Daily Dose of Design: Strawberry Lemon Prosecco Spritzer

Friday, April 15, 2016

Strawberry Lemon Prosecco Spritzer

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Ever since I turned 21 last September, I love to entertain my friends with fun cocktail parties and get-togethers that include beautiful days, cute outfits and of course, cocktails! There are so many possibilities when it comes to fun drinks and trying new recipes is by far one of the funnest things to do when you're preparing for any type of party. I recently came across VOVETI Prosecco and it's my new favorite alcoholic beverage for SO many recipes. VOVETI is a chic and modern Italian based prosecco that gives you the ultimate symbol of what prosecco is and it's affordable too, which you'd never guess by the great taste!

This strawberry lemon prosecco spritzer is a recipe I put together recently and it's SUCH a hit every time I make it! This drink is quick and easy to make and it's simple enough that everyone will love yet still has such a great taste. The fun days of summer are getting closer and this drink recipe is sure to impress all of your guests!

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Here's what you'll need:

1 bottle VOVETI prosecco, chilled
1/2 cup halved strawberries
1 lemon, sliced
2 tbsp sugar
Fun cocktail glasses (optional but so necessary ;)

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Cut up the lemon slices (make sure you leave a few aside to dress the glasses!) and put them in your serving pitcher along with the sugar. I recommend adding the sugar slowly and by taste - the first time I made this, I added the 2 tablespoons of sugar all at once and it was a but much. With the back of a spoon, mix the sugar and crush the lemons.

 photo Cut up the strawberries and lemons_zps2ih4aney.jpg

Add in the strawberries and mash them in to the mixture. The more juice that comes from the fruit, the better! It takes a few minutes to get a decent amount of juice, but trust me it's so worth it for a drink this classy and yummy!

 photo Add ingredients to the pitcher_zpsmkqlmlia.jpg

 photo Mix and mush everything together_zpsq7ahj4qy.jpg

Next, get the prosecco poppin'!

 photo VOVETI_zps3fhz7bp5.jpg

Pour your VOVETI prosecco into the pitcher. Stir as you pour so that the fruit juices and prosecco mix together. VOVETI is the perfect brand of prosecco to use during every party, get-together or chic entertaining event with friends. This is the best prosecco I've tried to date; not only is the quality so great for the price, it's also a high crafted prosecco - only 15,000 cases are produced each year! Get rid of that cheap you-know-what and get yourself some of the best Italian prosecco there is.

 photo Add the prosecco in_zps9ousm6ml.jpg

Pour this amazing VOVETI prosecco cocktail into your aforementioned adorable cocktail glasses. Garnish the glasses with the left over lemon slices and strawberries for an extra special, pretty and yummy touch!

 photo Garnishings_zpsh3mqkomu.jpg

 photo Garnish the cocktails with extra fruit_zpsjvkq7i1q.jpg

This strawberry lemon prosecco spritzer is absolutely amazing and a cocktail that all of your guests will love and be requesting the recipe for ALL day/night long! The best part about VOVETI's prosecco is that it isn't over powering - you get a perfect taste of the strawberries, lemon and prosecco in every sip.

 photo Simple VOVETI Prosecco Cocktail_zpsyfssyhnc.jpg

 photo My VOVETI cocktails_zpsj20lawbi.jpg

Not only is this VOVETI prosecco recipe perfect for chic entertaining events, it's great for happy hour too! ; ) I love making a big pitcher so there's left overs to have with a Thursday night dinner or even on taco Tuesday, duh!

 photo Spring cocktails with VOVETI prosecco_zpsdyc9lger.jpg

When it comes to VOVETI prosecco, the possibilities are endless. There are a ton of amazing cocktail drinks and varieties that you can put together with this prosecco too - I've also made a raspberry mint prosecco sangria and a blueberry lime prosecco spritzer with VOVETI that were SO amazing!

I highly recommend using VOVETI to make your next cocktail party! Prosecco is the way to go, friends! It's Friday - go pick up a bottle of VOVETI's prosecco and make yourself a drink, you deserve it!


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