!

3. Gemstone Stud Earring Set: one of my favorite stocking stuffers to give - you won't believe the price!

4. Baublerella Jewelry Cleaner: perfect for on-the-go and cleans all of your jewelry almost instantly - genius!

5. Faux Fur Pom Beanie: cutest cold weather accessory and so practical/something that'll get a lot of use.

6. Gray Sock Set: another essential but always a stocking favorite!

7. Floral Initial Mug: these are only $5 and just the prettiest! I know, the last thing we all need is another mug, but could you ever really resist?! ;)

8. Popsocket: this is one of those things you don't know how badly you needed it until you actually have one!

9. Winter Candy Apple Hand Soap: just fill my entire stocking with an endless supply of Winter Candy Apple soaps, I'll be perfectly happy! ;)

10. Origins Glowing Skin Trio: for $10, you get a cleansing makeup remover, mud mask and moisturizer and it's a perfect little stocking stuffer and especially so for the girls who travel since these are the perfect size to take through TSA.

11. Amethyst Power Stone Bracelet: I'm a sucker for these power gemstone pieces of jewelry - I think they're so fun and make such a great, somewhat personalized gift. This specific stone is meant to provide stress relief and peace and it's also really beautiful.

12. Wet Brush: works wonders on your hair and you can never go wrong gifting this in a stocking!

13. Pineapple Ornament: you had to know it wasn't very likely I'd get through any given gift guide without adding in something to do with a pineapple, right?! ;) Love this cute little ornament - it's on sale for $5 right now!

14. Faux Fur Eye Mask: cutest stocking stuffer in my opinion and it comes in a bunch of colors!

15. Wispies Lashes: this is a personal favorite - I always add a few pairs into my sister's stocking and get them whenever I see them in stores! They're the most realistic looking fake lashes I've ever found. This is a set of two for just under $10!

16. Pink Tech Gloves: you can never have too many pairs of tech gloves!

17. 'Wash Me' & Cord Organizer Travel Bags: these are perfect stocking stuffers for anyone who travels! Great for storing small things you pack, laundry, cords - there's a variety of different bags and they're all under $20.

18. Wool & Cashmere Shampoo: this stuff is genius! You can easily hand wash your wool and cashmere pieces with this and just wait until you smell it, it's amazing!



  1. I love stocking stuffers!! The wet brush is such a good idea - I love mine!

  2. I was actually just googling stocking stuffers because I still need ideas for my husband - though I think he might like gloves and socks too!

  3. I love the beanie. I think I might share this post with hubby!

  4. Yes to bath & body works hand soaps! I just stocked up and am giving some as little gifts!

  5. These are such awesome stocking stuffer ideas!! I love that initial mug and those gemstone stud earrings are so beautiful!

    cute & little

  6. so many cute finds!! I really love the pineapple ornament! so cute!!

  7. Ooh these are such great Stocking stuffers! The sleep mask is a great idea!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  8. i could go for all of these! I have the bag all organizers - they're the cutest!

  9. That mug has been on my wishlist for months now haha. Awesome picks as always!

  10. I literally always get my mom soap and lotions from Bath & Body Works! And nail polish too. Oh and earrings haha so this is a great list!

  11. That coffee mug is so cute! I love the nail polish, too :)

    -xo, Azanique | https://www.lotsofsass.com

  12. These would make perfect stocking stuffers -- I lover that mug!

  13. Why I never thought of fake eyelashes? Such a good idea!

  14. These are such good 'co-worker' gifts! I think I've gotten some of these similar type items this year!

  15. I really love the mug and lashes! such a great gift guide

  16. wow these are great stuffere! this came in handy because i am last minute shopping for friends.

    Ash // theashtreejournal.com

  17. Such cute ideas for stocking stuffers! Pinning this so I can use it in the future!

  18. I love shopping for stocking stuffers! These are all super cute ideas.

    xo, Laura

  19. Whoa those gloves are so perfect and cute! Love them x


  20. So many awesome gifts! That wet brush is something that my sister-in-law had on her list!

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