Daily Dose of Design: Cyber Monday: Deals, Steals and Tips to Shop

Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday: Deals, Steals and Tips to Shop

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Happy Cyber Monday! I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful holiday weekend : ) The deals just keep on rolling in and I cannot stop shopping! Black Friday deals were all really great but honestly today's Cyber Monday sales I've been seeing have topped Black Friday all together. I do a lot of my shopping online - especially when stores offer free shipping. As I scroll through my endless amounts of emails this morning, I'm realizing how many stores are having deals; some of which I would have never expected!

Cyber Monday has always been a great time to buy electronics and things like that but now you can get everything in major sale or as a lot of stores call them, "doorbusters". I have my laptop and credit cards with me and ready to go all day - this is going to get dangerous and quickly too!

The best of Cyber Monday 2015:

Kate Spade: 30% off your ENTIRE purchase with code SHINE!

Express: 50% off everything!

Old Navy: 40% off everything with code BESTCYBER - also for Gap and Banana Republic

JCrew: 40% off certain styles, 30% off everything else with code MONDAY

Lord & Taylor: 25% off your purchase with code CYBER

Anthropologie: 25% off your purchase with code SHOPTOITe

BaubleBar: 35% off two or more pieces with code GOGIFT35, 25% off one piece with code GOGIFT25

Loft: 50% off your entire purchase

Rebecca Minkoff: 25% off your entire purchase

Forever 21: 21% off your purchase of $21 or more with code CYBER21

Ann Taylor: 50% off everything plus free shipping with code EVERYTHING

P.S. make sure to shop my Etsy shop and use code SOSHOLIDAY at checkout for 20% off your order!

Tips for your Cyber Monday shopping:

Make a list: if you're anything like me, you're getting swamped with emails as you read this. Make a list of stores you know you want to shop and write down or keep the deal they are having handy to make your life easier while shopping.

Keep track of your purchases: I'm always a little cautious when shopping online - especially on a big shopping day like today. Make a folder in your email and/or print an order confirmation for everything you purchase so that you aren't purchasing duplicates of anything (yep, happens to me more often than I'd like to admit...) and can make sure that everything you order arrives.

Pay close attention to transactions: while it's always a risk, its SO important to make sure that you are shopping safely on Cyber Monday. This is the biggest day of the year for hackers to try and and steal your information. Always make sure that the websites you are shopping on are legit and not sketchy in the least. If you have to question whether the website is safe, your best bet is to move on! Always use secure passwords; never click on links in store emails unless you're sure its from the actual store and try avoiding using a debit card online.

Make social media your best friend: even though most websites advertise their sales on the main page of the website, sometimes you can find extra discounts or deals straight from the company's social media accounts. I mean, doing everything you can to assure you're getting the best deal is the goal of Cyber Monday!

Go for the more expensive items: it's well known that all products are available for sale on the biggest online shopping day of the year, but Cyber Monday is especially great for more expensive things - even better than Black Friday! This year, expect to be able to buy TV's and similar electronics for a fraction of their original prices.

Are you ready for Cyber Monday? Grab a cup of coffee, find a cozy spot and get ready to shop!!! Best of luck on crossing off the rest of your holiday shopping this Cyber Monday!




  1. thank you for sharing!!!! My card is about to explode!))))


  2. My Christmas shopping is long done, but I do want a few things for ME, so maybe today is the day?

  3. Wow, you are awesome! Thanks for putting together this great list - it definitely helps. I have not been good at keeping track of my purchases and I am scared for my credit card bill to come...

  4. I'm loving the bags and the accessories. I've never participated in Cyber Monday but I bet it's going to be crazy fun! Thanks for the tips!

  5. Great list. I'm loving the infinity scarf from JCrew. My daugther would have a fit over that. Great price, too.

  6. Great deals! I already bought from Old Navy and Banana ( They were having additional 60% off in store!)

  7. Hope everyone is getting wonderful deals today!

  8. I did way too much shopping today! I love Cyber Monday! Thanks for the Old Navy code, I got a few Christmas presents knocked out with that one!

  9. I totally forgot to check social today for discounts or anything special. Doggone it. I need to check out Old Navy though with that sale!

  10. So I may have gone a little crazy with all the sales today, but they were too good to pass up!

  11. This is a great idea i'm not done to my Christmas shopping and i think it would be better if i have a list of things that i need to buy :)

  12. These are such great items! I did a few Cyber Monday deals!!

  13. I love Cyber Monday! So much easier and I could save more money by stacking coupon codes, cash back

  14. Those are great deals and I hope you were able to score a lot of deals.. I only bought a few items yesterday.

  15. Great tips! It will be interesting to see how the deals play out between now and Christmas after the hoopla of BF and CM.

  16. what awesome picks! I am in love with those ankle boots!

  17. great choices! This would be perfect this coming Christmas.

  18. I didn't jump on Cyber Monday like I thought I would. Next year, next year.

  19. Thank you for these tips! This is wonderful advice. I didn't do any Cyber Monday shopping this year - but I will keep this in mind for the next big sale day.

  20. Great tips about paying attention to the trransactions! We get so busy when there are sales that this is something I'd easily miss! Great post as always!

  21. I I would love to have some of these stuff. Gotta love deals! Thanks for sharing.

  22. So many beautiful items! Was able to score a few amazing deals, I wished I saw these tips earlier though.


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