Daily Dose of Design: Fall Decor: DIY "Boo" Hanging Sign

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Decor: DIY "Boo" Hanging Sign

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By this point I must sound like a broken record when I say how much I LOVE Fall! The house is finally all decorated, I have a different scented candle lit every day and doing DIY projects for the holiday season from now through the end of December is probably my favorite thing to do ever. (sidenote: we found pumpkin flavored baking chips and made them in sugar cookies... TO DIE for!! I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin but these were so good and I'm pretty sure that's because it's Autumn and pumpkin season, obvi!) I try and do a couple new DIY decor pieces each year that way for all the years to come, the collection grows of decor to hang up. For Fall and Halloween, it's hard to find inspiration for projects that aren't repetitive but with this super simple "Boo" sign for a door either outside or inside, I found a project that isn't only fun to make but looks so good with other decor!

Making this BOO sign is so simple and pretty inexpensive too! Here's what you'll need:

  • Wooden letters (size of choice) - 1 "B" and 2 "O"'s Raffia string (Here's the one I used)
  • Burlap Ribbon (Here is the prettiest I've found!)
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush(es)

Start by painting your letters with the black paint - do as many coats as you need to make it not look streaky and so that all the wood is covered. I ended up doing four coats, but I could have gotten away with 3! My OCD kicked in and I wanted the paint streak/lines to all be vertical... call me crazy

 photo DSCN5614_zpsdmaw1eol.jpg

Once the letters are painted and dried, take the raffia string to tie the letters together.

 photo DSCN5616_zpsylyf5sot.jpg
 photo DSCN5617_zpsjbuflp9u.jpg

With the burlap ribbon, make a bow for above the "B". I had my mom help me with this, because my bows are pretty sad looking most of the time haha! When tying the bow, tie raffia around the top of the "B" and into the bow:

 photo DSCN5615_zpsm7ko46ov.jpg

Once your BOO sign is assembled, you can hang it up! At first, I hung it on a doorway in the living room and then we hung it up on the front door outside. I think it looks great both inside and outside, but we had less decor outside so decided to hang it there. Although I must admit, every time it's windy at night and the wind blows, it hits against the door and freaks me out just a little bit!

 photo DSCN5623_zpswt3tlpia.jpg
 photo DSCN5621_zps0j2f74dd.jpg
 photo DSCN5624_zps5md9h8aq.jpg

The best part is if the foyer light is on at night and you look from the street, the letters almost glow with the light as the backdrop - so cool looking! I love making fall decor pieces; Michael's had all the supplies for this project and I think it cost just under $15 for everything I needed! Of course, Pinterest is where I get the majority of my DIY project ideas and inspiration from. For the BOO sign, I was going through our Fall/Halloween decor and trying to figure out what we didn't already have (since most of what we have is what you find on Pinterest when searching "Fall DIY decor" ha!) and I noticed we didn't have anything that said Boo. Then I started thinking of what I could do to incorporate that. I'm pretty happy to say that this came out almost exactly how I had envisioned it - something that doesn't happen too often!

 photo DSCN5619_zpsxywkvxeh.jpg

Here's some DIY decor for Fall that I've been eyeing on Pinterest and are on my list of things to make:

Super easy (and nearly free!) candle holders made with branches
Adorable pinecone garland that would look great in a living room
A really pretty pinecone centerpiece accent
THE most adorable pumpkin made out of... wine corks! How cute?!

I'm hoping to work on these projects next! I hope they're as simple as they seem, stay tuned : )

For the BOO sign, there's so many variations - colors, designs/patterns, etc. I kept it simple because we have other (colorful) decor outside and on the front porch, but I would love to make a more colorful one specifically for inside! Tomorrow, I'm going to paint some fake pumpkins with glitter and I can't wait! I'll be sharing some pictures of them on my Instagram so be sure to check those out!

 photo DSCN5618_zpsojkp0qqn.jpg

Is there any Fall decor DIY's you've done this season yet? Where would you hang a BOO sign like this?!




  1. Such a simple project and perfect for Halloween. I love the way it looks on your front door.

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  23. This is such a simple and adorable project! I'd definitely like to do this before Halloween. Even my kids can give a hand, which is great because they love to involved in projects around the house!

  24. Very easy BOO Sign! I like how it complements your glassed stained from door window!

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