Daily Dose of Design: My Bathroom Makeover: before + after

Sunday, August 9, 2015

My Bathroom Makeover: before + after

I've been talking about my bathroom makeover for months now - and finally it's ready to be shared with you guys! It's been such a long process but I've loved every second of it! It couldn't have turned out any better and I'm finally extremely happy with the end result : )

I'm that person who scrolls through Pinterest looking at as many before/after projects as I possibly can! I love seeing a rooms potential and what it can become with some paint and new accessories. My bathroom was in major need of a makeover and when you see these "before" pictures you'll completely see why! Like I've mentioned before, it's much easier to find the accessories and details for a room before picking the paint color. I knew I wanted to paint, but there were so many color swatches I was loving so I stopped looking and first picked my shower curtain and all of my decor!

The best part of this bathroom makeover is that all the changes I made were cosmetic. Nothing major had to be done and everything was in great condition (thankfully). The most work that needed to be done was cleaning the grout on the tile floor and re-grouting in the shower/tub. In my perfect world, I would have a huge bathroom with double sinks, herringbone faux-wood tile and some gorgeous counter tops, but until I'm living on my own that isn't going to happen. However I really do love the way this bathroom makeover turned out and I'm so excited to share it!

Here's the before pictures and I am warning you it's scary, bright and needed to be redone for a very, very long time...

 photo cb1ed5f4-7418-48e8-9b94-7efb0d95199c_zpsadavdpxh.jpg

 photo 773fb2ad-e997-4b93-9189-6f47fc6b2e02_zpsbczb5w2w.jpg

Every time I look at these pictures I cringe a little more...

 photo 64eaf900-da3d-44e6-a77c-a463daeba08b_zpszdwubfnb.jpg

I'm not entirely sure why this shelving unit was so messy or how it got that way! I liked having the extra storage, but having the shelf in that spot stuck out too much. It also let me have way too much clutter! My mess of hair straighteners, blow dryer and curling wands also got a new home off of the wall (thank god)

 photo f917574d-54bd-441f-a00b-00108db7c198_zpswuegaqoq.jpg

I thought I had the right idea with the towel placement but the zebra print is throwing me off big time. Don't get me wrong - I LOVED zebra print a few years ago. It was so in style and that was exactly when I made my bathroom bright pink and covered in zebra print everything (and anything) I could find! Thankful that stage has gone and passed...

Can someone please tell me what I was thinking?

If you're still reading after seeing those pictures, a big thank you! I promise the next couple of pictures are going to be much more pleasing to look at. As you can see, my bathroom isn't a huge space. When we added on to our house the second time, my en-suite was added and I only had the space that was there to work with. That was, unless I made my closet smaller and if you know me at all, you know that was not going to happen! Do you have a small space and think there's not much you can do with it? Guess again because there's SO much you can do no matter how many square feet you have to fill up!

Once it came time to pick a paint color that matched the shower curtain I picked, I went through so many swatches and shades of seafoam until I finally made up my mind!

 photo 95918053-0e98-4003-80b4-a5aed40ec7a6_zpsoqa3ftop.jpg

 photo 798d2b85-7f20-446d-b983-bfa6fc0c0828_zpsxaitehta.jpg

After going back and forth with different shades and colors, I ended up choosing Tide Pools by Behr and I'm so glad I did! I typically only paint with Behr paints because the quality of the paint and the way it hits the walls seems to be better than others. You saw that shade of pink - I didn't even need a primer coat to cover that up! You can read about my tips on painting a room if you're getting ready to paint also!

