Daily Dose of Design: The New Kate Spade Home Collection

Monday, October 26, 2015

The New Kate Spade Home Collection

Kate Spade Home Collection

Are you sitting down? Breathe deep... Kate Spade now has a huge line of insanely gorgeous home furnishings - and I want ALL of it!

Kate Spade is one of my favorite designers ever so when I logged on to shop the Friends and Family sale a few days ago I was so excited to be able to shop the new home collection! There's always been so many adorable office accessories to buy from Kate Spade but now that there's furniture, bedding, lighting and more decor this is a whole different ball game guys!!

As if buying an adorable planner with a matching candle and catch-all tray wasn't enough, now you can drown an entire room with nothing but fun, bright patterns and colors from Kate Spade! While the entire line doesn't launch until the spring (yes I did ALL of my research, I can hardly wait for it all to come out), there's already SO many insanely amazing things in the line that you can purchase.

If this line doesn't make you want to re-decorate and/or make every room in your house colorful and exciting then I don't know what will!

Here's what I'm loving from the collection so far:

Kate Spade home collection picks
Gold accent pillow// Gold dotted table lamp// Wooden chest// Dotted vase// "All in Good Taste" coffee table book// Accent rug// Decorative bow sconces// "Save Room for Dessert" placemats// Spotted desk// Pink ottoman

This collection is pretty much what you would expect from Kate Spade and she definitely didn't fail to deliver (what else is new?) So many color combos, patterns, gold dots, pops of color and contrast colors and I just can't get enough!

Gold accent pillow: this pillow comes in a bunch of other colors as well as the gold and I love so much! It's great for a bedroom, living room or anywhere else you can think to put a pretty accent piece.

Gold dotted table lamp: gold and black together is possibly one of the prettiest, classiest combos I've ever seen. I can't imagine how pretty these would look on two side tables!

Wooden chest: the gold with this wood grain is absolutely beautiful; it's making me re-think my brand new furniture! Also, it took a while to notice but does anyone see the signature Kate Spade bow on the bottom of the chest?! Seriously the most well designed piece of furniture I've ever seen!

Dotted vase: pretty flowers during any time of year would look so pretty in this vase! I love that it's different than a typical glass vase and I love the matte/metallic dots that dress it up

"All in Good Taste" coffee table book: I was so excited when this book became available because it's perfect to add to my never ending collection of display books! The color is so pretty and it even seems like a book that would be a good read for anyone whose hosting a party! This book by Kate Spade is another one that would be great on a coffee table - so many pops of color!

Accent rug: I love accent rugs and the signature Kate Spade spots on this one are too cute. This is a patterned rug that you could pair with so many other patterns and would be fun and classy

Decorative bow sconces: never have I ever realized just how much I needed a set of sconces!! I used to have a set on either side of my bed similar to these and these black and gold sconces are making me want them all over again! I can't get over how pretty they are - this is by far my favorite from the new collection!

"Save Room for Dessert" placemats: all of the sassy Kate Spade sayings are perfect and the new dining collection pieces have SO many of these sayings! There's ones perfect for holidays, breakfast, dinner and every day display that every dining room table needs!

Spotted desk: every blogger and girl in general needs this desk!!! If I got to sit at a desk as pretty as this one, I would never get up and be the most productive person ever! It would look so pretty with a bright colored accent chair - like a hot pink or turquoise!

Pink ottoman: whether you need extra seating or a pop of color with a more reserved couch, a hot pink ottoman like this one will do your living room justice! I hope the extended version of the home collection has this ottoman in more color choices because it's the perfect size and shape

Now all I need is the outlet center I go to to expand the store into having a home section and the rest of this collection to come out and I'll be all set!!!

Some more swoon worthy home collection pieces:

Which of these pieces from the new Kate Spade home collection is your favorite?




  1. I am in love with that coffee table book!

  2. Kate Spade has some gorgeous stationary so it's lovely to see her branching out to home wares too. That bow lamp is SO pretty! The black and gold is so classic looking.

  3. Isn't everything Kate Spade just fantastic? I'm in love the color of that wooden chest especially.

  4. I am obsessed!!! I promised my husband that I wouldn't buy anything new for our house until we bought a new one. This will be such a struggle!!!

  5. Oh my gosh- I am in love!!! Kate Spade is the BEST!

    Mackenzie | www.mackenziekendall.com

  6. Oh my goodness... Goodbye paycheck! I love it all! Especially that spotted desk and navy dish set! #swoon

    Xo, Stephanie

  7. The desk is gorgeous!!! I love Kate Spade!

  8. I've always liked Kate Spade stuff - I'm loving those "save room for dessert" placemats!

  9. I love Kate Spade! Our china pattern is from her line. The accent pillow is too cute!

    Best Wishes,
    Allison Jones | www.LiveLifeWellBlog.com

  10. I saw this a few days ago when I was looking at my magazines on my Texture app! I love Kate Spade and have several KS handbags. I'm in love with her home collection, too!

  11. I love Kate Spade accessories and have a bunch of her stuff (wallet, bag, keychain). I had no idea she started a home line! Looks fabulous!!

  12. I need that lamp and table for my office! It goes with my online shop color scheme :)

  13. I think I am turning into a Kate Spade addict! I just can't get enough. I've been following her motto for some time now, the only issue is that my bank balance doesn't agree as it turns out I love all of her stuff!

    Beth x

  14. I need ALL of this immediately.
    so cute!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  15. Kate Spade really never disappoints me. Honestly, I love everything she creates. When I buy a house someday...it will be filled with her dishes, decor and stationary especially (as my closet will be filled with her bags..hehe)

    Great post as usual love xoxo

    Samantha | pearlsandpolkadots.net

  16. I want ALL of it! haha I just recently got super hooked on Kate Spade. I bought two planners by her along with a wallet all in the same week (it was a rather expensive week because then I also went out and bought a Michael Kors bag haha). I'm in love with the gold polkadots she puts on everything. At least one of these items will make its way into my home.

  17. I love that spotted desk! I couldn't see it in my main room, but maybe in my bedroom or my office area :)

  18. I love all of them! Of course, I would expect nothing less of Kate Spade, though!

  19. Can I have all of it too? So Very cool!

  20. I love Kate Spade! I had no idea that the line had expanded to all of this now.

  21. The Kate Spade Home Collection can really give the house a contemporary look. It is also really refreshing and easy on the eyes.

  22. I would love to get my hands on that spotted desk! I need to update my office space

  23. I love the wooden chest. The gold is a great touch. I would love to buy all of these items for my home!

  24. I've always been a fan of polka dots. They just add such fun to any piece. I love them in furnishings and on clothing.

  25. I adore Kate Spade! A friend of mine is obsessed with all Kate Spade stuff, I sadly don't have anything KS but would love to. I'm a huge fan of all gold too, so I always go towards anything gold of KS. Must get! - Jeanine

  26. I have been using Kate Spade office supplies for a while, but I think I need that desk to complete the look. And those tumblers. And the lamp....

  27. I really do like that Chair. It looks so comfortable... Now if I only had the room for it in my house.

  28. What cute designs! I love polka dots. These look like great Kate Spade office supplies!

  29. I LOVE Kate Spade (seriously, I think my wallet is telling me to stay away from it for a while.) I LOVE all the office stuff from Kate Spade. I am in LOVE with that Spotted desk <3

  30. I love all of these!!!! Kate Spade always have amazing designs! I looooove that brown dresser its so chic! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Jasmine :)

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