Daily Dose of Design: Entertainment Units: More Than Just a Spot to Rest Your TV On

Monday, September 19, 2016

Entertainment Units: More Than Just a Spot to Rest Your TV On


So, you’ve decided to give your living room a stylish boost to create a more refined and sophisticated look in the space you spend most of your time in. You’ve spent days looking at all the things missing in it and all the things you could change, wondering where to start. Here's a starting point - what's the thing that you and your family do on a daily basis while sitting on that heavenly comfortable couch you so love? Watch TV, right? Why not start your redecorating there? Refresh your interior décor with a new entertainment unit.

If you may think that nobody even notices this piece of furniture as everyone is so busy watching TV, you are very mistaken. Details make a huge difference, and the right entertainment unit can inject a touch of flare into your living room, whether it's a modern, rustic, eclectic or contemporary style that you’re after. Bear in mind two fundamental aspects when choosing your next unit – style and practicality. Beware not to make it that piece of furniture that is a pain to the eye, distracting you while watching your favorite TV show. Follow my guide to achieve the ultimate wow factor.
Take measurements:
Having the right proportions in mind when you go shopping for entertainment units for sale is of huge importance as to how the unit will fit in your living space. Create a mental picture of your room – decide on which wall will suit the unit best and then determine how tall and wide you want it to be for the ultimate effect. The market abounds with a great variety of styles, shapes, colors and dimensions of entertainment units, so make sure you know what you're after so you do not get lost in the world of furniture and end up buying something that only harms your interior décor.

The color scheme:
The color scheme is the first thing to consider when buying a new unit. Start by analyzing the color palette in your room. Look at all the furniture pieces you have – the sofa bed, the dining table and chairs and even the color of your walls. Next, choose the accent colors that are most appealing to your eye and try to include them in your new entertainment unit. You have two choices when it comes to colors – either choose some from the same family only with varying shades for the cabinet, or, make a bold statement by choosing a color or a variety of colors mixed together so that you give a more dynamic feel to the space.

Shapes and angles:
The entertainment unit is your chance to reveal your interior designer in a manner that will make you feel good and proud about yourself. After all, it is you who will look at it every day, so make sure you pick something that you’ll love setting your eyes on for years to come. As for styles, the sky is the limit. If you want to leave a fashionable statement with this piece of furniture, go with varying sizes, shapes, colors and designs. Moreover, do not be afraid to pair two colors – this will only add a whole new dimension to the space, creating a rather unique focal point in the room. Here are some of my personal favorites:

•If you hope to create a sophisticated and sleek living room, you can always find white entertainment units for sale that will bring the interior design to a modern level as well as save you a fortune. The ideal win-win combination! Keep things clean and elegant by sticking with a minimalistic entertainment unit. If you need extra storage space, add an overhead cabinetry or a floating shelf above the TV as a solution for displaying your frames and artistic details.

•If your furniture is minimalistic, it would be a great idea to add wooden tones which will only add more character and warmth to the living room. You can freely mix textures as oftentimes this is what adds to the charm of the space. A lacquered finish with wooden accents is exactly what a simplistic room needs for the ultimate stylish ambiance.

Add personality:
The whole idea of creating your own cozy space were you can sink into layers of comfort would be in vain if you stick strictly to the boundaries set by the manufacturers. You always have a choice, so even if you come across an entertainment unit that you really like but you just want to incorporate some small details that you think would alter its appearance, ask the manufacturers if they can make the modifications. The chances of them saying yes can be pretty high, depending on the quality of the manufacturer.

Think about it; if you have a colorful personality and bright colors have the power to put you in a good mood, why not add a few colored shelves to your entertainment unit and fill them with your books and frames displaying your best memories? A positive boost at its finest. However, bear in mind that the combination of too many colors might make your room look quite confusing, so stick to just a few and combine them tastefully.

The bottom line is, choosing an entertainment unit for your home requires some thought. If you just choose the first thing that your eyes land on in the store without considering how it will it complement the entire room’s ambiance, you risk creating a real interior design mess that according to Feng-Shui, is not just a designer sin, but it can also ruin your home’s atmosphere. It would be a shame not to feel completely content within your home. Make a well-thought out investment.


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