Now here's the new, improved, de-zebra-fied bathroom:

 photo de25fded-4fc4-479c-87f0-d4a822ae62fd_zpsspih3hid.jpg

 photo 94b4320e-5064-40b4-b06b-aa6666887230_zpslu4426dh.jpg

How much better is this?! It still blows my mind knowing that this is what came from that bright pink mess!

 photo 27b09fc9-0fff-4862-8b94-293b5720d8f5_zpsty5jzcv9.jpg

 photo 7e2a9d58-50f9-409e-902e-f3ffb0ff2f97_zps5akqsmy3.jpg

 photo 51bcc4bf-b689-447a-a26c-93955bcd5fcc_zpsmfpgjnfl.jpg

My tissue box, toothbrush holder and tumbler are all from Home Goods. They always have different sets of bathroom organizational products in different themes and this one was (and still is) the prettiest I've ever come across! When I purchased this set I was contemplating between this and another similar one but I'm so glad I chose this one! At this point of picking things out, I still hadn't found my shower curtain but seeing this set, I knew that I wanted color in the sea-foam green palette!

 photo 0dac4c5b-db9a-4c1f-b407-4181805410e1_zpsmsnme7dx.jpg

The following week, I found my shower curtain!! This is also from Home Goods and I fell in LOVE with it when I saw it! It's Tahari and I got it for $19.99 which was an incredible deal! I found the same one on Amazon and am so happy I was able to link you guys to it!

 photo e36861cf-16cd-4f31-a6c6-0583a3d3a3d7_zpsmxvr9gm6.jpg

I never really thought that something simple like shower curtain hooks could make such a huge difference in a bathroom like they have for me! Before I just had plain white hooks and once I hung this new shower curtain up, I started to look for some prettier ones. Mine are from Pottery Barn and unfortunately aren't available anymore, but I have seen some cute ones on Joss and Main lately!

 photo bfc8c7e4-1a25-47c7-b4db-4e952635dcfc_zpsx61pozt5.jpg

In all of these pictures, you've probably noticed my two pull out mirrors on either side of the vanity mirror. I bought one of them from Ikea and I absolutely loved it so I bought another one to install closer to the window. This mirror is under $10 and is super easy to install!

 photo f46de780-dc2c-45fe-b2c2-bd11e1beb0a7_zpsehefkzwj.jpg

This tray is another Home Goods find!! I bought this the same day I purchased my shower curtain and the design on the bottom matched perfectly so I had to buy it! I originally wasn't going to keep the mini white chest in the bathroom, but once I found this tray I changed my mind. I do display my perfumes, but this bottle of Aqua Kiss from Victoria's Secret is one of my favorites AND matched the paint perfectly so I put it here for display!
My makeup is all stored within this chest but it's no where near organized as of yet so I figured I'll talk about my makeup storage sometime in the near future!

 photo b09a81fd-d4b4-40fd-b8eb-bb0c3c782ac1_zpsmz3uis97.jpg

It took me about four different tries until I got this wall exactly how I wanted it to be. I went to Target with my shower curtain once the room was painted to pick out towels and a mini rug and it just so happened that they had a perfect shade of sea-foam to match my walls! There were a couple different shades of brown that I liked but I decided to go with the darker brown to help make the lighter colored towels pop against the walls.

I knew I wanted a large frame for this wall, and I was originally going to create and print one of my favorite quotes for said frame, but then I found this frame and loved it! I actually found it by mistake while shopping for supplies to create my mugs for Sip of Sass. I still planned to print my quote for this frame, but once I hung it up to see where I liked it, I ended up really liking the stock picture that came with it! The colors were perfect so (for now), it stays.

 photo dcc631c4-95b4-4a59-914a-d68f7139a617_zpsvglvhvvq.jpg

 photo 02307a8c-32a1-486e-b855-ef88c3a3275a_zpsyrmlw3qz.jpg

Okay - how adorable are these scoppio spheres?! I fell in love with these wall decor pieces from ZGallerie! The same day that I found these, I was in Target (shocker) and I found a cheaper version that look exactly the same if not prettier! I loved them because they were a dimensional object and was different than the frame and normal wall decor. I love looking at them and I love that they're all different sizes!

 photo 3ca79dce-8d55-4745-8fe8-1cef755503f1_zpshupwrhcn.jpg

Finally - my favorite part of the room! I found this also at Home Goods and I first noticed it because of the color. I bought it to try in my bathroom and once I hung it up, I realized that the arrow graphic was pointing toward the bathroom door! That's the best part because it reminds me to have a beautiful day when I leave the room : )

The best part of this project was that I completely designed my bathroom on my own; from the paint to the hardware to the accessories, picking everything out was so much fun and I would do it over and over again in a heartbeat! And I'm pretty sure we can all agree what a difference a couple coats of paint can make!

Other products seen above:

Facial pad holder: Home Goods
Small candle: Bath and Body Works
Foaming soap/silver holder: Bath and Body Works

I'm SO happy with how my bathroom turned out and am so glad to have gotten rid of that pink! Are you in the midst of re-doing a room in your home?




  1. What a difference a can of paint and new accessories makes! I love the choice of wall color. Taking notes!

  2. This looks amazing! The pink and zebra was what my college roommate had decorated her half of the room as and it drove me crazy!

  3. Wow this looks so elegant! I'm sure the pink and zebra was fitting at one time but based on all of your design choices on your blog, it is clear that you are well passed the pink and zebra loving phase! Your shower curtain is absolutely stunning and I really love the shower clips as well! I will be excited to see your makeup organization post in the future!

  4. Amazing makeover!! I, too, need to redo my bathroom ...it is BRIGHT BLUE and it's awful. I will have to take and use some of these tips:) nice post!!

  5. Wow! Your bathroom was certainly fun before but it looks a lot more sophisticated now. I love the neutral and seafoam colour combos, it looks so elegant! Great work :) x Natalie www.thegirlwithbangs.com

  6. I love your new makeover!!! I know I had my room pink and black and paris themed lol...so I feel your pain! I finally remodel that thank god lol! I love how your style has evolved and it looks absolutely amazing I love both the before and after pics! Great remodel!

    Jasmine :)

  7. it looks perfect! Love the Tiffany color )

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  12. My bathroom needs a makeover ASAP, so I'm paying close attention to all things bathrooms. I think you did an awesome job and I'm searching for that perfect shade of seafoam, too. You nailed it! Right now my bathroom walls are chocolate and I'm wondering why I jumped on that bandwagon a couple of years ago. Awesome redo!

  13. It looks so different! That shade of green is my favorite. Great job! :)


  14. Wow. It looks beautiful. Great job on the makeover.

  15. Wow. It looks beautiful. Great job on the makeover.

  16. Okay, I actually love the pink and zebra, but I think the makeover looks more grown-up. The pink and zebra print is perfect for a high school or even college student, but I love the sophistication of your new space.

  17. I loved the pink & zebra (reminds me of my old room when I was in high school), but the makeover feels so refreshing and grown up. I love the sea toned colors and the calming decor!

    Mackenzie | www.mackenziekendall.com

  18. Your bathroom turned out so very nice! I love the shower ring hooks, and I know how hard it can be to find a nice shower curtain. Yours looks lovely.

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    xo Bree

  21. I love all of home goods home items! Now that I've moved into my new place, I've been spending most of my time shopping for new things for my place and organizing everything so it looks exactly how I want it! Decorating is seriously one of my favorite things to do!

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  34. Love! I have weirdly become obsessed with blues the past couple of years, everything from Navy to sea foam to Torquoise and teal! Love!

    That shower curtain is gorgeous and I love your wall accessories! Great job!


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    My Pop of Color

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  40. I can't stop laugh.. simply because my bedroom recently looked exactly like your old bathroom! 0.0
    The new design look absolutely stunning! I love that Tiffany blue! Xo
    Chelsea // trendychelsea.com

  41. How I wish I could do this to my bathroom. I've been planning to do a bathroom makeover. =)

  42. What a beautiful bathroom, I love the color!

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